The Week In Pictures: 8.3.12

week in pictures

week in pictures

How was your week? Mine was good — we wallpapered one of our living room walls, squeezed in some nice long walks, got started on a few other home repairs and worked on a D.I.Y. project that I can’t wait to share with you.

week in pictures

Our living room has always been pretty lifeless — with plain white walls and all black furniture, floors and even an all black globe, it just never felt welcoming. I’d searched high and low for the perfect wallpaper but after coming up empty-handed one too many times, we decided to stick with the tried-and-true Cole & Son Woods (our dining room is done in the same pattern and we already had some left over to get started). Next up: colored throw pillows and well, some more color in general so people actually want to hang out in there! Additional room details: we stained the floors black ourselves, the two black chairs are Ebay knock-offs, the curtains are from Urban Outfitters and the blanket is the Cross by Pia Wallén.

week in pictures

One of my style resolutions at the starting of the year was to try new things — patterns, colors and silhouettes. This dress, though not my typical style, was love at first sight. Full debut coming soon!

week in pictures

We got on a roll and decided it was time to revamp the workbench in the basement. Our basement is dark, ancient and a little bit scary so we picked out the brightest paint possible to paint the workbench with. Have you ever seen such a great paint name?!

week in pictures

One of my favorite things to do on the weekends is to head to the park and get a good walk in with Rocky. Of course he attempts to torment dogs 10 times his size which is always good for a laugh!

week in pictures

I don’t have the chance to participate in nearly enough D.I.Y. projects. Joey had an idea I never would have considered on my own and after finishing up my design, he turned it into something really special. I can’t wait to show you!

week in pictures

I feel like the summer is passing by so quickly. In year’s past, one of my favorite haunts was the fire pit at the Doug Fir so my friend and I caught up for a few hours last night. Brings back so many good memories. Have a great weekend — any projects or plans you can’t wait to get started on?

Link Love: 8.2.12

link love

link love

Madonna by Bruce Weber, 1986

• Kat has some tough love and advice for struggling bloggers. It hits home when she says, “Firstly, what works for one blogger may not necessarily work for another and secondly, anyone you perceive to have been an ‘overnight sensation’ has probably worked their butt off, for a long time, before you even heard of them. I was blogging for over 3 years before I made a penny.”

• Millenials don’t seem interested in buying stuff. Instead, they want to buy into new ideas.

• I’ve never ever considered doing a juice cleanse but Anna’s experience may just convince me to take the plunge.

• A simple but profound message: Do good. Always.

• A writer laments: What I learned from my mom’s overspending.

• Totally entertaining: bathing suits that match book covers.

• Katrina of Pugly Pixel has found the holy grail of apps, at least in my opinion! I totally want the myPANTONE app.

• Mike Montiero, author of Design is a Job, talks about how he handles clients.

• If you’re consumed with “having it all”, this inspiring story will give you a reality check.

• Many bloggers are addressing how we’ve fallen into the so-called busy trap.

Advice #47: Can I Make A Design Career Work With Kids?

ask nubby advice

I am 19 years old and recently became pregnant. It was unplanned and a surprise but has kicked my future goals into high gear. Lately graphic design has been something I’m interested in, and seems like it could be a reliable career, but I don’t have a clue where to start. I will be in my second year of community college and I plan on learning all the Creative Suite programs and the latest in design and typography before transferring to another school to get a bachelor’s degree. So my questions are 1. Where should I begin as a newbie in pursuing a career as a graphic designer? and 2. Is graphic design something that is manageable with a baby?

advice typography


Never stop learning. Stay focused.

First off, I commend you for staying focused on your education and future! From my perspective, it sounds like you’re doing everything right, including taking an affordable route to kicking off your education (I’m a proud community college graduate myself). It sounds corny but a thirst for knowledge will get you far. The very best designers started out just like you — everyone begins with limited knowledge and through schooling, internships and experience, we all get better. Four years since graduating, I still feel like I’m learning something new every day and truthfully, the learning never really stops. Since you’re already in school, my two suggestions for supplementing it would be to subscribe to and watch as many videos as you can and secondly, to read as many design and creative industry blogs as possible. The more you learn and the faster you’re able to pick up the basics, the better. Also, joining AIGA can help you make design industry connections.

To answer your second question, you’re not alone in thinking about how to make a design career mesh with being a mom. It’s on a lot of other women’s minds as well so take comfort in that. Designer Promise Tangeman recently wrote a great article on the subject (the comments are super insightful as well) as did new mom and designer / blogger Joy, who explains in detail how she makes it all work for her. Finally, the book Mom, Inc. will hopefully inspire and empower you to find a way to crete a routine that works for you.

I’m not going to sugarcoat this; working as a designer is really demanding even without kids. But I also do personally know plenty of moms who make it happen every single day (and somehow make it look easy!) I’ve heard many moms (and moms-to-be) talk about how there’s never going to be that “perfect time” to have children and balance that role with their careers. And of course, everyone has an opinion on the subject but when it comes down to it, the only opinion that matters is yours.

Once you are finished with school, you can take two paths:

1. Work for someone else. From my experience, working in-house tends to be a lot less demanding than working in an agency environment. This is because when you’re in-house, you have one client: your company. And, the lines of communication are much more direct. In comparison, when you’re at an agency, there are many clients who are setting the deadlines and demands for you to answer to. Realistically, if a presentation is due and you have to work until midnight or god forbid, pull an all-nighter, will you have a reliable option for childcare? I wish I could say that crazy hours are something you won’t have to worry about in this industry but depending on who you work for, they are often the norm.

2. Work for yourself. If you decide to run your own studio, you’ll have more control over your hours. The biggest trade-off is that you’ll be in charge of your own health benefits and the paychecks won’t be steady, at least in the beginning. But having that freedom to be with your child may be the best reward.

Note: I felt that this was an important question to address but at the same time, I don’t have kids of my own and they’re not in my future plans so I can’t put myself in someone else’s shoes who does. Readers with kids who also work in a creative industry, please weigh in and share your advice. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Rock n Roll Bride Magazine: Issue 02

rock n roll bride magazine issue 02

I am so happy to announce that the biggest project I’ve ever done on my own to date, Issue 2 of Rock n Roll Bride Magazine, is finally here and available for sale! It was a labor of love and a whole lot of work creating 82 pages of ad-free rock n roll wedding goodness but I couldn’t be more proud of the outcome (and of Kat & Gareth for sticking it out with me through more rounds of revisions than I can count.) Delivering the first round of proofs to Kat in person when we met in Vegas back in February was only the beginning — I always say that I love a good challenge and this was definitely a challenge for all of us!

rock n roll bride magazine issue 02

I’ll be talking more about the research, design and production process soon but in the meantime, pick up your issue while they’re still available!

*Special thanks to Rock n Roll Bride for the photos.

Latest & Greatest #8: Tangerine Dream

latest and greatest

latest and greatest black gold

When Summer hits, I trade in my reds for even brighter shades including tangerine. I love the vibrance and I love the energy. A few months back, I also tried full-on tangerine lipstick which proved to be too overpowering — I think I’ll stick to apparel and nail polish for now! Here’s a few of my favorite tangerine-hued finds:

1. Wearing an Asos dress in Las Vegas (photo by David McNeil). 2. Vintage Romanian Book. 3. Alexander Girard Mug. 4. Canary. 5. Bottega Veneta Dress. 6. Olympics Poster. 7. Screenprinted Alphabet Set by JP Boneyard. 8. MAC Lipstick & Nails in Morange.

Adventures with Flat Files and Serious Organization

nubby twiglet flat files

Thanks to now having two flat files, my office is the most organized it’s ever been. Flat files are most commonly seen in studio and agency settings and are used to store client proofs and other oversized materials. They’re also an ideal way for creatives to organize everything from photos, artist proofs, sketches, collage materials, blueprints, scrap booking supplies and more.

nubby twiglet flat files

nubby twiglet flat files

I have two identical flat files because the left is dedicated to storing stuff I’ve made while the right is dedicated to supplies. To give you an idea of what they can be used for, here’s what I keep in mine:

• The left holds: 1. my screenprinted posters, 2. print collateral from my clients, 3. 4. and 5. print-outs, process sketches and proofs and 6. my print portfolios.

nubby twiglet flat files

• The right holds: 1. Promotional supplies including stamps, stickers and mailing labels, 2. printer paper, envelopes, stencils and rulers, 3. collaging scraps, 4. collage books and magazine tears, 5. notebooks, 6. office supplies.

nubby twiglet flat files

Because I was on a budget and also didn’t need a large set of flat files, I found mine at IKEA. The bottom drawer organizers were also an IKEA find. If you’re in the market for a larger, more traditional set of flat files, try Dick Blick, and Amazon ( these and these are nice).

Flat files have fixed my lack of storage space and given my office a whole new level of organization. Perhaps they can do the same for you!

The Week In Pictures: 7.27.12

week in pictures

week in pictures

Welcome to The Week In Pictures! It’s been another long, looooong week but things ended on a personal high note when this tweet came through bright and early this morning. My biggest and most challenging personal project to date is finally in existence! And, it has a spine! Much more details about the design and production process is coming very, very soon!

Onto other news: not to sound completely overdramatic (ha!) but my office is now exactly the way I always dreamed of. What changed? I picked up another set of flat files over the weekend at IKEA and that one addition allowed me to really, truly get my space organized. If you’re wondering what exactly flat files are and why they’re useful, I’ll be sharing more in post next week.

week in pictures

Over the weekend, Joey was walking home and spotted a palm tree that our neighbor was getting rid of. It was a solid 8 feet tall but that didn’t stop him from lifting it onto a skateboard and pushing it home! He got some good double-takes for sure. Out back yard is beginning to morph into a tropical paradise and I love it!

week in pictures

I defaulted to two of my favorites this week: studs and stripes. I’m wearing an H&M striped tunic, Zara skirt with gold zippers and my trusty TBA wedge sneakers.

week in pictures

I joined Auntie Nubs for dinner last night and she surprised me with an oversized newsletter from Eileen Fisher that’s simply called &. The type throughout is so beautiful in its simplicity.

week in pictures

Like I said, I just got super major organized. I love being able to find everything I need in an instant.

week in pictures

Grid Index is my latest design obsession. Featuring the most intricate, stunning grids, each page is a subtly patterned masterpiece. Best of all, it comes with a disc so you can instantly access every single pattern featured in the book. I’m already dreaming up a few ways to use them in upcoming projects.

Have an amazing weekend! I’ll be working around the house and watching the Olympics in the background. Feels good to chill out and enjoy the last few days of July.