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Chloé Wedge Shoe Modification

Chloe fall 2007 wege shoes

In early September, I bought an eccentric pair of Chloé green patent wedges as a gift to myself for my 27th birthday. Though they were amazingly perfect looks-wise, there was one major setback: they didn’t stay on my feet! I have narrow heels and the fact that these had a solid platform that didn’t flex and no laces or straps of any kind meant defeat.

Chloe fall 2007 wege shoesThe Chloé Fall 2007 wedges come in TONS of colors

Then, salvation arrived: Lee came up with the idea to add rivets and laces to the shoes. I’m not one for keeping items seen on the runway as-is and totally pristine, so I packed them in my suitcase and headed off to New York for vacation.

Once in New York, I hauled the Chloés over to Alex Shoe Repair (the best shoe repair guys I have EVER seen) in the East Village and in less than 15 minutes, I had a one-of-a-kind shoe that stayed on my foot! Thank god it all worked out because now I’m the proud owner of futuristic elfy wedges with a heel tap that resembles a goat hoof (by now, you’ve probably realized that I like really weird shoes).

Chloe fall 2007 wege shoes

So, thank you to Lee, Alex Shoe Repair and Chloé for not making me cry on my birthday!

Do you have any stories of shoe salvation? Please tell!

Fall 2008 Shoes: The New Wave

Top: Prada, Marni, Viktor & Rolf. Bottom: YSL, Marni, Alexander McQueen.

The new crop of shoes that many designers paraded down the runways for the Fall 2008 RTW collections were outrageously high, super sculptural or a combination of both. While I love the wackiness (I’d throw on those Pradas to go to the grocery store, even) I’m wondering how walkable they really are! I’m loving the future; it’s about time it arrived!

What do you think of the new crop of designer shoes? Super fun or truly, truly outrageous?

Dries Van Noten Wedges

Last week I finally tracked down an incredibly hard to find pair of gray patent wedges from the Dries Van Noten Fall 2007 RTW collection. There’s no denying that they’re strange looking and it took me months of contemplation before I finally decided that they were a go.

Now, I feel silly for waiting so long! Always trust the power of Dries. These shoes are shockingly comfortable because there’s a hidden one inch platform built into the front. Also, Dries has a way of using only the softest leather to line the shoes so you never feel any seams and they wear forever since the seams are triple-stitched.

This is my second pair of shoes from the Fall 2007 collection (a third is on the way!) and one of my favorite details is the sturdy tread that was featured in this line.

As you can guess, these shoes are not for the faint of heart. They will get you stopped in the grocery store by elderly women and talked up at parties. Some reviewers have called these shoes homely and orthopedic, but I have to disagree. They are like sculpture for the feet and I’m all for wearing my art!

Another girl who wears the Dries wedges totally effortlessly is Jane of Sea of Shoes. I never knew that mustard patent could look so cool!

What do you think of the Dries wedges? Edgy and fun or clunky and ugly?