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Link Love: 11.26.15


• Sometimes, it’s not a new job that you really need — it’s a new perspective.

• I love Bob Ross even more after learning that he had a pet squirrel named Peapod. Awww.

• Here’s the truth about the creative process.

• Need to say no? Here are two easy ways to do it while keeping your cool.

• Whoa! A couple just sued Airbnb for copying their apartment.

• Flying from London to New York in just 3 hours may be possible by 2021.

• 25 sites for finding the freelance jobs you want.

• Even though you’re busy, you should make more room for interviews.

• My friend Erika is launching an exclusive mastermind group called Pret-a-Persona and damn, it looks beautiful and inspiring. If you’re a style-savvy business woman, check it out!

• A time capsule for the year 2957 was just discovered.

• The online “experts” make entrepreneurship look easy but here’s the truth.

• I love how this long distance couple stays connected!

• Finally, there’s a parlor for temporary tattoos.

Image: The Pressure.
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Link Love: 11.19.15

Nubby Twiglet | Cameo

• It’s time to get over the curation and filters. Let’s get raw and share what really matters to us.

• Portlanders love a good brunch. If you’re on the hunt for one of the best in town, look no further than Hunnymilk. I personally know the chef behind it and the food is epic.

• 50 things that are definitely, 100 percent confirmed punk. Haha.

• Life advice from 10 smart humans.

• When you’re hanging out in a museum, have you ever wondered what the view is like from the perspective of the works of art?

• It’s pretty cool to see how the Empire State Building was built.

• Having client issues? These three scripts will whip them into shape.

• Made me laugh: the Brooklyn bar menu generator.

• Marry your soul and tap the depths of your creativity.

• Star Wars characters have been reimagined as Greek statues.

• This agenda keeps your life in perspective by including a bunch of awe-inspiring facts.

• The names people come up with for their wifi connections crack me up. My favorite: Bill Wi The Science Fi.

• The biggest color trends for 2015 have been rounded up.

• Are your social media numbers taking over your life?

• What would it look like if faces were sucked up by smartphones?

• This writer defeated his anxiety.

• The NYC Department of Records has a fantastic Instagram account where every day feels like an awesome throwback.

• Is Winter driving you crazy? Here’s how to hate it less.

Image: Cameo.
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Link Love: 11.12.15

Nubby Twiglet | Link Love: This Is Non

• The internet is what you make it. If you read just one thing this week, make it this.

• Typographers share their top typefaces.

• I just did an interview over at InBetween Studio about my career path and also chatted about my personal heroes. Check it out here.

• Good vibes only! I’m loving these pennants.

• Behold the world’s 50 best restaurants.

• The 4 things to never do when asked, “What’s your rate?”

• What happens when you share the same name as a really famous person?

• Wow! This town is literally living under a rock.

• If you’re interested in creating a hugely successful online course, Paul Jarvis spills his secrets.

• Is there a point at which you’re too smart for your own good?

• 4 tips for keeping your creative work on the right side of the law.

• So cool! 100 year old footage of artists Monet, Renoir, Rodin, and Degas working and walking near their studios.

• Forecast is a great way to schedule your team across projects.

• Do you like him?

Image: This Is Non.
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Link Love: 11.5.15

Nubby Twiglet: Link Love | Alexis Jamet

• If you’re thinking of giving up on something you love, stop and read this article instead.

• You never see any of these things in offices anymore.

• I love these photos of heavily tattooed people.

• This Instagram account documents the plastic bags of New York City.

• As a brand, remember to invest in your audience.

• Wow, amazing! This guy met his doppelgänger on a flight!

• If you’re interested in podcasting, Paul Jarvis just shared his tools to make it happen.

• Are you guilty of stalking your ex online?

• Portland brand Felton & Mary’s needs your help raising money to produce their BBQ sauces! I just pledged and hope you can, too.

• I love these notepads for fictional hotels!

• Paige Powell, part of the 1980s Warhol and Interview Magazine crew, just uncovered a treasure trove of photos from under her bed. Really!

• Finding your signature style isn’t as hard as you think.

5 steps to starting your day right.

• If you need a bag that makes traveling with your million dollars in cash easy (haha), here you go!

• It’s so cool to see old buildings reinvented. This school in Amsterdam has been transformed into housing.

Image: Alexis Jamet.
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Link Love: 10.29.15

Nubby Twiglet | Link Love: Raphael Vicenzi

What if your job didn’t exist? What would you do with the rest of your life?

• Need help with styling your shelves? Emily Henderson comes to the rescue with 3 easy steps!

• Oh yes, it’s true: a GIF maker exists. Let the fun begin!

• The feeling of constantly being “on call” thanks to technology is really starting to wear us down.

This is how to craft awesome client experiences.

• I love the 100 day project. It’s amazing what a shift in your mindset can do.

Artisanal passwords are now a thing.

• Are you ready to become an entrepreneur?

• Struggling artist? Mad Men writer Matthew Weiner has some advice.

Ask Wonder makes it possible to get detailed answers and resources delivered to your inbox. Now you can have a network of researchers do all the heavy lifting!

• We know that refined sugar is bad for our health but it can also have terrible effects on our memories. Scary stuff!

• What time should you go to bed?

• Is clutter in your life holding you back from being creative?

• If you’re trying to save money, focus on a quick win.

Post Script documents the decline of the number of post offices in America.

Image: Raphael Vicenzi.
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Link Love: 10.22.15

Nubby Twiglet | Link Love: Electromagnetico

• The world’s best design studios offer up 11 tips to make your budget work.

• Editions of 100 sells beautifully designed art prints.

10 great audiobooks to check out!

• Hillary Kerr shares 23 things she wishes she’d known at 23. So good!

• The Village Voice just announced their 2015 best of NYC list.

11 philosophies of influential leaders.

• Shaq just deejayed an EDM festival! So awesome.

• This path isn’t an easy one! 10 ways to survive as a creative.

• Focus means saying no. Steve Jobs knew what was up.

• What’s it like to die alone in New York? This was such a fascinating (and sad) read.

• Here’s what contact lenses looked like in 1948. Ouch.

• The 50 best non-fiction podcasts of 2015. This should keep you entertained for awhile!

• A closer look at what it means to be privileged.

• If you can avoid driving, please do.

Image: Electromagnetico.
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Link Love: 10.15.15

Nubby Twiglet | Link Love

• I love the internet! Meg Lewis explains how the internet changed her life by providing her with a circle of friends who accepted her as her true self.

• Is it really possible to be happy every single day?

5 must-haves that every small business website should include.

• Portlanders, there’s an awesome new co-working space opening soon and it’s both affordable and beautifully designed! Check out WeWork.

Gems of Wikipedia is full of amazing discoveries.

• The U.N. has 17 new goals to build a better world. Pretty awesome.

• Interesting move: Playboy is moving away from showing full nudity as the internet fills that demand. The redesign launches next March.

• Taking a screenshot in 1983 pretty much looked like this.

• Emily Henderson shares 3 surprising decorating tips.

• It’s refreshing that a prominent company like Pinterest is taking a visible stand on making its workforce more diverse.

• Turning news into art isn’t easy but Bob Corujo has been doing just that for 60 Minutes episodes over the last 35 years.

• Relive your childhood with The Nostalgia Machine. 1981 was a great year to be born!

• Conde Nast just bought independent music site Pitchfork.

• What happens when you remove digital devices from photos? It really hits home.

• In this video, kids were asked whether they’d rather be rich or happy.

Image: Ghostly Ferns.
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