Hitting The Road: The Blogcademy World Tour!

The Blogcademy World Tour

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind since last August when we announced our first Blogcademy date in New York. I’d never done a workshop before (though it was a huge dream of mine!) so I was cautiously optimistic. But, thanks to the overwhelming enthusiasm and support out there, we realized that announcing one or two dates at a time just wasn’t enough.

Moving forward, we want to be upfront and let you know exactly where we’ll be for the rest of 2013 so that if you’re interested in joining us, you can start making plans right here and now! It’s a bit like when bands go on tour — they give you the rundown of dates before they even hit the road.

With that mentality in mind, today we’re announcing The Blogcademy Word Tour! From now until November, we’ll be trekking across three continents in the quest to teach you everything we know about blogging and hope to see you on the road!

The Blogcademy World Tour

Blogcademy London Graduate Julia!

Tour Schedule

March 30th & 31st
The Cleaners at Ace Hotel

Los Angeles
April 6th & 7th
McCaddenSpace Photo Studio

New York City
June 22nd & 23rd
Rent Patina

June 29th & 30th
Venue TBA

September 7th & 8th
Curtain Road Studios

November 2nd & 3rd
Bleeding Heart Gallery

November 6th & 7th
Lightdrop Studios

November 9th & 10th

You can book your spot on any of these dates right away and for the first three days, we are offering an earlybrid special on all new dates. Additionally, one scholarship spot will be offered for each city. All you need to do is post your entry to our Facebook page at least one month before the date of your chosen event.

The Blogcademy World Tour

Q&A Livestream

At The Blogcademy, we get dozens of blogging questions each week but realize not everyone is able to make it to one of our classes. While it’s important to keep our two-day workshop an in-person event, we’ve been chatting since the beginning, trying to figure out an affordable solution for those of you who still want to participate. Once we all reunite in Portland, we’ll be doing an hour-long LIVE Q&A session and answering as many of your blogging and business questions as possible. The session will be broadcast live but if you can’t watch it then, don’t worry, your ticket gives you access to the recording forever! Tickets are just $7 and you can buy them here.

The Blogcademy Live Q&A
Wednesday, March 27th, 2013
1pm PST / 4pm EST

When it comes to your questions, you can either ask your them during the livestream, or you can tweet or email us them beforehand. We will try to answer as many of them as possible in the hour we have together but it will be first come, first served.

Goodie Bag Giveaway

We’ll also be giving away a coveted Blogcademy tote bag stuffed full of goodies to one lucky livestream viewer! Some of the treats inside include Crown and Glory ears, goodies from the IF Ladies, Head Full of Feathers shoe clips, Moorea Seal jewelry and a copy of the official Blogcademy workshop magazine. Everyone who purchases a ticket is automatically entered!

Whew, that was long!
I’m looking forward to seeing you on the road! Let’s take your blog to the next level in 2013!

In The Mood #5: True Blue

In The Mood

Sky. Cobalt. Azure. Cyan. Sapphire.

So many beautiful shades! In my book though, the more electric the blue, the better. And though blue eyeshadow is considered gaudy in most circles, I do own MAC Electric Eel. Just look at all those gorgeous made up eyes on the board!

In The Mood

In The Mood

In The Mood

Onto the shoes — they’re by All Caps and though they don’t come out of my closet nearly often enough, I adore the mix of perforations, zippers and wood.

In The Mood

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The Blogcademy and MagCloud: Poster Crazy!

The Blogcademy MagCloud Posters

When you need to promote an event or get your designs printed on nice quality paper, we all know how quickly that can add up. And, screen printing posters is also very expensive, especially when you’re a smaller business. I’ve been looking for an alternative, cost effective way to print posters and I finally have a solution to share with you!

A few months ago, Luke Copping needed a poster for his speaking event and hired me to design a layout he could print through MagCloud. At The Blogcademy, we’ve been using MagCloud since the very beginning to print our workbooks but I didn’t realize they also did double-sided 18 x 24 posters! Luke was impressed with the quality so when it came time to test out some new Blogcademy designs, I knew just where to go.

The Blogcademy MagCloud Posters

For those of you who aren’t familiar with MagCloud, it’s an on-demand printing service run by HP and you can print as little or as much as you like. They ship around the world, too. Sometimes you don’t have the quantities needed to go through a traditional printer or you just need to proof a project to see how it’s looking. Having the option to order a single piece is so nice!

Late one night, Gala sent me a manifesto and along with that, I put together layouts of our two upcoming Blogcademy dates in Portland and Los Angeles. I expected the quality to be just okay for $2.00 a piece but was pleasantly surprised when the posters showed up. First off, each comes in its own protective plastic sleeve. Next, the paper is much heavier than poster paper — it’s more like a few steps down from card stock. And the finish is the equivalent of a satin. It’s got a very soft shine (which helps with durability) but it’s not a cheesy high gloss by any means.

The Blogcademy MagCloud Posters

If you don’t have an event to produce posters for, why not try the following:

• Make prints of your original photography. Create a collage on your wall or give out as gifts and promos.

• Posters of old school family photos would be really charming!

• Do a series of patterns you’ve created. Make your own mishmash of wallpaper!

• Print your artwork as posters to sell at conventions, shows or events.

Hopefully you’re inspired to get out and make some of your own posters. I had a blast doing this and hope to have some original designs for sale later in the year. If you make any of your own, stop by and leave me a link! And for reference, these are flats of the designs I sent to print:

The Blogcademy MagCloud Posters

* All posters printed on-demand through MagCloud. Templates can be found here.

* Tassels are courtesy of The paper Jar via The Cloud Parade, an official Blogcademy sponsor.

* Finally, I want to note that this post was in no way sponsored by MagCloud. I just really like the service and hope it is of use to you as well.

The Week In Pictures: 3.15.13

Nubby Twiglet The Week In Pictures

Nubby Twiglet The Week In Pictures

Happy Friday! This week was especially good because I caught up with my friend Pam and we made great use of the Slingshot photo booth. Can you tell that she’s always the life of the party? It’s especially great when you haven’t seen a friend for a long time and when you finally do, find out things are going better than ever (we’ve been through a lot of ups and downs together!) Though I have online friends and a lot of friends in other cities, it’s nice to have those local friends you can call and meet up with 10 minutes later.

Nubby Twiglet The Week In Pictures

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was feeling the urge to spring clean. I think that comes with the sun suddenly peeking out and then you see how dusty and disgusting everything really is! My office looked this tidy over the weekend but it’s now overflowing with boxes of goodie bag treats for the Portland and LA Blogcademys. I’m waiting until Kat and Gala get here so I can put them to work assembling them. ;)

Nubby Twiglet The Week In Pictures

Sometimes you inadvertently match your surroundings. At the Doug Fir, I looked down and realized my mod lumberjack get-up was right in tune with the futuristic log cabin vibe.

Nubby Twiglet The Week In Pictures

My latest quick and tasty snack: mandarin oranges. I can’t stop eating them! Trader Joe’s has containers of them with the stems still on. I doubt that actually means anything nutritionally but they are more visually pleasing. Oh, and of course they cost more with the stems. too. I refer to this phenomenon as “paying for the pretty.” Haha.

Nubby Twiglet The Week In Pictures

I never tire of the Doug Fir’s decor. Ever! I had a meeting there last night to pick up the custom Blogcademy city tote bags and am so excited with how they turned out! In case you’re in need of some custom printed merch, I went through OSI and couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

I’m impatiently waiting until tonight when I get to party with my grandparents at The Eagles (really). Besides that, Joey and I have a lot to get through this weekend with basement remodeling still going strong. Have a great weekend, loves!

Link Love: 3.14.13

link love


• In her Freelance Matters series, Kathleen just wrote a really insightful post that asks us to consider, “Who are you working for?”

• The future of customer service: these companies are getting it right.

• Sometimes, shoes really are more than just shoes. I loved reading this story about Nicole’s quest for pointy-toed sneakers that were part of a much bigger life story.

• It’s really no surprise that teens are getting tired of Facebook.

• The New York Times laments that a world without work isn’t quite as perfect and utopian as we imagined it would be.

• Looking for some new iPhone app recommendations? Gala has a great list that will help both your sanity and productivity.

• If you work from home but miss the interaction of an office atmosphere, Jess Lively has a solution.

• As a creative, how do you avoid getting caught in the rabbit hole of inspiration?

• I loved getting a peek inside painter Laura Jones’ studio, full of gorgeous floral paintings. So inspiring!

• A day in the life of a freelance journalist in 2013 is not as pleasant as we’d hoped.

• Free resources to improve the look of your blog.

• If you’re interested in artistic animated gifs, Patakk is your place!

• Interior and textile designer Catlin Wilson is so young but has accomplished so much and openly discusses how she balances work and a family.

Blog Log #5: What Is An Editorial Calendar and Why Do I Need One?

Blog Log



When it comes to blogging, everywhere I look these days I see discussions popping up around editorial calendars. Now that we’re firmly planted in the era of professional bloggers, it seems like everyone’s openly discussing theirs. What is an editorial calendar? In a nutshell, it boils down to having your blogging schedule planned out in a calendar format. That’s it!

When I first started blogging, long before I even had a niche figured out (or cared if people were reading!), an editorial calendar wasn’t on my mind at all. I posted what I wanted when I wanted. If I was feeling particularly inspired and wanted to post twice a day, I would. If I wanted to take four days off, I would. That’s the life, right?

On the contrary, I found that it could be incredibly stressful. I’m a creature of habit and thrive on routines and structure. As the years went by and I became a lot more serious about blogging, any time I woke up and didn’t know what I was going to be posting that day, it stressed me out! I know that sounds ridiculous but fellow bloggers, you know exactly what I mean — it’s that same feeling of not getting your homework done and winging it. As we all know, posts that are cobbled together in the moment are not always the tightest. In my case, visuals come easily but words don’t always flow out as readily. Though I enjoy writing, I’m not a professional and stringing together words doesn’t just happen — columns like this take some serious forethought and many read-throughs before I’m comfortable posting. Having these topics outlined in advance gives me time to think through my drafts and rewrite sections before they go live. If I was writing this content off the cuff, I know for a fact I wouldn’t be putting my best work forward.

Slot in Specific Columns

I’d blogged on Live Journal for six years just for fun. But, by the end of 2007, I was getting a lot more serious about blogging. Plotting out my editorial calendar is actually the reason why I developed columns to fit in slots for specific days. When I looked out over the next month, knowing I had certain days of the week already covered took away a lot of the stress and allowed me to really get creative and explore those “free” days, whether it was diving into sharing sharing business tips, peeks inside recent travels or pulling back the curtain and showing my adventures in home renovation.

If you’re a regular reader, you already know this but my weekly schedule currently looks something like this:

Monday: Style Post or Client Project
Tuesday: In The Mood or Typofiles
Wednesday: Advice or Blog Log
Thursday: Link Love
Friday: Week In Pictures

And then, I’ll sprinkle in the occasional post that doesn’t fit into these slots to mix things up.

Contrary to what it may seem at first glance, what I’ve found is that having an editorial calendar doesn’t confine me at all — instead, it gives me the spark I need to produce certain kinds of content. It holds me accountable to my blog and deadlines. If I didn’t have a calendar, I might slip away more often. It’s wonderful to be a blogging free spirit and I admire the folks that live their lives with wild abandon. But, having some structure is good for all of us. And if I was staring out over a blank month, I would be back to where I was when I started: posting a hodgepodge of everything with some hits, a lot of misses and very little consistency. I’ll leave that for my personal journal!

Tracking Your Editorial Calendar

Some people like Gala hand write their blogging plans out by hand. Others use Google Docs. I keep it simple and put together a text document that I keep on my desktop. There’s no surefire way to keep yours. I find that the more basic I keep these documents, the more likely I am to check in and follow my plan.

In Closing

As your blog becomes more established, whether you like it or not, readers begin to expect a sense of consistency. Regular columns coupled with an editorial calendar will make your life run a whole lot smoother and as a bonus, if you can work ahead, it’s always nice to pre-schedule posts and take a few days off!

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It’s your turn: Do you keep an editorial calendar?

In The Mood #4: Spring Green

In The Mood

Just like everyone else in the Northern Hemisphere, I’m coming out of hibernation and Spring is on my mind. I’m loving this optimistic, saturated green — I’ve been pulling this color into my wardrobe a lot lately and a mood board celebrating the hue seemed imminent!

In The Mood

In The Mood

In the mix, there’s an Anthropologie necklace I picked up last year in Santa Monica, clippings from an Alexander Girard brochure, a Heart in Oregon sticker and marbled silk Dries Van Noten heels from Fall 2008.

In The Mood

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