Link Love: 7.11.13

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link love

Source: Masha Reva

• Neil Gaiman is taking six months off from social media. Here’s why.

• This post has inspired me to clean up my digital files big time.

• Prince opens up his fridge and you might be surprised by what’s lurking inside. Dunkaroos and yak milk?!

• Scrapbooking always seems to get a bad rap but Elsie explains that it’s more about applying your own style when printing and arranging memories.

• Soon, New York-based businesses will be able to register a .nyc domain name.

• A short, animated look at what’s inside your average cup of coffee.

• 21 signs you’re dating a designer.

• Make the best kale chips you’ll ever have at home.

• This writer wonders if her great grandma is R. Kelly and in the process, manages to laugh in the face of tragedy.

• If you’re getting burnt out on Instagram, VSCO Grid might be the perfect solution. Luke Copping reviews it.

• The New York Times just published an article on my kindred spirits, llamas.

• Jane’s skinny antioxidant ice cream definitely grabbed my attention. I like anything that straddles the line between indulgent and healthy!

Tools of the Trade #8: Creating Custom Palettes with the Kuler App

Tools of the Trade

I just found out about the Kuler app after reading about it on Tamera’s blog yesterday and had to share. As an extension of the popular Kuler website by Adobe, it allows you to upload or snap photos on your phone and then automatically pulls together a palette. You can tweak the colors by quickly moving the dots.

Tools of the Trade

If you’re a total color nerd, there are tons of additional menu options to further customize your palette. Once you’ve pulled together the perfect combinations, you can synch the app with your Kuler account and upload it for safe keeping. If you’re feeling extra smug about your creations, you can also share them via email and Twitter.

Oh, and did I mention that the app is free? And that you can also import photos from the web and Flickr? I’m sensing a new addiction.

App: Adobe Kuler.
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What I Wore: 7.4.13 | Blossom

What I Wore: Blossom

While this dress isn’t really my typical style, it caught my eye while in Minneapolis. I was also feeling that all too familiar desperation set in around this point of my trip because I was really low on clothing options. Whenever I travel for The Blogcademy, over half of my suitcase is always taken up by workbooks and decor. This dress was lightweight enough to roll up and squeeze in!

What I Wore: Blossom

After trying it on, I figured it would be one of those perfect summer go-to pieces. This time of year, I tend to gravitate towards dresses I can reach for when it’s unbearably hot, throw on without a second thought and head out the door. I especially like this dress because the straps are adjustable, the length isn’t scandalously short and though the top is fitted, the loosely flowing bottom balances it all out. With trips to the Oregon Coast and Austin coming up quickly, I know it will get a lot of use.

What I Wore: Blossom

I wore:

Dress, Kimchi Blue
Cardigan, 90s vintage via Buffalo Exchange
Belt, vintage
Zipper heels, Dries van Noten via Ebay
Lipstick, MAC Mineralize Rich in “Lady at Play”

Blogcademy New York and a Peek Inside Patina!

The Blogcademy New York at Patina

The first time I saw the interior of Patina, my eyes grew as big as saucers. When I was younger, I spent a lot of time hunting for treasures at antique shows and swap meets with my dad but I’d never seen anything quite like this place. Exquisitely curated with vintage furniture, telephones, typewriters, books and more, it felt like a setting out of a Brooklyn-based fairytale.

Patina had originally contacted us last year but we’d already arranged the final details for our first Blogcademy and it just wasn’t meant to be. Good things are always worth the wait and this time around, we were thrilled to host our brilliant group of blogcadettes in their magic-making space.

The Blogcademy New York at Patina

We kicked off this sixth installment of our workshop over one of the most humid weekends I’ve ever experienced — even with fans and ice cream breaks, it was unbearable at times but lounging on gorgeous vintage couches made the whole experience slightly more glamorous for sure.

The Blogcademy New York at Patina

As the weekend builds, one of my favorite parts of the workshop are the group activities where we circle around and chat with women one-on-one about their ideas and goals for their blogs. I love a big idea but I love it even more when they’re scribbling down precisely how to make them a reality. And this group, with teachers, hairdressers, PR agency owners, fashion bloggers and more in the audience had so many awesome insights on how to introduce more personalized content and tweak their brands to better represent who they are.

The Blogcademy New York at Patina

Enough of my blabbering! In their own words, here’s what some of our attendees had to say about the experience:

“The Blogcademy is fucking life-changing. I sold half of my wardrobe (no joke) in order to attend and I’d sell the other half and show up in nothing but my undies and black eyeliner ten times over: these women are legit. Their energy is through the roof. Their knowledge is powerful. Their commitment is palpable. And they will give you the necessary kick in the ass you need to own your identity, no matter how scary that might be. Between the sparkles, sea of hair colors, and resounding tribal spirit, I kept waiting for Jessie J to burst through the window on a Tarzan rope belting out ‘Just be true to who you are’. (I wouldn’t put it past these three. I believe them capable of anything). But all in all, whether you have to walk 500 miles, subsist on Ramen noodles for a month, or fly on a broomstick to get there…GO. Stop thinking about it. GO. I kid not when I say it will alter the course of your professional career and, by extension, your life.”

Madelin Adena Smith

The Blogcademy New York at Patina

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The Week in Pictures: 7.5.13 | Hello From Minneapolis!

The Week in Pictures: Minneapolis

Minneapolis was one of those places I’d been curious about for years.

Anyone and everyone I’d met from there would preach the gospel of breezy summers spent on “the lake” and long winters ice skating and snowmobiling. Joey only added to the Minneapolis mystique since he’d spent his early years there — but when I asked too many questions about the place, he’d just shoot me an annoyed look. “You just don’t get it. You have to visit to understand.”

In a way, he was right. When our friend Katherine picked us up from the airport, she’d already conjured up big plans for the night. “Our friends have a pontoon. Wanna go out on Lake Minnetonka after dinner?” Kat, Gala, and I were obviously not well-versed in the necessities of lake life. “What’s a pontoon?” Nothing elicits a laugh from a native quite like that question.

We learned soon enough. Looping through the woods to Lord Fletchers, we suddenly felt like we’d been transported into an 80s teen movie. The restaurant on the lake was surrounded by an outdoor patio full of round thatched roof bars stocked with wicker chairs. Peppy, tan teen girls took our orders as biker gangs strolled past. The sun was out and everyone mingled regardless of social stature while downing a few drinks too many.

The Week in Pictures: Minneapolis

Dinner complete, we boarded the pontoon and zoomed down Lake Minnetonka, backed by a soundtrack of Lana Del Rey and Frank Ocean. Sipping Sofia champagne from the can, it was hard to believe that a few hours earlier, we’d been wandering the streets of Manhattan.

Embracing lake life means that you always have a bikini on under your shorts and tank. You’re not afraid to dive off the side of the boat, even as darkness sets in. And, you’ve jumped off more than one bridge in your lifetime without a second thought. We weren’t ready to go that far so we just sat back and watched our hosts take the plunge.

The Week in Pictures: Minneapolis

The next day, we set out to undo the deep fried sins of our lakeside dinner from the night before. Our first stop was Tao Natural Foods on Hennepin Ave.

The Week in Pictures: Minneapolis

Hearty, healthy and complete with a kick-ass juice menu, it was just what we needed after a week of very questionable food choices.

The Week in Pictures: Minneapolis

Our next stop was Spyhouse Coffee. As a side note, I always forget how spacious businesses (including coffee shops) are in the midwest. So. Much. Room.

The Week in Pictures: Minneapolis

The specialty menu was especially good – we each ordered the Spygirl, featuring lavender. It tasted amazing. Gala and I spent the rest of the weekend scheming about how we could recreate their caffeinated masterpiece.

The Week in Pictures: Minneapolis

As we spent more time exploring the city, we noticed that there seemed to be ivy everywhere. I’ve always loved the way it looks when it weaves its way up the sides of buildings.

The Week in Pictures: Minneapolis

After a day of shopping and Instax-snapping, we were told that dinner at Psycho Suzi’s was an absolute must. A multi-level tiki bar full of shrunken head decor? Yes!!! To entice us further, someone summed it up as “Disneyland for adults.”

The Week in Pictures: Minneapolis

The place was off the hook. We killed time at one of the many bars until our table was ready and couldn’t resist the crazy mugs, which Kat kept. I’m sure her husband and cats are thrilled about seeing that every day! Haha. Dinner was even better. Indulging in an appetizer of deep-fried cheese curds (a Midwestern delicacy), we fell in love with the patron’s jukebox selections. I never thought I’d hear Marilyn Manson in a tiki bar, but there’s a first time for everything.

The Week in Pictures: Minneapolis

Over the weekend, we taught The Blogcademy at a beautiful art gallery, Public Functionary. The space was an industrial dream of polished concrete floors and tons of natural light. Even better, the walls were still stenciled in gold from a previous art show. The group of women in attendance were on top of their game, asking tons of questions and scribbling piles of notes. A full recap of the workshop will be coming soon but in a nutshell, the Minneapolis group blew our minds in the best way possible.

The Week in Pictures: Minneapolis

Katherine is quite the fashion plate and made sure to take us to all the local boutiques. My favorite was Arrow. I loved the space, the complimentary champagne and the selection of labels. So good.

After class wrapped, we headed out to Pride. Such a perfect weekend to be in Minneapolis! I was too busy taking in the sights to snap any photos but let’s just say that the champagne pours off balconies into the mouths below were plentiful and our neighbors’ dance routines kept us endlessly entertained for hours.

The Week in Pictures: Minneapolis

I won’t lie, we were completely Prince obsessed the entire time we were in town and visiting First Avenue was a must. Though I didn’t spot Prince, I did see his star.

We ended our stay with a walk along the unruly Mississippi River and agreed that our visit was much too short. We’re already dreaming of excuses for another visit (and another trip down Lake Minnetonka). Minneapolis, thanks for showing us a good time. I have a feeling we won’t be able to stay away for long.

Special thanks to Jake and Katherine for showing us a good time and laughing right along with us till we cried (but that’s a story for another time).

Link Love: 7.4.13

link love

link love

Source: Sarah Yates for A House in the Hills

Happy Fourth of July!

These are some of my favorite links of the week…

• How you do anything is how you do everything.

• I love Paul Jarvis’ tips for working better.

• Check out this collection of freshly painted houses in the kookiest hues!

• Now that’s some serious dedication! This guy posed for 40 years of yearbook photos in the same outfit.

• Do your goals conflict with your personality?

• What are the biggest mistakes you made when you started blogging?

• Lou Reed reviews Yeezus.

• Alexandra Franzen gives us a backstage tour of her business.

• 5 minute drill: how to negotiate like a pro.

• Camps that focus on getting us away from technology seem to be popping up everywhere.

• The Daily Beast interviews Rick Rubin.

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Tools of the Trade #7: Creative Market

Tools of the Trade

Creative Market is an online marketplace with tons of goodies designed with creatives in mind. The site is overflowing with beautiful, handmade assets including blog themes (organized by platform), icon sets, brushes, fonts, illustrations and much, much more. At over 7,000 products, the selection is deep and the price points are super reasonable.

I’ve purchased a few items so far and have been really impressed with the quality. Even better, when you make a purchase, you’re supporting the creative community since independent sellers get to keep 70% of the earnings. You can get in on the action, too — if you’re interested in opening up a shop of your own, learn more here.

Another great benefit of keeping up with Creative Market is that they offer new freebies every week!

Photo: Made U Look
Brush set: Mindful Pixels on Creative Market
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