Link Love: 5.3.12

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link love


• What exactly goes on during Pantone color forecasting meetings? And perhaps more importantly, is black really the new black? “A good navy,” says a French woman with short blonde hair, “is going to fulfill the role that black used to fill, because black is now launching into another dimension.”

• The recession is waning but artists are still starving.

• If you’re feeling stuck, please read the Zen Habits Do What You Love Guide. It’s simple and life changing. I was especially drawn to this: “It’s the doing and loving that matters. Many people focus on growing, or hitting goals, or making money, but they forget what matters. What matters most is loving what you do.”

• I love how Molly Crabapple answered this question about having a strong work ethic!

• You have to check out Jacquie’s jaw-dropping D.I.Y. Pantone nails post. Wowza.

• I feel the same way Anna does about design. My design, my house and the way I look are all connected to form one big picture.

• Have any of you stayed at The Saguaro in Palm Springs? Seeing it in all its rainbow-colored glory on Gala’s travel list reminded me of how much I want to visit!

• Designers, if you’re struggling with what to include in your contract, here are some good pointers.

• This post showing us the inner depths of Hermes made me appreciate their eye for detail and craftsmanship even more.

• I’ve been staring at grids all week and this grid wall just takes things to a whole new level.

• Are you a designer who didn’t get paid? Add your total to The World’s Largest Invoice!

The Latest & Greatest #5: Hello, Yellow!

latest and greatest

latest and greatest

I’ve been oddly inspired by all things yellow lately. It’s odd because up until a few short years ago, I loathed the color and wouldn’t go anywhere near it. My dad disliked the color when I was growing up and it definitely rubbed off on me! One of the turning points was two years ago when I came across these insanely cool architectural Margiela heels. I told myself that if I wore these blazing lemon beauties with all black, it would be okay…I’d just dip my toes into the pool of yellow. Wearing shoes like this with a monochromatic ensemble really inspired me; they felt like an explanation point at the end of my outfits. I began embracing more things yellow in my wardrobe but the first addition to my house was this light from Schoolhouse. Our all black and white house felt somber and lifeless and I wanted a touch of color for the dining room. Even my dad, a hater of all things yellow helped me pick it out! This goes to prove that it’s good to keep an open mind, even with the tiniest things. Hello, yellow!

1. Yellow Cross in the kitchen, 2. 3.1 Phillip Lim Double Layer Floating Kit Tail Top, 3. My Margiela Heels, 4. “Roma” by Arian Behzadi, 5. 6 Building (source unknown), 6. Fall 2010 A.F. Vandevorst Dress, 7. Pretty Blue Guns & The Revelators Poster by Adam Hill, 8. Those Shoes Again, and 9. Remix Magazine.

The Typofiles #102: J. Crew Style Guide

Remember my post a few weeks back about subscribing to free catalogs for inspiration? Well, this is one of the issues I’ve received since then. Honestly, you can’t really ignore a catalog that shows up in your mailbox with a blazing deep tangerine cover proclaiming, “NICE TO MEET YOU.” I was smitten from that alone!

J. Crew has a knack for curating the basics into lust-worthy objects of desire and, well, they know what they’re good at. In this latest issue, J. Crew says, “Today, we’re so much more than a catalog — in fact, we hear it from you every day…so really, we’re just catching up with you by calling this book what you’ve been calling it for some time: a style guide.”

The type treatments, photography and layouts feel worthy of a glossy fashion magazine moreso than a catalog so I can see why they’ve elevated it to a ‘style guide.’ Designers, if you’re ever working on any look books, this is a great starting point for inspiration. I especially love the spread featuring a grid of swimwear options (above). They keep it simple with their layouts. Nothing more, nothing less.

J. Crew knows its audience and has fun with the basics without feeling overly trendy. The tone of their style guide matches this aesthetic perfectly and needless to say, though I don’t own much in the way of J. Crew, I’m a big fan of their design aesthetic. Get your copy of the catalog here (because there are a ton more pages that are just as awesome lurking inside).

What I Wore: 4.29.12 // Spring Lace

what i wore pinkyotto lace dress

what i wore pinkyotto lace dress

This weekend, the weather cleared up and Joey and I headed over to my favorite neighborhood in Portland, Ladd’s Addition. The majority of the houses feel like they’re out of classic fairytales with peaked roofs, overgrown shrubbery and stone walkways leading to oversized front porches. There are roses in circular gardens throughout the neighborhood which is the perfect place to have a picnic in the spring and summer. If you’re visiting Portland over the next few months, add this neighborhood to your must-see places. There’s a ton of fun stuff (restaurants, food carts and shops) to walk to from this area.

what i wore pinkyotto lace dress

My friends at Pinkyotto just sent me the gorgeous Rachel dress which is a welcome addition to my overly dark wardrobe. To add my own spin, I mixed in a black leather peter pan collar and a vintage black patent belt. This dress rolls up neatly and doesn’t wrinkle so I see myself packing it for many upcoming trips.

what i wore pinkyotto lace dress

I Wore:

Lace Dress, c/o Pinkyotto
Leather Peter Pan Collar, ASOS
Tights, H&M
Gold Headband, H&M
Patent Belt, Vintage
Patent Zip Heels, Dries van Noten (Ebay)

what i wore pinkyotto lace dress

This is going to be one completely crazy week. My favorite llama is coming to town (!), a campaign I’ve been working on for the last few months is due and my dear friend Star is having her first-ever Portland solo art show!

what i wore pinkyotto lace dress

The Week In Pictures: 4.27.12

week in pictures

week in pictures

The new J. Crew catalog just showed up and it’s really good.

Welcome to The Week In Pictures, a Friday roundup of snapshots I’ve taken during the week of my life, work and the city I call home.

week in pictures

Over the weekend, the weather was finally nice and I felt about a million times more optimistic about everything (I can only take so much dreariness!) Joey and I went shopping for our yard and he picked out a palm tree which was super funny when we tried to fit it into the car. I felt like I was suddenly transported to the tropical confines of The Mirage!

week in pictures

My client, Sasha Gulish totally made my day when she sent over some business cards we just did featuring her new identity with a really sweet note. We have a few more projects in the works and then I’ll show everything at once.

week in pictures

This is one of my favorite outtakes from the Bazaar post I did earlier in the week. You can read more about the Bazaar redesign here.

week in pictures

On Tuesday, I had lunch with not only my mom (who’s in town visiting) but also my two aunts. I left with bags of gifts and a full belly. A pretty much perfect afternoon! This was taken at my favorite thai restaurant in Portland, My Thai Bistro.

week in pictures

These are my favorite glasses which i’ve had for probably 10 years. I’m surprised they’re not all broken by now with as often as we use them.

week in pictures

The new J. Crew catalog (also shown above) is really inspiring me right now. I’ll share some more scans in an upcoming post but for now, check out those GRAY GLASSES!

week in pictures

One of my favorite details in our house is this archway when you walk into the dining room. Now that you can see our new light, I like it even more. On the subject of making a house a home, we’ve got some big messes to conquer this weekend (big, big, big). Life, living spaces, relationships and careers….are always a work in progress. Have a fantastic weekend!

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Link Love: 4.26.12

link love

link love

Great Adventure by Leah Flores

• Five manifestos for the creative life.

• Life is empty at the top. When you’ve seemingly reached all your goals, what do you do next?

• Whether you realize it or not, most small business owners share the same struggles. It’s important to reach out and build a community.

• Designers, what do you do when a client keeps changing their mind?

• Why do people comment on blogs? Is it bad if they don’t?

• Gala bravely wrote about a topic that is often surrounded by a lot of stigma: cutting and self-harm.

• Have you heard about it’s a website that features mixes created and designed by designers. I’m excited to dig in!

• I love the bold colors and debossing used throughout the Department stationery.

• Adobe Creative Suite 6 is out (what? already?!) and has a fresh new look!

• There are only so many hours in a day. How do you beat the social media monster?

The Typofiles #101: Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar, May 2012

I first started reading Harper’s Bazaar during the Liz Tilberis years and still remember many of the iconic covers from that time well (this is one of my favorites). After her untimely death, I kept my subscription going but it just didn’t have that same spark. In the last year though, I’ve noticed a shift back to what Bazaar does best: simple layouts, bold images and crisp type.

The covers have grown more graphic and feature less headlines; the type curves along the pages to accent accompanying photos. Even the table of contents is beautifully designed! I really, really love what Bazaar is doing these days.

Bazaar’s layout prove that there’s strength in simplicity.