Link Love: 11.15.12

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link love

Billy Kidd for WWD Beauty

• The New York Times tries to explain hashtags.

• How do you deal with those self-inflicted Facebook woes? Ignore, unsubscribe or just unplug for awhile?

• This is an odd collection but pretty amazing; over 12,000 old and new fruit papers!

• How do you determine your true path in life?

• When you have a team of people you rely on, incentives and thank you’s go a long way.

• The actual website for Dole/Kemp 1996 presidential campaign is still live!

• Creatives, how do you deal with tax deductions and working with an accountant?

• Erin Jang’s holiday card collection for Paperless post is way stylish. And way fun.

• Kurt Cobain’s handwritten list of his 50 top albums is insightful.

• If you want to get more wear out your wardrobe, this is an easy trick.

The Blogcademy 02: London, Here We Come!

The Blogcademy 02 London

With Blogcademy New York behind us, we’ve decided it’s well time to take this show on the road! Kat’s unrelenting enthusiasm coupled with many, many requests from our mailing list made it apparent that London should be our next stop and we couldn’t be more excited! Gala, Kat and I will be teaching at Curtain Road Studios in Shoreditch over January 19th and 20th, 2013 and hope that you can join us!

About The Blogcademy

The Blogcademy is a workshop where 30 enthusiastic bloggers are provided with guidance and encouragement combined with a hearty dose of strategy and branding insights that help them take their blogs to the next level. We spend the weekend covering anything and everything you could possibly want to know about blogging, social media, branding and running your own business. Everything is broken down into easily digestible sections and backed by a visual-packed presentation and plenty of Q&A time. A special workbook full of exclusive content that is only available to attendees is also included!

The Blogcademy 02 London

The Earlybird Special

Just in case you needed another incentive to join us in London, we’ve got an earlybird special and all the details you need are here! Please note that the special is first 48 hours only. After that the cost returns to £500. If you’d prefer to pay in smaller chunks, we have a super simple installment plan too. Payments are handled securely through PayPal but if you’d prefer to pay by bank transfer then email us for details.

The Scholarship

We’re offering one scholarship space for London! We want to be dazzled by your creativity! For a chance to win a spot, pull together a blog post and let us know why you think you should win. Use any format you’d like — draw a picture, make a video, create an animated gif, start a facebook campaign, get a tattoo (Kat’s idea)! Think big! Think bold! We can’t wait to see what you dream up! Publish your entry on your own blog and then simply post a link to it on our Facebook page by December 14th, 2012. The winner will be notified via email shortly after so be sure you have contact information somewhere obvious on your blog!


If you have any further questions, feel free to check out our FAQ or simply drop us an email. We can’t wait to see you in London!

The Blogcademy 02 London

Social Media Mods: 2 Epic Updates to Pinterest & Instagram

Pinterest Secret Boards

Being a big social media junkie, I caught wind of two exciting changes last week and in case you hadn’t heard about them, I wanted to share them with you!

The first is that Pinterest now offers secret boards. One of my biggest complaints in the past with Pinterest is that everything we pinned was public, and while that’s great for sharing our inspirations, it wasn’t an ideal solution for client-focused projects, gathering inspiration for gift giving or pinning away a secret obsession!

Now, when you log into your account, scroll down to the bottom of your profile and you’ll have three secret boards waiting for you. The pins you place within these boards won’t show up anywhere else, ever.

The second is that Instagram now has profile pages that are accessible online. Being a phone app, in the past I relied on third-party services to access my Instagram snaps but now, just go to and everything’s right there including your bio, profile photo and a quick overview of recent snaps right at the top.

If you’re on Pinterest and Instagram, let me know your user name in the comments! And feel free to follow me here and here.

Latest & Greatest #13: Poppin Office Supplies

Latest and Greatest

Being a self-proclaimed office supplies junkie, I took notice when I saw a feature on Poppin last year in Lucky magazine. At that time, the site hadn’t officially launched yet and I remember filling out a form that promised a free gift. Sure enough, a few weeks later a pack of shiny black pens and a handwritten note showed up in my mailbox. Nothing entices me like a handwritten note! Poppin has grown significantly since then, outfitting all the cool kids with their clean-lined, brightly hued products.

I’m a very visual person so I love the Design a Desk feature, which allows you to pick and choose your perfect color combinations for the must-have basics. And if you’re very particular about the palette of your office, this is your place because you can shop by color.

Poppin Office Supplies

Some of my desktop favorites: 01. Medium Spiral Notebook, 02. Stapler, 03. Ruler, 04. Pen Cup, 05. Signature Ballpoints, 06. Eco Calculator, 07. Tape Dispenser, 08. Map Tacks and 09. Inboxes.

I applaud companies like Poppin who strive to turn typically mundane items into an inspiring, colorful, well-designed experience and believe in giving back.

Poppin Office Supplies

What I Wore: 11.11.12 | Sweater Season

What I Wore: Sweater Season

Fall crept up on us quite quickly, didn’t it? I’m embracing lots of layers and mixing in new silhouettes this season — last week I wore a midi-length skirt for one of the first times ever and here’s another from my friends at Pinkyotto. I’ve been really influenced by 90s Prada lately and looking through the work of photographer Glen Luchford from this era and this outfit is definitely influenced by that.

What I Wore: Sweater Season

With this skirt, the look could have gone quite dressy but I wanted to make it more Fall appropriate and layer it up instead. For my birthday, my dad gave me an H&M gift card and I picked up this necklace and sweater and they’ve served me well. I have the gold version of this necklace too and wear them constantly — best jewelry investment I’ve made in ages.

What I Wore: Sweater Season

Remember when these wedges came out in Fall 2007? I finally found some on sale in 2008 and they were such a big deal at the time! People were constantly stopping me, wondering what they were. Airport security in Hawaii wanted to check them out to make sure they didn’t have any hidden compartments (seriously!) and even with all the other sneaker wedge options out there these days, I still love them so much.

What I Wore: Sweater Season

Digging these new sunglasses that RAEN Optics sent my way — totally different from my usual style and I love the sea glass color.

I Wore:

Skirt, ℅ Pinkyotto
Sweater, H&M
Necklace, H&M
Tights, H&M
Breslin Sunglasses, ℅ RAEN Optics
Bag, Versus
Wedges, Dries van Noten

What I Wore: Sweater Season

All of us Portlanders know that realistically, it’s doom and gloom for the next few months. Until the sun comes back out, my glass head gets to rock the RAEN glasses…in case you’re wondering, I’ve had this head forever but Pier 1 still sells them!

The Week In Pictures: 11.10.12

Nubby Twiglet The Week In Pictures

Sometimes the shoes of your dreams appear when you least expect them to. Let’s back up a few weeks. After I returned home from New York, I was feeling stressed about having too much clutter so I went on a mad closet cleaning spree. The piles quickly grew as I made a pact with myself to choose quality over quantity and whittled my possessions down to only the things I loved or wore constantly.

With bags in hand, Joey & I headed to Buffalo Exchange last weekend to trade it all in. With a quick $100.00+ in trade, I circled the store and found nothing I wanted in return (which is rare for me). We got in line to cash out my ticket and as I made my way to the register, I spotted some white buckled heels way up on a crowded shelf. Intrigued, I asked to see them.

Nubby Twiglet The Week In Pictures

Louboutins! Wow. I didn’t own any of those. I’d tried some studded boots on in Vegas with Kat & Gala by my side but though they were beautiful, they were just too expensive. These shoes were amazing…I flipped over the tag and they were a 36. I usually wear a 37. Joey encouraged me to slip them on. They fit. I checked the price. $82.00! For Louboutins in mint condition! These shoes must have easily retailed for $800.00 to $1000.00 and now they were within reach — my trade-in amount was enough to cover them. So the cashier rings them up and they come up at $41.00. Another 50% off! I walked out on clouds, scoring my first pair of Louboutins for a mere $41.00 which I paid for in trade. When the style, size and price all align, that’s shoe karma, I tell you. Totally made my week.

Nubby Twiglet The Week In Pictures

With all the Blogcademy madness and additional projects I’ve been working on, I haven’t gotten away to spend as much time with friends and family as I’d like. On Thursday I caught up with my Aunt Shannon (Auntie Nubs!) and we had dinner at our favorite thai place, laughing, gossiping and just getting away from it all. It’s so important to have that away time from work, get a reality check and just exist away from our professions. I need to take that break more often because with creative fields, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in our own worlds and the smallest of details instead of focusing on the big picture.

Nubby Twiglet The Week In Pictures

I’ve been working on a lot of projects (I probably have at least 10 finished ones stockpiled to share!) and this week, my focus was split between two I really, really love. Both have a high abundance of pink accents. More soon!

Nubby Twiglet The Week In Pictures

I really wish this was another weekend of playing tourist around my hometown (I forgot how fun that is!) but instead it’s back to work and time to focus on some personal projects as well as some sweet new Blogcademy graphics for our announcement on Wednesday. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Link Love: 11.8.12

link love

link love

Patrick Demarchelier for British Vogue

• The branding of the presidents is total type candy.

• This essay on how to move to New York isn’t what you’d expect to hear and that makes it even more poignant. “The idea of “making it” was everywhere, and I needed to avoid it. I’d moved to the supposed greatest city in the world in order to spend seventy-two hours at a time insulated and solitary, developing an allergy to people and a near-romantic attachment to Netflix.”

• Here’s why you should take your 20’s seriously.

• How do you keep creating and running your business when you’re depressed?

• I’ve posted this before but in case you missed it, Art Of The Menu is a great design resource.

• A spooky photo essay of a powerless lower Manhattan.

• The best interview I’ve read all week: the story of Cyndi Lauper’s makeup artist is fascinating.

• If you’re on the hunt for inspiring retail imagery, here’s a great directory.

• We all make assumptions. This woman’s are classic: list of them “If my work badge doesn’t unlock the door on the first swipe, I’ve been secretly fired” and “A phone call from my mother at an usual hour is to announce the death of a close relative” are two of my favorites.

• Hermes products, especially their bags, are outrageously expensive. We hear about craftsmanship all the time, but to see it is another story.

• What do some of the most iconic moments in history look like when colorized?