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The Virgo Birthday Extravaganza: Afterparty Edition!

Nubs & The Corn prepare to launch! (Photo by Gilda)

After we’d returned from the Central Park Extravaganza, Gala and I invited some friends including ladybloggers Star, Gilda and Marie back to our room at the Hotel on Rivington. We soon found out that Marie had snuck along a little something extra in her bag…a corn suit!

I’d heard rumors of ‘the corn,’ but I had no idea just how full-on corny it was! As Marie tells the story, one fateful day, it was delivered to her doorstep in California under mysterious circumstances and it’s been a full-on lovefest ever since. Wherever Marie goes, the corn follows…even if it’s to someone else’s hotel room on the other side of the country. As you might have already guessed, Marie and I immediately bonded over a love of bed jumping and disturbing costumes.

Later that night, I initiated a round of the infamous Bed Jumping Olympics. The only issue was that our mattress was a Tepur-Pedic model that did not bounce. Every time I landed, I had the distinct feeling of sinking into quicksand! I tried leaping in the spirit of David Lee Roth and fell flat every time. I was quickly overcome with a feeling of total defeat.

Marie, Star and I jumped and jumped and jumped while Gala and Gilda smarty stayed on the sidelines.

What I Wore: 9.13.08 Evening

Corn, borrowed from Marie
Polkadot tights, Nordstrom
Black tunic (for modesty’s sake), LA Made
Lace-front feels, ZINDA

Of course, the corn suit alone wasn’t enough. Being the fashion plate that she is, Marie also brought along matching sunglasses. I think this is one of my better looks.

The jumping really wore me out. Later, the other lady bloggers repeatedly tried to wake me for photos, but I got grumpy and refused to sit up. There are only 4.5 lady bloggers present because I don’t quite count:

After our company left, Gala and I had one last moment of birthday bonding when we threw cakes over the balcony. The thump echoed when they hit the ground. And with that, our heads hit the pillows hard. The day was totally surreal and by far the best birthday yet. I have no idea how we’ll top this next year, but being two scheming and plotting Virgos, I’m sure we’ll figure something out!

The Secret Society of Lady Bloggers

A few days ago, this question (and the resulting commentary) popped up on Ask.Metafilter. I was considering not posting about in on here at all but a few things kept turning in my mind so I thought I’d add my two cents.

Personality-based blogging by females is nothing new. Pioneers of this movement like Heather Armstrong of dooce have been doing it for years and are very successful at it.

Personally, it was fascinating to read about a group of girls that I’m friends with from the perspective of an outsider. Most of the time, I don’t notice our similarities but after reading the commentary, it seems natural that a group of friends would share ideas and inspire one another (and that others would take notice over time).

The knuckle tattoos are so for real, people.

What I admire most about this collective group of girls is that they’re all positive, hillarious and creative. Gala is a writer, Star is an illustrator and CSS ninja, Gilda is an aspiring fashion designer, I’m a graphic designer and Marie can make you laugh so hard that wetting your pants is inevitable (and, anyone that rocks a corn suit is good in my book).

The main thing that should be stressed about these girls is their authenticity. Without authenticity (both in real life and on a blog), there really isn’t much left to stand on. Even on the internet, people can see through a facade a mile away. One of the reasons that they are inspiring is because they’re living out their dreams every day and have the courage to write about it. Being happy with your life and where you’re going is a pretty awesome feeling. Positivity coupled with strong personalities and a sense of humor is infectious and it’s no coincidence that they’ve been successful in sharing their anecdotes and advice.

Of course, this isn’t a unique phenomenon. It’s probably not a subtrend, either. There are over 110 million blogs out there. A handful of blogging friends with similar interests isn’t necessarily a movement. While I would never consider myself to be part of ‘the next big thing’ (that’s dated and gross), blogging definitely is. Blogging has come a long way since I started out in 2001. With much better platforms and plugins, it’s no wonder people are embracing it.

The interesting part of the equation is that a few of us ran personal blogs for many years on Live Journal. Five or so years ago, it was a hotbed of activity. But by 2006, the momentum and interaction on Live Journal seemed to be fizzling. Some of us began jumping ship to blogs hosted on our own domains. I still love Live Journal and keep a blog on there, but these days, it feels like a ghost town.

The similarities in design and formatting between a few of us that the original question brought up isn’t an accident either; it’s due in part to collaborative efforts. Star built both my site as well as her own and I’m in the process of working on logos for some of the other girls. It’s pretty cool to be surrounded by a group that’s always willing to help one another out.

My goal in writing this isn’t to come off as self-posturing or arrogant. In a way, I’m glad that the original question was asked because it’s generated some fantastic commentary and I’m all for girls bonding with one another and creating positive content that they’re proud of. I’m inspired by others who choose to live their lives with no regrets, follow their dreams and stay positive while doing it. We’re not the first (or only) group of girls doing this and definitely not the last. Thanks for listening.

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The Week in Pictures: 8.22.08

week in pictures nubby twiglet typography

Life has been exceptionally good lately. Gala (my Virgo soulmate) and I have been feverishly planning our joint birthday celebrations in Central Park on September 13th! Since we’re on opposite sides of the world at the moment (she’s in New Zealand & I’m in Oregon), there’s been a flurry of emails constantly flying, sometimes up to 15 or more a day!

We’re getting the job done; so far we’ve picked out a cupcake supplier, booked an amazing hotel room with floor-to-ceiling windows and asked the best photographer in town (who’s also a Virgo!) to take some snaps of the festivities! We’ve got all the basics covered! Now, onto the invites….

In Other News

Last weekend, I traded in a huge pile of old clothes and the cleaning frenzy continues with no end in site. When my surroundings are organized, I feel better. Though, I also have an ulterior motive: the Fall fashion offerings in NYC are always so good that I need to make room for new acquisitions!

Even though Lee & I have been living in our place for 8 months now, I still felt like we had no furniture. I was sick of the bare bones look, so we just made a trip to IKEA and procured some basics like this locker cabinet for the living room to hold our records (my collection of Journey albums needed a place to live, I tell you!)

More good news: I’ve been accepted into the elusive & exclusive Secret Society of Lady Bloggers. This all stems from the commentary on this page (of which I will expand upon more very soon).

Have you ever tried this San Pellegrino orange drink? It’s super tasty and I’ve been picking one up when it’s too hot to drink coffee. YUM!

So, this is very very weird (and naturally, could only take place at Nemo). I was sitting at my desk yesterday morning when I noticed an odd mix of choking sounds coupled with the infamous ‘chicken dance’ song. When I walked around the corner, this is what I saw! HA!

How was YOUR week?