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Latest & Greatest #22: More Saturday Goodness

Nubby Twiglet | Kate Spade Saturday

Nubby Twiglet | Kate Spade Saturday

I’ve been loving the new goodies Saturday is rolling out for Fall. From snazzy dresses in bold hues to office supplies covered in op-art patterns, I can’t get enough! As much as I love Kate Spade’s main line, the mod feel of Saturday is much more up my alley these days.

Nubby Twiglet | Kate Spade Saturday

These are some of my Fall favorites: Above: positive negative blanket, 1. buckle-over dress, 2. accordion binder, 3. square satchel, 4. paper nesting boxes, 5. sticky notes, 6. stationery set and 7. double loop belt.

All items: Kate Spade Saturday.

Latest & Greatest #20: Bite Beauty

Latest & Greatest: Bite Beauty

Latest & Greatest: Bite Beauty

Just as you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, you shouldn’t judge a lipstick just by its exterior. But, that’s just what I did when I stumbled upon the Bite Beauty display tucked inside Sephora. With its matte black tubes and subtle, tonal application of logos, the line immediately stood out in the sea of over-embellished displays and packaging that surrounded it.

Intrigued, I went home and did some research and was pleasantly surprised by what I learned: Launched in 2011, the Toronto-based line features food-grade ingredients and contains no petroleum byproducts or synthetic chemicals. Produced in small, handcrafted batches, Bite straddles the line between healthy and high performance with fantastic results.

I’ve been smitten since learning about the line, scouring Bite’s Pinterest for even more visuals and after falling down the rabbit hole, I found out about a brand new service offered at their pop-up lipstick lab in New York City. For $28.00, Bite’s lab techs will custom mix your perfect lip color! Needless to say, this is on my must-visit list while I’m in New York this week.

Latest & Greatest: Bite Beauty

Have you tried Bite products yet? What do you think?

All images: Bite Beauty’s Pinterest and Sephora.

Latest & Greatest #14: New Zara Finds!

Latest and Greatest

New Zara Finds

I love all things avant garde but I also appreciate good quality basics. Because in a pinch, those are what I reach for most often. Even if I’m wearing a jacket with built-in hip panels, I’ve most likely paired it with sturdy wedges, a black t-shirt and a simple skirt or skinny jeans.

I was a little late to discover Zara in part because Portland doesn’t have a location and I relied on shopping in-person when I was in New York or ordering online (always difficult when you’re not super familiar with a brand’s fit). One of my first Zara pieces was over a year ago when Joey bought me a neon yellow sweater for my birthday which I wore literally a few times a week (and still wear all the time)!

Anyway, I feel like I’ve finally hit the holy grail of basics and I wanted to share. I placed an order a week ago for these boots and this shirt and they are both the bomb (can I say that without sounding very 90s?)

First of all, the wedge boots — they fit exactly to size, the quality is amazing and they are made in Spain (if I’m paying upwards of $200.00 for shoes, they better not be stamped Made In China). Let’s back up to abut five years ago — I’d spotted the perfect Jil Sander wedge boots with crepe soles on Ebay but they were WAY out my price range and I let them go. Well, that could only mean one thing. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder and I am STILL obsessed and thinking about those damn boots! So when I spotted these babies on the Zara site at a fraction of the Jil Sander price, crepe wedge soles and all, I made my move.

New Zara Finds

Onto the shirt. I have tons of skirts, jackets and dresses but seemingly no shirts! When I shop, I want fun! Excitement! Intrigue! But let’s get real, shirts are kind of important. I like mine simple and type-covered and this one delivers.

All in all, Zara has really impressed me in delivering good quality basics and accessible prices. No, this post isn’t sponsored — I just want to make more of an effort to share what I love when I feel it’s worthwhile!

So tell me, Where is your go-to place for basics? Because I am definitely in need of more.

While I’d like to imagine wearing sequins and fancy dresses down the street every day, it’s just not my reality.

Latest & Greatest #9: Olle Eksell

Olle Eksell

Olle Eksell

Lately, Swedish illustrator, writer and graphic designer Olle Eksell’s iconic eyes, which he designed for Mazetti’s Cacao seem to be popping up everywhere I go online. Eksell’s work ranges from wacky to geometric but no matter the style he was working in, the outcome was always thoughtful and precise. When Eksell came to the U.S., a close friendship developed between him and Paul Rand that lasted throughout their lives. He participated in international exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Louvre in Paris, and the Biennale in Venice and continued to work until his death in 2007.

Olle Eksell

The Eyes poster was printed in 1999 for his exhibition at the Form Design Center in Malmö, Sweden. Though best known for his design and illustration, Eksell also penned the classic Design = Ekonomi.

You can purchase Olle Eksell merchandise through this shop, see more of his work in his Facebook tribute group and see even more images of the famous cocoa eyes poster here.

Image sources: 1, 2, 3.

Latest & Greatest #8: Tangerine Dream

latest and greatest

latest and greatest black gold

When Summer hits, I trade in my reds for even brighter shades including tangerine. I love the vibrance and I love the energy. A few months back, I also tried full-on tangerine lipstick which proved to be too overpowering — I think I’ll stick to apparel and nail polish for now! Here’s a few of my favorite tangerine-hued finds:

1. Wearing an Asos dress in Las Vegas (photo by David McNeil). 2. Vintage Romanian Book. 3. Alexander Girard Mug. 4. Canary. 5. Bottega Veneta Dress. 6. Olympics Poster. 7. Screenprinted Alphabet Set by JP Boneyard. 8. MAC Lipstick & Nails in Morange.