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Link Love: 7.18.13

link love

link love

Source: Raw Color

• I love Alexandra Franzen’s collection of 21 mantras for people who are feeling completely overwhelmed.

• Fancying up old bottles and jars with a few coats of spray paint and reusing them as vases is a fun, easy project.

• I am a HUGE fan of Moo Luxe business cards (we use them for The Blogcademy) and they’ve just expanded the line to include notecards, postcards and minicards in the same amazing quality!

• Bottom shelf nail polish names made me laugh.

• The folks over at Design*Sponge are talking about the luxury of taking time off and I like what they have to say.

• There’s a new free watercolor brush set set up at Pugly Pixel.

• Six steps for launching an e-course.

• Models with enviable personal style have instagram accounts, too. Here are the best ones to follow.

• I love seeing collections of people’s stuff organized by color. Sara Cwynar’s Color Studies series is awesome.

• What is stored in Facebook’s shadow profiles? More than you think.

• Fourth-grader Zachary Maxwell made a short documentary film about the lunch program at his New York City public school and it’s called Yuck.

• Could you write your autobiography in just seven words?