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Link Love: 10.07.15

Nubby Twiglet: Link Love

• Creative Bloq has gathered up the 100 best free fonts.

• What is your morning routine like?

• After reading Anna’s post, I really want to try out online printer Parabo Press. They do such amazing, unique items!

• It’s harder to be thin now than it was in the 80s.

10 ways freelancers can promote their designs.

• The life-changing magic of losing shit.

• This is how to eliminate procrastination.

• Remember the AIM away message?!

• Following a creative path is going to have plenty of obstacles and you may occasionally cry in art class but the trick is to just keep going.

• Millions of Facebook users have no idea they’re using the internet.

• Behold nihilistic security questions! Haha.

• Oh, to be a college student living in Berlin.

• Here’s a history of eye charts.

• If you’re feeling stressed out, read this.

Image: Vulture Magazine.
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Link Love: 10.1.15

Nubby Twiglet | Boutique: Amos Anderson

• Made me laugh: the truth behind perfectly composed Instagram photos.

• Don’t be one of those annoying phone people. I admire Alex so much for taking a stand!

• The mindset that you’re supposed to have “made it” by 30 is completely ridiculous.

• You really don’t need to work so much.

• Vanity Fair talks to Kanye West about his creative process and the balancing act of family, fashion and music.

• Apple stores are so beautiful that to enter one is bordering on a religious experience.

• How do you feel about this etiquette question? Totally cool or gross?

Dictionary Stories are very short stories composed entirely of Oxford American Dictionary sentences. Yep.

• Instead of sitting on Google, let’s take the time to have a real conversation.

• So awesome: 90s era internet love stories!

• It’s a constant battle of the pope versus the wind.

• When you change careers and decide to become an entrepreneur, here’s what to expect.

• How can you stay creative when you’re chained to your computer all day?

• Just say yes to new emojis!

Image: Boutique at Amos Anderson Art Museum.
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Link Love: 9.24.15

Nubby Twiglet | Link Love

• Working on a project where you’ll need to hire multiple creatives? Sian has some advice on how to streamline the process.

It’s completely possible to make a $1,500.00 sandwich. After watching this video, you’ll appreciate the convenience of grocery stores so much more.

• Working on a magazine? These 5 cover design tips will get you on the right track.

• If you’re feeling like there’s nothing interesting or authentic about you, read this advice.

• 9 qualities of remarkably confident people.

• Patti Smith just gave the most inspiring interview about being strong, happy and alive.

• Personalizing your blog posts and writing about more than just your business is so important.

• If you’re playing the waiting game right now, Danielle LaPorte has some tips on how to turn it into a positive.

• What you eat can totally affect your productivity.

• 16 simple ways to love yourself again.

• Saying no without burning bridges can be HARD. Here’s how to do it right.

• You have full permission to break the rules.

Image: Feedfolio | donhkoland.
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Link Love: 9.17.15

Nubby Twiglet | Alishia Farnan

• Ever wonder what goes into designing a book cover? It’s so much more work than you’d think and I love this behind the scenes look.

• 5 tips to get even more consistent.

• Want to get back into the groove of writing regularly? Take this challenge from Joanna Waterfall.

• I am completely obsessed with this floral wallpaper.

• Need a rad space for your next live event? Splacer is so brilliant.

• These are the tools designers are using most today.

• Need help getting your posts organized in WordPress? Read this.

• Check out these awesome IKEA hacks.

• 4 tips to beat creative block.

• I’m loving Minimalissimo, a blog obsessed with all things having to do with minimalism.

• The myth of quality time.

Image: Alisha Farnan.
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Link Love: 9.10.15

Nubby Twiglet | Link Love: Aitch

• Does the internet threaten creativity or nurture it?

• Paul Jarvis just launched a new podcast for freelancers. Head over to iTunes and have a listen!

• If you hate brainstorming, read this.

• If you’re caught up in avoiding failure, the bigger issue is that you are missing out on progress.

• Made me laugh: astonished animals!

• If you’re a small business owner and feel your confidence wavering, here are 15 tips to help you stop feeling like a fraud.

• Do you have some leftover pizza? Use these hacks to make something delicious!

• If you want to launch a design Kickstarter, AIGA has some valuable tips.

• What does it mean to find your sense of place in the world?

• One of my favorite bloggers Breanna Rose is switching things up and change is good!

• Verizon is opening up and explaining the logic behind its new logo. What do you think?

• Being a better designer means trying to be a better human being.

• I’ve always wondered about the psychology behind menu design. Well, here are 10 design hacks restaurants use to make you order more!

• Want to start a business but short on money? Leverage these 3 tips.

• Packing light for a trip isn’t easy but with a few tips, it’s totally possible!

• I love the idea of mental minimalism.

Image: Aitch for Elle Romania.
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Link Love: 9.2.15

Nubby Twiglet | Link Love: Walter Spina Design

• A great reminder that we all need: no one on the internet is living the life you think they are.

• Google just unveiled their new logo. What do you think?

• 12 almost effortless skills to pick up when you’re busy.

• Who says Millennials don’t know how to set a formal dinner table? Haha!

• At a restaurant and wondering what the hell everything on the menu means? Here you go.

• The hard things in life are worth it.

• The top 200 songs of the 1980s, according to Pitchfork.

• A very judgmental NYC subway map.

• I love seeing other people’s vacation photos around my home state!

• 33 entrepreneurs share their biggest lessons learned from failure.

• 100 killer ideas for your social media content.

• A DIY unicorn piñata? Yes, please!

Image: Walter Spina Design.
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Link Love: 8.27.15

Nubby Twiglet | Twin Mag

• Why are so many millennials ending up worse-off than their parents?

• What happens when you give a tree an email address? A lot, actually.

• If you’re asked tone down your magic, say no thanks.

• One man got brave enough to give up the work he absolutely hated, even though he could make a few thousand dollars in an afternoon.

• Here’s the ultimate guide to Pinterest, thanks to Erika!

• Here are 3 ways good design makes you happy.

• 25 women share their opinions on being boss.

• 28 steal-worthy tips from the most productive people on the planet!

• This guy explains how to book a round the world plane ticket. Pretty cool!

• Why is it so hard to get a great bagel in California? The New York Times investigates.

• 9 podcasts for a fuller life.

• Steal these daily habits from successful people.

• 10 reasons to use Facebook groups for business.

• You’ve dreamed of opening your own store and now here’s the reality of what it takes.

Image: Twin.
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