Link Love: 10.25.12

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link love

Marilyn Monroe by Richard Avedon

• I’ve been needing a reality check as of late regarding what’s important in my life and this simple article was so thought provoking. Please read it and reconsider what you really have time for.

• 30 awesome WordPress tutorials for designers.

• What is a copywriter and more importantly, should you be one?

• I love Gala’s recap of our Blogcademy launch! Our student Femke did such a great job photographing the event!

• Dita Von Teese just shared her full beauty routine and the products she prefers.

• If you’re itching to learn the difference between CMYK, RGB and PMS, Chelsea and Emma break it all down for you in this week’s Design Guide.

• Looking for a hilarious time waster? How about Cat Bounce!

• If you work in an office, always steer clear of water cooler gossip! CEO Cheryl Bachelder says, “You can’t be a ‘Negative Nancy’ and create great things. I’ve watched mergers, acquisitions, breakups, sales, and all the lost productivity that comes with hallway conversation that does absolutely nothing for the company or your career. It’s just pointless.”

• To Have And To Hold is an amazing collection of vintage shopping bags. The graphics of these relics from the past are so inspiring!

• The West Elm Market is a new concept store from West Elm that is full of rad tools and solutions and I love that they have a Made in the U.S.A. section.

• Why do we behave so oddly in elevators?

• Over the weekend, one of our most popular talks at The Blogcademy was how to launch a digital project and Gala is sharing some of her insights.

• I LOVE this site of emergency compliments!

The Blogcademy New York: A Quick Recap

the blogcademy new york

I just returned to Portland at midnight last night but I wanted to stop in and give you a quick recap! The first ever Blogcademy took place in New York over the weekend and since I’d never done a workshop before, I had no idea what to expect. On Friday, Kat, Gala and I saw each other for the first time face-to-face since February (crazy, huh?!) and we had a lot to catch up on in one day before the workshop! We ended up pulling days that lasted from 6 am until 12 am every day, making sure our content was in tip-top shape. And while hosting a workshop was some of the hardest work I’ve ever done, it was also the most rewarding. Bonding with 30 amazing, driven women with big dreams over the weekend was so inspiring in ways I can’t even put into words (the whole weekend is still sinking in). Sharing the strategy and insights we’d gathered was heavy at times — our presentation numbered nearly 150 pages and that can be a lot of content to absorb in just two days. But our attendees remained focused, scribbling down page after page of notes.

This first workshop is an experience I’ll never forget — we poured our hearts into the content and I hope that everyone walked away with a better understanding of how to take both their branding and blog content to the next level. Thank you to every single student who believed in our workshop; we feel like we’ve made some new friends and your questions and insights are what drive us to keep raising the bar.

Stay tuned for a full Blogcademy recap (I have a lot more to say once I’m settled in) as well as a thank you to our wonderful sponsors who helped make this event extra special.

Computer Arts Collection: Photography

Computer Arts Branding

As you know, I am a huge fan of the Computer Arts Collection, a series of themed guides for creatives. The one reason I keep going back to these issues is that while they are beautifully designed and overflowing with amazing inspiration (much of which I’ve never seen online), there’s never a case of all style and no substance. They dig in deep and always manage to provide glimpses into current industry trends, studio tours, peeks inside real campaigns, suggestions for processes and even a talent directory in the back. In the age of Pinterest, I want more than just pretty pictures. I want to understand how those pretty pictures were created and that’s where Computer Arts delivers.

Computer Arts Branding

Today I wanted to give you a peek inside of Issue 5, which focuses completely on photography. Though I don’t consider myself to be a photographer (I know how to get what I want out of my basic DSLR but I’m very point-and-shoot in my process) I feel that it’s so important to be aware of what other industries are doing since there’s more crossover than ever these days. This weekend, we had a guest speaker at The Blogcademy named Lisa Devlin — she’s been a professional photographer for 20+ years and listening to her share her tips made me want to step up my game. Flipping through this issue, I’m now paying more attention to lighting and composition. Sometimes we just need that little push.

Computer Arts Branding

While I have loved all the issues I’ve managed to get ahold of, this release is perhaps the most visually stunning. With photography, it’s just easier to push boundaries sometimes. As I’ve mentioned before, these issues aren’t cheap but they’re so worth it — with very few ads, they’re less of a magazine and more along the lines of a softcover book. It feels good to learn about how folks outside of my industry take in the world through their cameras. I believe that we all have something to teach and in return, there’s always something new we can learn.

Computer Arts Branding

To get your hands on the Computer Arts Collection, go here for further information.

Link Love: 10.18.12

link love

link love

Iselin Stero by Tyen for Vogue Paris

• The Best About Pages is a site dedicated to gathering up the most unique and best designed about pages from around the web! It’s great to rethink what we can do with this space.

• If you need to take a break from work madness but can’t escape, visit

• What is the transition like when you decide to shift your career path?

• Learn how to write the perfect email to busy people.

• I enjoy reading the What Katie Ate blog because of the gorgeous food photography and was pleasantly surprised to spot a peek inside her new cookbook.

• When things are feeling off, it’s okay to admit when you’re feeling scared.

• Deborah Bowness does some of the most stylish and unique wallpaper I’ve ever seen.

• Yohi Yamamoto’s insights on fashion are priceless.

• Easy ways we can save time.

• Business cards should really showcase your personality with those special touches. Designer Sarah Drake nailed it when designing Brad Goreski’s cards.

• I know slogan-laden posters are everywhere but this one really rang true with me.

Instant Gratification

Fuji Instax Instant Gratification

It all began when I was in Santa Monica with Made U Look earlier this year. They did a shoot with a collection of vintage cameras and when I saw the outcomes from one of their Polaroids, it made me miss mine. Over my last few trips with Gala, she’s packed along her Fuji Instax (I like the Instax because the film is widely available)but every time I thought about getting one, I reminded myself that I was already carrying my iPhone and Nikon D40 everywhere in my purse…how many cameras did I really need to lug around?!

Fuji Instax Instant Gratification

Well, that spark of the instant photo gratification struck again when I was at The Ace Palm Springs last month — the lobby had a photo booth and I went overboard putting it to use with some Design Life friends. I was still missing the aspect of having photos I could hold.

Fuji Instax Instant Gratification

Over the weekend, I finally picked up an Instax for my New York trip. It’s been years since I’ve had an instant camera and I can’t wait to put it to use. Do any of you have one? What do you think?

What I Wore: The Saguaro Palm Springs

The Saguaro Palm Springs

During my recent stay in Palm Springs, I made a point to visit The Saguaro . Named after the iconic cactus of the Sonoran Desert, The Saguaro is a rainbow-colored modern desert masterpiece. Color takes center stage both inside and out and no detail is too small — air conditioners are even painted to match the room’s color schemes and pool towels are blazing pink.

The Saguaro Palm Springs

As we explored the hotel grounds, the pool area was quite lively and being surrounded by a spectrum of color (rumor has it that you can request a specific room color depending on your mood) made the experience even better. The set of 12 colors featured throughout the hotel grounds are said to be based off native desert wildflowers. They follow the light spectrum, which creates different perspectives of the hotel according to the time of day.

The Saguaro Palm Springs

I Wore:

Pop Art Dress, Forever 21
Sunglasses, Dries van Noten

The Saguaro Palm Springs

I’ve seen The Saguaro on so many travel & lifestyle blogs over the last year — it was pretty surreal to visit and I love the full-on boldness of the colors throughout. Just check out those striped bed spreads! Find out more about The Saguaro here.