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Nubbytwiglet.com 2009 Identity

I’ve started the process of reworking my identity for 2009 and thought I’d share what I’ve completed with you so far. I’m still making some changes, but my overall objective has been to streamline the original identity I developed in 2008. I plan on making modifications every year from now on to reflect the changes in my visual style.

All of the type has been done in three varying weights of Helvetica Neue (Ultra Light Extended, Roman and Black) and the numbers of the year and my address are in Poster Bodoni.

I’ve added more black to the 2009 compositions and simplified the graphics. I want the identity to project a sense of simplicity and timelessness and to let the work on my site and in the decks I present to stand out against the simple backgrounds.

At this point, CDs are going the way of the dinosaur (I honestly can’t remember the last time I used one!) but I do think that the round shape adds some visual interest to an identity.

The letterhead is still a work in progress; I may end up adding my email address at the very least and possibly my address, also. The reason I’ve left it off is because it would always be enclosed with a mailing label on the outside of the envelope and a business card on the inside.

I’ve recently noticed a trend of companies leaving their addresses off of most of their collateral since their websites contain all of their pertinent information. What do you think?

As the identity progresses further, I’ll do an update and include more pieces!

Nubbytwiglet.com 2008 Branding & Identity

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been tightening up my company’s identity. Usually, when you get busy with a job and freelance clients on the side, the first work to get tossed to the side is your own. I decided that it was time that all of my correspondence materials matched and since I already had the logo on hand, it went very quickly.

My identity features a standard invoice, letterhead, a CD label, a mailing label, a two-sided business card, a cover sheet and a presentation sheet.

At this time I have digital renderings instead of the real items because I haven’t had a chance to print them all up quite yet.

My business cards were already in existence, but I’ve decided to simplify the layout even more and to drop the rounded corners from the previous version. I think I’m officially over them!

This close-up shows the details of my invoice (top) and letterhead (bottom), both featuring Bodoni type forming the current year and my street address.

I’m the most excited about my new 11 x 8.5 inch cover sheet. I’ve learned the value of having one from working on presentations at Nemo. It lends that extra polish when you’re sending over a round of work. Here’s the details from the lower right corner:

It’s so nice to have everything comprehensive and matching for once! And, for 2009, I just have to change out that one number in some of the items featuring the date. The next task is to get a downloadable PDF portfolio uploaded by the end of the year. I’ll be sharing the above items again as they’re printed in the next few weeks! Stay tuned.