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Choosing Your Blogging Master Minds

Blogging is a constant learning process. At some point, you may be asking yourself which niche topics you should focus your energy on, what columns to feature and whether or not you should embrace advertising. It’s nearly impossible to have an answer to every situation that arises, especially since many in blogging are highly subjective. So, how do you figure out what to do?

You could spend all of your free time conducting research, but there’s a much more efficient way to acquire the knowledge that you’re in search of. In Napoleon Hill’s classic self help & business book, Think and Grow Rich, one of the core principles of success revolves around the power of the Master Mind.

nubby twiglet blogging master mind

The Master Mind is defined as:

The coordination of knowledge and effort, in spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.

How does this relate to blogging? If you want to be a successful blogger (measurable in your own terms), surround yourself with other successful bloggers that you admire and trust. Ask yourself: Who has a vast knowledge base in areas that you want to learn more about? Who has a writing style that you admire? Who do you think that you could get along with in real life? Who would be willing to help you succeed, no matter what?

nubby twiglet blogging master mind

There are two characteristics of the Master Mind principle, as outlined in Think & Grow Rich:

a. Economic: Economic advantages can be created by any blogger who surrounds themselves with others who are willing to lend advice and contribute to their ventures.

b. Psychic: This principle is harder to comprehend, but Hill says: “No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.” When a group of individuals combine for a definite purpose, their increased energy becomes available to everyone that is a part of that group. When the minds of compatible bloggers connect in harmony, the sky’s the limit!

nubby twiglet blogging master mind

nubby twiglet blogging master mind

Master Minds: Star St. Germain, Dave Allen and Gala Darling

Choosing your group of Master Minds is of great importance, so do so carefully and with much consideration. I’m lucky that mine formed very organically. My three blogging Master Minds are:

1. Star St. Germain: I have this blog thanks to Star! When we met up in LA during the summer of 2007, she encouraged me to trade in my standard website for a blog. I wasn’t so sure that it was a good idea to be so public about what I was doing. Don’t some of the best graphic designers retain a bit of mystery?! But, when it comes to online trends, Star is usually right on. I’m so glad that I took her advice. It pays to have tech-savvy friends!

2. Dave Allen: When I first started interning at Nemo in the fall of 2007, one of my school assignments was to interview someone in the design industry. I knew that Dave ran a popular blog and since mine was fairly new, it made sense to get some tips and feedback. That initial interview taught me a lot (Dave knows a ton about technology and social media) and eventually, I began writing for one of the Nemo blogs, Social Cache. Blogging is now a part of my job, thanks to Dave!

3. Gala Darling: Gala loves blogging (it’s her full-time job) and she’s a Virgo (major extra bonus points). It’s nice to have a friend who’s just as comfortable attending blogging conventions as she is cruising through the Balenciaga boutique. We travel well together and she always answers my barrage of blogging-related questions. Blogging soul mates? Most likely!

nubby twiglet blogging master mind

Do you already have a group of Master Minds that are helping you to reach your blogging goals? In a perfect world, who would you add to your group?