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ModCloth Favorite Finds: July 2009

ModCloth is once again a Nubbytwiglet.com sponsor for July and after taking a look through some of their new items, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites. It’s always hard to pick just a handful of items because their buyers have a knack for discovering pieces that are not only cute but also affordable and timeless.

Item Links: 1. PYT Skirt, 2. Daily Crossword Glasses, 3. Prep School Dress, 4. Ariel Skirt, 5. Piano Man Umbrella, 6. Cultural Trust Dress, 7. Dahlia Headband, 8. Easy Rider Vest, 9. Smokestack Shorts, 10. The Modern Wayfarers.

If you’d like to see my picks from last month, check them out here. Thanks again to ModCloth for continuing to support independent bloggers!

What I Wore: 7.5.09

I attempted to imitate the moves that Michael is doing on the shirt for you, but at 9 a.m., it just wasn’t working! Instead, I’m giving Lee the look of “hurry up!!!” because I was expecting visitors. Soon after, I had two aunts, a cousin and my grandpa & grandma over to hang out at my new place.

I totally lost my composure when I realized some graffiti on the wall to my left side read BUTT VOMIT. For real! It’s been quite toasty in Portland over the last week so I’ve been living in jeans and t-shirts. This Michael Jackson shirt is the only piece of lavender clothing I own. It’s a kid’s shirt from the early 80s that I found on Ebay about five years ago. I hope you had an awesome 4th of July!

1984 Michael Jackson shirt, Ebay
Zipper jeans, urban Outfitters
Studded belt, Forever 21
Watch, Nuxon
Bag, Miu Miu

What I Wore: 6.5.09

I’ve worn all of these pieces a ton of times on their own but somehow never together. I figured that it was time to put my own twist on the infamous Balmain look.

Vest, Target Go International
Tank top, Forever 21
Jeans, Kill City
Headband, belt and bracelet, Forever 21
Heels, Diana Broussard
Bag, Miu Miu

The Sneaker Saga

If you’re a regular reader, you’ve probably noticed that I don’t make the most practical choices when it comes to footwear. Though I do own a few pair of flats, I was sorely lacking a pair of lace-up sneakers. Turning down certain invites because I didn’t have the appropriate footwear (playing basketball in Dries wedges seemed way too dangerous!) was getting old, so I had Lee take me by the Nike Outlet last week. Lo and behold, I found the most ridiculous shoes in the entire store. Don’t they resemble space-age marshmallows?

P.S. The style is called the ‘Women’s High Vandal Premium.’

Galliano Gazette Newsprint Scarf

Being a total typography nerd, I love to carry over elements into my wardrobe whenever possible. When I walked into a thrift store this weekend, I already knew that I’d hit the jackpot from 15 feet away. I immediately recognized the iconic newsprint pattern and Galliano, Galliano, Galliano! was going through my mind. The best part? The scarf was $2.00!

The signature Galliano Gazette print pops up in nearly all of his collections, but the newer versions are much more wearable (and affordable). You can find the iconic print on tons of other amazing items at Styledrops.