Link Love: 7.12.12

link love

link love

Source: Bela Borsodi.

• Creatives, if you’re feeling a lack of confidence or making excuses, this advice will really hit home. Difficult at times to hear but so true: Get over it.

• Are you a foodie? Are you also type-obsessed? Do you also happen to like a good sandwich? Then Typewich is for you!

• I absolutely love this color blocked recipe box. The best part? There’s instructions to D.I.Y. your very own!

• If you’re social media obsessed, you have to check out Christoph Neimann’s hilarious You like me. You really, really like me for a good laugh.

• Promise’s new column, Inside the Creative Toolbox is super cool and I was honored to share my must-have items this week!

• Even when you have one of those days where everything goes wrong, it does get better.

• A cool project: matching Pantone colors to human skintones.

• A writer’s worst nightmare: The New York Times pans your book due to the reviewer’s misread. Eek!

• Designers, how do you gauge your timelines to make sure you deliver on schedule?

• I really like this visual inspiration featuring inspiring studio spaces.

• Completely random but oddly awesome: Andy Warhol eats a Burger King hamburger on video!

The Typofiles #111: Nemo Design Rebrand

Nemo Design Rebrand Print Promo

My friends at Nemo Design just sent me a packet featuring promos for their fresh rebrand and I thought I’d share this amazing double-sided poster today. Nemo holds a special place in my heart because it’s where I got my start as a designer. They’ve totally killed it on their updated identity system and in true Nemo form, everything is infused with a sense of humor.

Nemo Design Rebrand Print Promo

There’s no boring corporate lingo to be found on this poster. Nemo makes it fun to explore the evolution of their identity, PMS swatches and the meaning behind their name.

Nemo Design Rebrand Print Promo

I love the Nemo DNA section: Midwest Work Ethic / East Coast No Bullshit / Oregon Pioneering / California Endless Summer / Small Town Dreams / Big City Hustle. YES!

Nemo Design Rebrand Print Promo

Congratulations to Nemo Design for creating a rad new identity and for continually keeping us entertained with razor-sharp work infused with a sense of humor.

Solestruck and TBA: A Tale of Obsession Solestruck To Be Announced Obsession

In case you haven’t noticed, I have a thing for shoes. It started at a young age. Beginning at the tender age of four, my mom would pay me a few dollars to arrange her vast collection of stilettos which she seemingly had in every color of the rainbow (hey, it was the 80s). I was big on organization even at that age and would carefully arranged them by height and color.

During college, I ditched my first office job where I was constantly tasked with doing hours of filing to work at a shoe store at the mall instead. The store sold comfort shoes and I mostly worked with fitting old ladies but it was way better than being trapped in suburban office hell. Later, I got a job at an even better shoe store and took pride in helping people pick out the perfect pair of shoes. Solestruck To Be Announced Obsession Solestruck To Be Announced Obsession Solestruck To Be Announced Obsession

A few years back, I started doing freelance work for Solestruck and shot and designed many of their landing pages as well. When they recently asked me to take part in a blogger collab with one of their exclusive brands, To Be Announced, I was like HELL YES. I didn’t want to go the straight “what I wore” route though — there had to be a story line. I called up my friend Shaun and we shot at Mutt Studios, our first collaboration together. I hopped, skipped, danced and jumped into the night… Solestruck To Be Announced Obsession Solestruck To Be Announced Obsession

I Wore:

ASOS Black Quilted Dress with Tube Embellishments — This is one of my constant go-to dresses and the quality is amazing. And, it’s majorly on sale!
ASOS OUI / NON Belt — also on sale!
To Be Announced 1-800 in Black, c/o Solestruck
H&M Gold Headband

*A special thanks to Solestruck, TBA, Shaun and Mutt Studios for the opportunity and good times!

The Week In Pictures: 7.6.12

week in pictures

week in pictures

I celebrated the 4th in this rad sweater my grandma gave me! Our holiday was pretty mellow because if you have a pet, you know how scared they can get when fireworks are going off so we spent most of the time keeping Rocky company.

week in pictures

This week, a fellow design acquaintance asked me if would have the time to contribute to a column she just started. I had seen the first edition and loved it. I was already overextended but after reading this article (which is sadly true for a huge chunk of America these days), I responded with, “I hate making excuses that I’m too busy. I’ll make the time to make it happen.

We are our own worst enemies when it comes to saying yes and overextending ourselves. I fell into a nonstop routine out of sheer necessity a long time ago back when I was in college — I was in class two days a week, interning at an agency three days a week and then worked a retail job on the weekends. When you never have time off, you start thinking it’s normal and that the rest of the world lives the same way. We all define our own version of “normal” and if we keep up a routine for long enough, it becomes just that…a routine. Reading that article was a huge wake-up call (and I saw quite a few other people linking it all over the place this week, too). I’m still not sure what I’m going to change but I think it’s good to start with being self-aware and deciding what’s most important in life.

week in pictures

I just picked up a sketchpad. I haven’t had one in forever and usually just do thumbnail sketches in my lined notebooks. So nice to have a big, empty white space to go crazy with for a change!

week in pictures

So everywhere I go, I hear people talking about Salt & Straw. It’s like a cult of ice cream zombies out there! I hear of nonstop lines at all hours of the day and exotic flavors. Of course, I wanted into this ice cream cult and stopped by the cart in S.E. yesterday. I ordered sea salt & caramel and yes, it was good. And yes, i’ll be back. I’ll probably be dreaming of it nonstop in the meantime…

week in pictures

Yellow, yellow, yellow. It’s showing up in every corner of my world.

week in pictures

Weekend routine: grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. I also like hanging out and planning projects at the dining room table, which used to be an old workbench.

week in pictures

Finally, I am so proud of Joey! He is in LA right now for his solo art show Saturday night at Silver Factory Studios. If you’re in town, please stop by! It opens at 7 PM. Have a great weekend!

Link Love: 7.5.12

link love

link love

Kate Moss by Mario Testino.

• A few honest tips for job seeking designers.

• The NY Times totally nailed so many of our attitudes in The Busy Trap. “Almost everyone I know is busy. They feel anxious and guilty when they aren’t either working or doing something to promote their work.”

• Katrina of Pugly Pixel just did a great post of 10 simple blog layout tips.

• Computer Arts UK gathers up the new heroes of design.

• The most epic wedding invite website ever, courtesy of Jessica Hische. But then again, would you expect anything less?

• I love Mandi’s great advice in Blogging Wisdom and a Fresh Start.

• Read this article if you’re wondering if it’s time to quit your day job.

• Learn how to make your own Playdough in every color of the rainbow!

• Writing for “exposure” almost never works.

• If you’re feeling overworked at your job, you’re not alone. Research shows that working more than 40 hours a week leads to less productive employees.

• Though this is geared towards photographers, it can apply to everyone: how to love what you do.

Latest & Greatest #6: Anthropologie

latest and greatest

latest and greatest anthropologie

Window display photographed by me // Anthropologie, Santa Monica

I have always admired the aesthetic of Anthropologie but beyond the occasional wardrobe splurge, the overall vibe felt a little too romantic and bohemian for my structured, modern tastes. That changed though when Gala and I were in Santa Monica last month. Maybe because I was in full-on vacation mode and in a city where people wear A LOT more color, I fell in love with what I saw inside the store — it wasn’t just the clothing but moreso the overall presentation and visual merchandising.

latest and greatest anthropologie

Store display photographed by me // Anthropologie, Santa Monica

Even if you’re not an Anthropologie fan, there’s no denying that they design window displays like no other. I used to work with a girl at a design studio who left her career to do the windows for Anthro instead and she loves it. I was browsing through the Anthro site and these are a few of my favorite finds:

latest and greatest anthropologie

1. Feline Karma Dress 2. Dear Parsy Tote 3. Dorian Vest Dress 4. Two-Toned Cocktail Forks.

latest and greatest anthropologie

5. Mod Swathe Heels 6. Literary Correspondence Napkins 7. Barr-Co. Soap 8. Dice Notation Skirt.

latest and greatest anthropologie

I also thought this chair featuring a beach scene upstairs was really, really cool. The whole Anthropologie vibe makes me want to go back on vacation and I’ll be close enough to that feeling, BBQ-ing and relaxing today for the 4th. Hope you have a great one full of relaxation as well.