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Nubbytwiglet.com Featured Columns

My goal is to post fresh content each weekday and here’s a quick overview of the most popular columns at Nubbytwiglet.com:

Our sartorial choices say a lot about who we are, where we came from and where we’re going. Color choices, patterns and textures all contribute to an overall vision of how we want to be perceived. I make no distinction between my art, my personal style of dress or my surroundings. They’re one big vision. Each week, I share a few of my favorite outfits and best of all, the label or origins of each piece!

Do you have a burning question? This is your chance to get answers on a variety of topics including art, design, fashion, business, style and anything else you can dream up! The question can be as simple as asking where I got a piece of clothing or what typeface I used for a project to something more in-depth about freelancing or running a business. This column is featured most Wednesdays and questions can be directed here.

The Decor Notebook is a collection of collages spanning five years. Images have been gathered from interior and decor magazines with the goal of injecting inspiration into your surroundings. The full set of collages can be viewed here.

Every Thursday, I whip up a list of links to the best design resources, inspiration and helpful articles from around the net. Do you have a tip or would you like to be featured? Email me!

Every Friday, I do my best to capture my surroundings and what it’s like being a designer and artist living and working in Portland, Oregon. New purchases, family gatherings and extensive travels all make their way into these posts.

Thanks for reading!