The Week + Links: 5.5.16

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Happy Friday! I just finished some last-minute packing for Vegas and there’s always that slightly nervous / really excited buzz that happens the day of a trip, with the built-up anticipation finally making way for new adventures.

A vacation right now is sorely needed — I’ve been pushing myself too hard, trying to do too much on too little sleep for the last few weeks and we all have our limits.

3 years back, I was working full-time, traveling a lot for the blogging workshop I co-founded, balancing a handful of freelance projects on the nights and weekends and still trying to get out of bed early each weekday to keep up this blog. It was all too much so I quit the full-time gig, began blogging less and started my own studio so I’d have a more flexible schedule.

Old habits die hard, though. I’m now finding myself falling back into that same trap — not setting boundaries and wanting to be everything to everyone. The reality is, none of us are superhuman. If you don’t take of yourself first and prioritize your health, you won’t be able to take care of anyone else.

I’m like so many of you — I read articles on how to “balance it all” but they always end by saying there is no such thing. It all comes down to prioritization. What’s most important to you? Family, friends, work, self-care or something else? When I say that out loud, I know work should come last — but it doesn’t always. Prioritizing is not my strong point because I want to do it all….until I realize for the 100th time I can’t.

All of this has been on my mind because later this year, I turn 35. 35! I started blogging 15 years ago. 10 years ago, I enrolled in a design program that ended up changing the entire course of my life. 9 years ago, I launched this space. Time flies.

With 35 creeping up this Fall, I’m feeling a shift. 35 means that you’re a real adult, or at least it does to me. There’s a lot of responsibility with that and I’m thinking more about what to say yes to and what to say no to (reminding myself again that it’s impossible to do it all).

And with that, I have to accept that today, my to-do list isn’t going to get any shorter but I have the ability to press the PAUSE button and hop on a plane to go meet 2 of my best friends in Vegas.

Everything else can wait a few days.

This next week, I’m putting a priority on friendship. What are you going to prioritize?

Have a great weekend, friends and thanks as always for reading.

Nubby Twiglet | Week + Links

Photos: 1. #1 mom cookie from my local coffee shop….that had 3 of them on the counter. There can’t be 3 #1 moms, right?! MY MOM IS #1. 2. It’s always the best day ever when my little guy, Rocky comes to visit me at work (even though he hates to have his photo taken)!


• Jasmine Star explains the difference between building a business brand vs. building a personal brand.

• I recently rediscovered this post about honoring your limits. Such a fantastic reminder so many of us need.

• Freelancers, here are 6 reasons you should never, ever work without a contract.

11 important things you weren’t taught at design school.

• Feeling down? Check out these 10 things that require no talent or luck…but make you awesome!

• I always love a roundup of free fonts — check out these 36 retro-inspired options.

5 ways to make your branding stand out.

• A great reminder that we need to stop living for the weekend and learn how to slow down to enjoy the moment.

• Being Boss shares communication tips for entrepreneurs.

6 design tips to radically transform your emails.

• Do you ever travel alone? I never do so it was interesting getting a glimpse of what it’s like.

• Digging the simplicity of this Untitled shirt. We all have a few untitled projects, don’t we?

• If you want to understand more about combining multiple typefaces in a project, read this. So good.

Creative Chronicles: Land Your Ideal Job

Nubby Twiglet | Creative Chronicles: Use Your Portfolio to Land Your Ideal Job

Q: I’m reaching out because I feel stuck in my career. When I graduated with a design degree, I was hired by a company that I’ve now been with for  7 years and I’m ready to move on. I have applied for Art Director positions at many companies with no luck so far. It seems like I’m getting a lot of no’s instead of a yes but I don’t believe in giving up so I’m wondering what else I can do. Maybe my portfolio needs a big improvement? I’m willing to do whatever it takes.

A. To this very day, the most common questions that land in my inbox relate to portfolios and landing a job. And trust me — I get it. As a designer, your portfolio is the link to your next big opportunity. Have you ever heard of that saying, “Show, don’t tell?” Well, a portfolio does exactly that. There’s only so much you can say about your accomplishments and the notable clients you’ve worked with. Showing your interviewer actual outcomes is the proof.

Though I’ve written a handful of portfolio-related articles in the past, today’s is a little different since the writer isn’t a freshly graduating student but someone with years of professional experience looking to transition out of her current role and into a new company.

Nubby Twiglet | Creative Chronicles: Use Your Portfolio to Land Your Ideal Job

Nubby Twiglet | Creative Chronicles: Use Your Portfolio to Land Your Ideal Job

Without ado, here are 10 pieces of advice to succeed when you’re prepping for an interview for a design position:

1. Show relevant work

This is a big one. Think about the company and the industry it is in. What types of projects do you have in your arsenal that would be a good fit? Once you’ve been working professionally for a few years, chances are that you’ve weeded out most of your school projects and have a mix of both corporate and smaller freelance projects to share. Remember that your interviewers have a limited amount of time and usually, there’s no need to share more than 6 to 10 projects. So, how can you make the most impact?

When I was looking for a full-time job a few years back before starting Branch, my previous position had been mostly production work but I was interviewing for a spot on a brand team. Because of this, I left most of the work from my previous employer out and showed mostly branding projects I’d personally completed with freelance clients since these were more relevant. If you do have a project you’re proud of and want to include but it’s not super relevant to the position, just make sure you have a really good story to go with it!

2. Self-initiated projects are fair game

I know how hard it can be getting the right types of projects you want during the first few years of your career. If you don’t feel that you have the ideal mix to share with a potential employer, that’s totally fair. I felt that way for a long time, too but the easiest way around that is to create a project or two for your ideal fantasy client.

This isn’t misleading as long as you’re clear that it’s self-initiated and if anything, it’s a strength to be able to show that you took the initiative to complete a large-scale project on your own time…and finished it! My brother interviewed at Nike years ago and though he didn’t have a lot of work that tied into the job he wanted at the time, he designed his own dream shoe and included it at the end of his portfolio. He got the job!

Nubby Twiglet | Creative Chronicles: Use Your Portfolio to Land Your Ideal Job

Nubby Twiglet | Creative Chronicles: Use Your Portfolio to Land Your Ideal Job

4. Keep descriptions short and sweet

For the most part, designers have a harder time writing than they do putting together visuals and oh boy, do I get stuck when describing my own projects and the outcome! The thing to remember is that you really don’t need more than 3 sentences max to get your point across. If you’re struggling big time with getting to the point and keeping your descriptions short and snappy, I’d recommend hiring a copywriter. It’s worth its weight in gold to have a second set of eyes that can tighten up your writing.

5. Do your homework

When I think back to the best interviews I ever had, yes, my portfolio mattered, but equally important was having a personal connection to the company through a story I could share. When I interviewed for my first-ever design job, I was familiar with the studio’s work and style because I’d attended many of their art openings and parties so it was easy to make them feel like I already fit in.

Be friendly, sign up to newsletters and follow your dream company on social media. The more integrated into their world you are before the interview, the easier it will be to make a great impression. My current employee, Samantha had been following this blog and knew about key Branch projects I’d shared on social media so when she interviewed with me last year, I felt like she was already familiar with our culture and shared common interests. I hired her by the end of our interview because she felt like the perfect fit — I could sense that her integration would be seamless.

Nubby Twiglet | Creative Chronicles: Use Your Portfolio to Land Your Ideal Job

Nubby Twiglet | Creative Chronicles: Use Your Portfolio to Land Your Ideal Job

6. Conduct market research

This is one of my favorite pastimes! Some people would call this stalking (ha!) but hey, I look at it a little differently —everything you need to know about a company is already out there. Take some time to read through your potential employer’s website, scan their social media accounts and get familiar with some of their notable projects and accolades. What are they most proud of? If they list employees on their website, get a feel for the kinds of work they personally produce. Look at as many portfolios as possible to find ways you can improve — because I have news for you — your portfolio is never really done! Preparation is key for any interview and the more you know, the better chance you have for sealing the deal.

Nubby Twiglet | Creative Chronicles: Use Your Portfolio to Land Your Ideal Job

Nubby Twiglet | Creative Chronicles: Use Your Portfolio to Land Your Ideal Job

7. Mock it up

One thing I’ve learned from redoing my own portfolio dozens of times is that the work you show can always be presented better. There’s always room for improvement and a lot of that has to do with mockups. I am a big fan of mockups because I don’t always have hard copies of printed materials from projects (90% of Branch clients are remote) and also, I don’t have pro-level photo equipment to consistently capture the work I do have on-hand. Mocking up your work allows you to present your ideal scenario of the outcome of a project and create a level of consistency with backgrounds and lighting.

If you need some fantastic, free mockups to get started, I highly recommend Graphic Burger. And, if you have a bit more of a budget and need very specific items, give Pixeden a try.

8. Simple is best

I know it’s hard to avoid because as designers, we’re naturally overachievers, obsessing over the tiniest details to built the best portfolio ever but perfectionism can also paralyze you. When in doubt, keep things simple. White space speaks volumes about your confidence as a designer. Allowing your work to breathe instead of overwhelm is key. Let your crisp, concise visuals and short and sweet descriptions placed on white backgrounds do the talking.

Nubby Twiglet | Creative Chronicles: Use Your Portfolio to Land Your Ideal Job

Nubby Twiglet | Creative Chronicles: Use Your Portfolio to Land Your Ideal Job

9. Always send a thank you

If you truly want the job, always follow up the same day with a short but specific thank you message. While actual thank you cards are nice, it’s important to be immediate with this step so I’d recommend an email. Reiterate that you appreciate the interviewer taking time out of their busy schedule to meet with you, include one specific fact about the company that stood out in the interview (it shows that you care AND that you were paying attention!) and finally, let them know you think you’re the ideal fit and are ready for the next steps. You can definitely be forward and confident without coming across as pushy.

10. In the meantime, gain experience

If your dream job doesn’t pan out right away, that’s okay. I know it’s easy to say that but I speak from experience. In 2009, I interviewed at a studio I’d always wanted to work at. While the interview went well, they didn’t feel that I had enough experience. I’d only been out of school for a year and while I showed potential, they needed a more senior-level designer. Instead of getting upset, I threw myself into freelancing at every studio I possibly could.

In 2012, an unexpected email landed in my inbox from that same company. What I thought was a quick informational interview morphed into a meeting with the owner and by that night, I had an offer letter in-hand. Was it worth the wait? Absolutely. I was able to jump in with both feet and all that additional experience I’d gained was priceless.

Nubby Twiglet | Creative Chronicles: Use Your Portfolio to Land Your Ideal Job

Nubby Twiglet | Creative Chronicles: Use Your Portfolio to Land Your Ideal Job

Playing the waiting game is hard and building out a portfolio is a monumental task but all that preparation eventually pays off. You’ve got this — sometimes it just takes awhile to get what you want.

If hunting for a design job is something that interests you but you need a boost, I’m working with career strategist Ellen Fondiler and digital product mastermind Paul Jarvis to create Future So Bright, a new course dedicated to helping designers find their dream jobs. The best part is, this course will have a digital portfolio and resume template included. We’re launching later this Summer and I can’t wait to share more!

In the meantime, let me know if you have any portfolio questions in the comments. Always happy to help!

Featured work: We Are Branch.

What I Wore: Palm Springs and Palm Print Forever

Nubby Twiglet | What I Wore: Palm Springs and Palm Print Forever

Palm Springs and palm trees, let me count the ways I love thee.

My obsession with palm prints is still going strong — and there’s so many great new items out there that are covered in them!

When I was recently in Palm Springs, I was walking through a neighborhood in my Billabong palm print rash guard (I always wear it as a shirt in hot weather since it’s cropped and super breathable) and spotted this beautiful corner right as the sun was beginning to set.

Nubby Twiglet | What I Wore: Palm Springs and Palm Print Forever

I’ve told you time and again how beautiful Palm Springs is….and this is the proof. Seriously, if I had this collection of beautiful foliage right outside my door, I would be so incredibly happy. The ultimate dream!

Nubby Twiglet | What I Wore: Palm Springs and Palm Print Forever

A few of my favorite things: phone case, book of palms, record player, pillow, art print and sneakers.

Speaking of dreams, though our adventure in condo land has been slightly delayed, having that goal dangling out in front of me has kept me super motivated. Normally, as this time of year sets in and the sun comes out, I just want to be out exploring (all those years of school with a built-in summer break are hard to forget, right?!) but knowing that our goal is to buy in 3 to 6 months, I’m pushing through some late nights and weekends, focusing on the payoff that could very well be a long winter vacation in my adopted mecca.

Having palm trees in my office and having palm prints around keeps the dream alive while the hard work continues. Always surround yourself with visual reminders of what you want!

Nubby Twiglet | What I Wore: Palm Springs and Palm Print Forever

P.S. I wasn’t going to include this photo since it’s so blown out but I wanted to give you a real life visual of what Palm Springs is like as the sun begins to set. So intense and cool, right?!

I wore: Billabong rash guard, Zara zipper pocket skirt, Dries van Noten sunglasses and Marc Jacobs sneaker wedges (all old).

The Typofiles: InStyle May 2016

Nubby Twiglet | The Typofiles: In Style May 2016

Over the weekend, I was catching up on reading a stack of magazines and the beauty of the InStyle redesign once again blew me away. InStyle has always been pretty fashionable yet fairly mainstream. A few months back, the US version stepped things up and unveiled a fresh new look.

Nubby Twiglet | The Typofiles: In Style May 2016

As someone who runs a studio that also designs a magazine, I have so much respect for what they did to really push the design boundaries — knowing that each seemingly small adjustment takes a lot of thought.

Nubby Twiglet | The Typofiles: In Style May 2016

Nubby Twiglet | The Typofiles: In Style May 2016

The type treatments are so, so beautiful and I wanted to share a few of my favorites from this issue with you. Enjoy!

Nubby Twiglet | The Typofiles: In Style May 2016

P.S. What magazines are you loving at the moment?
I want to subscribe to a few more and would love your input!

The Week + Links: 4.29.16

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How has your week been? It was cool and rainy all day in Portland but as I write this, the sun is coming out and I’m feeling a sense of calm after spending the morning doing some serious cleaning and crossing a few important things off my list.

Overall, this week has felt uneventful (except for that cliffside hotel on the Amalfi Coast Gala and I just booked for a trip later in the summer…haha) and I’ll take it! No news is good news, right? After a few solid days of Rocky not feeling well last week, it really put everything back into perspective for me. Those scares, though not fun to go through, really remind you of what matters most and get your priorities in check.

Rocky is now doing much, much better and I am so relieved. Chubs is doing great, too. Have I mentioned that his new favorite food is sweet potatoes?!

Anyway, things are good. Busier than I’d like on the work front, but awesome stuff is happening and progress is being made on both client work and digital courses. Gotta be thankful for that and just keep showing up every day.

I hope you have some good times ahead, as well.

Let’s get the weekend started….and I’ll see you back here on Monday with some fresh content! xo

Nubby Twiglet | Week + Links


• If you’ve dreamed of running your own business but you’re not sure where to start, read Alex’s post about how she became a freelance writer and you’ll feel like what you want to do is totally possible, too.

• I didn’t realize how much Prince trolled Michael Jackson. I love them both so I got a good laugh out of this. And, I had no idea Prince was originally recruited to be in the BAD video and turned it down!

• Did you know that you can now live at Disney World year round?! You have to be rich to do it…but it’s possible.

• Need some new podcasts in your life? Here are 8 new ones to check out!

• Are your business failures really just a step in the right direction?

• I love this article written by Amanda Peet about aging so much. So much truth!

• There are 12 kinds of kindness.

• Take a look back at Prince’s album art and learn more about the themes behind his most iconic covers.

• The entrepreneurs’ 8 step checklist for taking a business risk.

• I love this post about knowing who your audience is and having separate personal and business accounts. It’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the last 3 years!

• Wow! Here’s a list of the most expensive domain names.

• The brand new issue of Rock n Roll Bride Magazine is now for sale (see above for a peek at our proofs!) It’s by far the biggest project my studio works on and I hope you’ll check it out!

• Video footage from the first American shopping mall built in 1956.

• Be very, very careful about buying knockoff chargers for your Apple products. The results of saving a few dollars are so not worth it.

• I’ve never seen this clip until now…and it’s epic. Michael Jackson, Prince AND James Brown?! And yes, Prince rides up to the stage on the back of a large bearded man. For real.

Currently 01: A Peek Into The Graphic Design Side Of Life

Currently 01: A Peek Into The Graphic Design Side Of Life

Hi, I’ve missed you guys a ton! It’s been a very, very full month around here with family, work, travel and everything in-between.

When I’ve had some time to reflect, I start realizing how much I haven’t shared with you about what types of creative projects I’m working on on a daily basis, even though that’s what I spend the majority of my time doing.

The last year in particular has been pretty much nonstop at Branch and I’m embarrassed to admit that some of the projects we finished last year (or even before that!) are still waiting to be shared.

At this point, as soon as a project wraps, I deliver the assets, close it out and drop it into the Archive folder…only to discover I never shared it a few months down the road. Rinse and repeat…like 20 times.

There’s a lot to catch up on and I know it’s now or never — but in the meantime, I wanted to give you a peek at some of them. I’m lucky to spend my days working with an amazing roster of clients who let me have a ton of freedom to create cool stuff for them. Instead of keeping everything hidden away, it’s time to share and give a bunch of them a shout-out!

Here we go!

Currently 01: A Peek Into The Graphic Design Side Of Life

0. Luke Copping Newsprint Promo (top): We took Luke’s super polished images and applied them to newsprint for a really cool, analog feel. I have a copy sitting in my office that I still need to share but you can check it out here.

1. Radical Self Love Coven Branding: This is the first (and only!) time I’ve gotten to create a logo with a witch hat. Thank Gala Darling for that one! The logo is for a course all about living a more magical life that you can check out here.

2. Places Soap Branding and Packaging: This has been a massive undertaking over the last 6 months as I created a new brand and packaging system for a travel-inspired soap brand. The packaging has gold foil accents and we just approved the print files yesterday — can’t wait to show you the full line as it rolls out to stores!

Currently 01: A Peek Into The Graphic Design Side Of Life

3. Future So Bright Course: I’ve been working with Ellen Fondiler and another partner to create a course that helps graphic designers land their dream job. I so wish this had existed when I was graduating college and unsure of what my career options were. Hope it instead helps you!

4. Luke Copping Guide: I’ve been working with photographer Luke Copping since 2009 and we’ve created some great stuff together. We just finished this digital Getting Started Guide which is a cross between a portfolio and media kit.

Currently 01: A Peek Into The Graphic Design Side Of Life

5. Kate Eckman Branding and Website: I met Kate last year at our final Blogcademy class and we had an immediate connection — she’s a well-known model and QVC beauty host but literally one of the most down-to-earth ladies I’ve ever met. Her new site and brand is launching next week!

6. SCSD Branding: I can’t say much about this brand yet because it’s still in-progress but it’s super fun with a female focus and a bold color scheme with tropical-inspired accents.

7. Project Prescription: You’ve probably heard me mention this business that I founded with Paul Jarvis and we’ve got some exciting things coming up! We’re relaunching next month with a revamped document bundle including A4 sizing and Google Docs. Sign up to our list for free document samples!

8. TBW Beauty Packaging: I can’t share much about this new line of products yet because it’s in-progress but it will feature perfume sprays made of natural floral essences. So pretty!

9. DQ Branding: This is one of my favorite branding outcomes of all-time but it’s still very much in progress so I can’t share much yet. All I can say is that it involves an eye and rose gold. Yippee!

10. Rock n Roll Bride Magazine: We’ve been designing this alternative wedding magazine for a year now and the content just keeps getting better. The new issue just went on sale and features an epic David Bowie bridal-inspired tribute and lots helpful of advice. Take a look!

Currently 01: A Peek Into The Graphic Design Side Of Life

11. Art Of V Course: This is a side project I’m working on with Erika Lyremark with the goal of teaching women how to be more creative and leverage more of who they are in their brands. It’s something I’ve always wanted to teach because at its core, branding should be relatable and understandable.

12. B Branding and Website: This is still in-progress and is a brand for a new Australian stationery company. We’ve wrapped the branding and print materials and are now hard at work on the website. More soon!

13. Mick Hayes Collateral: I’ve been working with musician Mick Hayes since last year and we’ve been building his brand out to create custom posters, business cards and now, his latest album packaging. It’s so fun to see a brand come together, piece by piece.

14. Bad Witch Workout Branding: This is another brand we recently created for Gala Darling. I’m obsessed!

15. Chutzpah Creative Website: This website has been a huge labor of love based on the branding we did for Chutzpah last year. It just launched last night. Check it out!

Currently 01: A Peek Into The Graphic Design Side Of Life

16. Rock n Roll Bride Magazine: With the redesign of the inside spreads, we also revamped the outside, matching the logo gradient to the bride’s dress and switching up the headline fonts. Grab a copy here!

17. Artifact Creative Recycle Branding and Website: Over the last year, we worked with Portland boutique Artifact to update their branding, signage, print materials and website. Loving the simplicity of this outcome!

18. Gathered Home Branding: This soon-to-be interior design store will blow your mind. They have such a bold, beautiful aesthetic. There are two variations of this branding and a lot of colorful assets I’ll share soon.

19. Ellen Fondiler Branding and Website: Since Ellen’s brand, collateral and website launched, it’s been amazing to watch her grow as a career strategist. I love her no-nonsense advice so much that we’ve partnered up on Future so Bright (above).

Currently 01: A Peek Into The Graphic Design Side Of Life

20. Radical Self Love Coven Workbook: Gala’s first module is going live soon so we just created this 40 page workbook to accompany it. I love the idea of making magic more modern and accessible and this is reflected in the design.

21. B Media Kit: This is a snippet from the media kit of the Australian stationery brand I mentioned above. As soon as the site launches, I’ll share everything! The color combo of green and peach paired with a concrete texture makes me excited!

22. P2 Photography branding: I fell in love with Jenna and Jon of P2 as soon as I connected with them last year — this photography duo is incredibly talented and down to earth. We kept their brand very crisp and cool since they work with a lot of industrial clients.

So there you have it! This is a super condensed version of what I’ve been up to on the creative work front and I hope to share more soon on many of these…and the dozen more I probably forgot. Ha!

Now, it’s your turn.

What are you excited to be working on these days?
A personal project? Freelance work?
Something else?

The Week + Links: 4.22.16

Nubby Twiglet | The Week + Links


What can really be said about this week? Prince died. I’m still in shock and can’t believe it actually happened. It’s so hard to watch the people we look up to, the people who fearlessly push creative boundaries no matter the consequences, leave this Earth.

Without these larger than life personalities, the world feels so bland. And with each passing, it becomes clear that these creative visionaries are human and have ups and downs just like the rest of us — they need people surrounding them who care and can be good, trustworthy friends when times get tough. I don’t know much about Prince’s personal life since he shared so little but I hope he’s at peace.

Nubby Twiglet | The Week + Links

Thinking back to my one visit to Minneapolis in 2014, I got why he must have loved it so much there. The place was creative, fun and I’ll be honest, cruising on a Pontoon down Lake Minnetonka and visiting First Avenue were the two highlights of my trip. Joey grew up in Minneapolis and I would always laugh at his stories of skateboarding through the parking lot of Paisley Park like it was no big deal but now, I just feel so much sadness, like so many others.

In other news, I’ve had to let go of all expectations of this week because Rocky has also not been feeling well. It’s hard to think of my puppy as being nine now because when I met him, he was a sprightly, excitable three year old. After spending half the day at the vet yesterday and some x-rays, we found out that he hurt his back so I’m on stay-at-home mom duty, typing this post from the floor of our living room next to him to make sure he stays still. Poor little guy.

Nubby Twiglet | The Week + Links

With Rocky not feeling well, all my project timelines got thrown out but luckily, everyone I work with is awesome and understanding. There’s no sugarcoating things — the last few weeks have been a total rollercoaster. That’s life sometimes and the reality is that not everything is a fun, exciting adventure to be shared on Instagram.

Ah, life. I hope your week went more smoothly than mine! Sending lots of love your way. xo

Nubby Twiglet | The Week + Links

Photos, from top to bottom: 1. Lowe’s has flamingos! 2. Loving my new office plant from IKEA. 3. Rocky loves the cherry blossoms. 4. Weird statue alert!


• Remembering 9 of Prince’s most over-the-top, princely moments. My favorite: In 2010, he said, “The internet’s completely over.” Haha!

• Figuring out how much to charge as a freelancer can be tricky but this post breaks it down in easy-to-understand steps.

• Times are changing! The Victoria’s Secret swimwear catalog and line will soon be gone.

• How to rewire your thinking and kick fear in the face!

• Prince, remembered in 11 songs you might not know he wrote.

• Grabr allows you to get anything delivered on demand from anywhere in the world by a trusted traveler that’s heading in your direction.

• Woah! Famous paintings recreated with washi tape.

• How do you define becoming an adult?

• Ha! #feelthekern merchandise is helping raise money for the Bernie Sanders campaign. Gotta appreciate the cleverness here!

• 7 better ways to answer, “What do you do?”

• I love seeing older women not giving into societal pressure and rocking their unique, bold style. So good!

• Before taking on a project for free, ask yourself these 3 questions.