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Viva Las Vegas!

viva las vegas

viva las vegas

viva las vegas

viva las vegas

1. Packing for my getaway / 2. Our balcony view / 3. My note from Gala

On Monday, I landed in Las Vegas for a much needed girl’s getaway with Gala and Kat. Between strolling up and down the strip for hours on end, doing magazine edits, ordering overpriced room service in the middle of the night and soaking up the beauty of never-ending bright lights, this has been an amazing experience I’ll never forget. I hope you’re having a smashing week! Tune in for a two-part installment of The Week In Pictures beginning this Friday.

2012 Style Direction: Ladylike Urban Warrior

nubby twiglet style direction

nubby twiglet style direction

Every year, I like to dream up a new style direction as a goal to work towards. Late 2010 and most of 2011 was dedicated to a direction I dubbed Parisian Cyborg and that was super fun. A few months after that post debuted, I did go to Paris and wore a nearly identical look (I was definitely overdressed and the sleek, understated Parisians probably thought I was nuts).

So, what exactly does Ladylike Urban Warrior mean? Even though I love to feel feminine and adore makeup, dresses and sequins, I’m still drawn to the extreme and avant garde when it comes to fashion. The dress I’m wearing above (recently found on sale at Asos) in particular sums up my new direction because it’s a fairly classic silhouette but the neoprene material, laser-cut details and built-in harness add a modern twist.

nubby twiglet style direction

Images: 1. Vogue, 2. Jessica Stam, 3. Givenchy Fall 2009 Couture, 4. L’Officiel Ukraine, 5. Unknown, 6. Unknown, 7. Vogue.

I find the idea of dreaming up a style direction really motivating and as a way to push ourselves into new sartorial territory. For most of December and January, I was working 10 to 12 hours every single day on an ad campaign and out of exhaustion, defaulted to a uniform of black jeans and sweaters. Mentally, I was completely drained and just couldn’t think beyond the basics in my wardrobe. I’ve since set a few goals, namely to wear more color, to accessorize with jewelry more often and finally, to add in some more color to my makeup routine (a current favorite is the MAC Double Feature 1 palette). To me, clothing is the equivalent of wearable art. It’s one of the most accessible forms of self-expression and occasionally modifying your personal style can be hugely inspiring.

nubby twiglet style direction

I’m wearing: Asos dress, Mimimarket wedges, H&M tights and an H&M Headband.

Readers: Have you made any modifications to your look this year? How would you sum up your personal style?

The Inspirations Interview

rocknrollbride inspirations nubby twiglet

Photo by Juliane Berry.

I normally don’t post about interviews I’ve done on the front page of my blog (instead, the links go here) but I wanted to make a special exception for this interview that Kat of Rock n Roll Bride just shared. It’s probably the most thorough, in-depth interview I’ve done to date and touches upon how my business name transpired, my attitude towards handling criticism and how I first got started with blogging. I love Kat’s energy and unique questions — please take a look!

nubby signature

My Favorite Posts of 2011

nubby twiglet year in review

Photo, an excerpt from Dangerous.

As I take one last look back at 2011, these are my favorite posts from this year’s archives. Enjoy!


• 8 Design Books That I Love: A List of Personal Favorites.
• Tips And Tricks For Developing A Print Portfolio.
• Rock N Roll Bride Magazine: Issue 01.
• Debossed: Luke Copping 2011 Business Cards.


• Hello From Iceland.
• Hello From Hollywood.
• Hello From Paris.
• A Beginner’s Guide To Paris.


• Dangerous.
• An Adventure In Paris: The White Dress.
• What I Wore: 9.13.11 // The Bowery.
• What I Wore: 4.9.11 // Big Stripes.


• Organization Tips And Tricks From A Virgo.
• How I Stay Organized On A Daily Basis.


• Do What You Love.
• Do What You Are Meant To Do Now.


• How Do I Get My Blog Noticed?


• Bavarian Modern.


• Elf Girl: My Journey To Ending Up On A Book Cover.

Have a safe New Year’s Eve and I’ll see you back here in 2012!

Smith Optics Nubby Goggles

smith optics nubby snowboarding goggles

Last year, I designed a collection of goggles for Smith Optics, a premium brand of goggles, sunglasses and helmets. Each of the styles feature my collage-based art and male, female and unisex models will be available for purchase in 2011.

smith optics nubby snowboarding goggles

Back in 2008, I had a solo art show at Portland agency Nemo HQ. Later, we did a big Smith trending presentation and one of the art directors pitched ‘Nubby Art’ as a concept. Amazingly enough, they liked the idea and moved forward. I had already sold the artwork that was later sublimated onto the straps but I always do high resolution scans of every piece I produce.

smith optics nubby snowboarding goggles

The goggle straps feature Smith branding set in Avant Garde which is quite fitting since this concept was presented under the avant garde trending theme.

smith optics nubby snowboarding goggles

Besides the goggles, a helmet was also produced in both black and white. The helmet graphics tend to be more minimal so that they can be worn as a set with the corresponding goggles.

smith optics nubby snowboarding goggles

You can see the pairing of my goggles and helmet in one of the catalog spreads.

smith optics nubby snowboarding goggles

smith optics nubby snowboarding goggles

The Smith team did a great job of finalizing all the details and keeping the collages true to their original form. I was surprised at how clean the sublimated imagery on the straps came out.

smith optics nubby snowboarding goggles

I could have never imagined that artwork I produced would eventually pop up on a line of snowboard goggles. For the record, I’ve never snowboarded but now I really don’t have an excuse! Thanks to both Smith and Nemo for making this collaboration possible.