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Link Love: 3.26.15

Nubby Twiglet | Link Love: Blog Milk

• Here’s how to write your business tagline. Such a helpful post!

• Got the travel bug? These are 10 of the most affordable places to travel to.

• Your digital strategy shouldn’t be about getting attention. Here’s why.

• The best photo editing apps for iPhone and Android.

• Gala’s post about real friendship put a huge smile on my face. Treasure those relationships, they’re a special and rare thing!

• Cassie is sharing some really on-point tips on how to land those dream clients.

• Looking for some mega interior-related inspiration? Check out Teenage Bedrooms Onscreen — it’s full of Hollywood set design at its best!

• You’re probably pronouncing these words wrong.

• If Ben & Jerry’s had feminist-inspired ice cream flavors, these would be it!

This design project has some seriously cool color combinations going on.

• The list of 2015 names of the year is so good….these people actually exist!

Image: Blog Milk Blog.
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Link Love: 3.19.15

Nubby Twiglet | Link Love: Draft

• This is the most beautifully written post about dealing with negativity online that I’ve seen.

• 3 ways to kick anxiety in the ass.

• I’m loving the unique color combinations on these business cards.

• Even if your place is tiny, there are so many ways you can add unique touches to make it feel extra special. It’s not how much space you have, it’s what you do with it that matters.

• There are so many cool careers out there and I’m glad that Joy is sharing some of them with us!

• This post is for the dreamers and hustlers.

• It doesn’t matter what you’re doing…as long as you commit to giving it your all every time.

• Here’s what dream clients can do for you.

• Miami is a place that I’ve been wanting to visit for a few years now so I’ve been living vicariously through Gala’s 3-part photo diary.

• This map of what people in each state are searching for made me laugh.

• Off to Paris? Here are 5 gorgeous restaurants to visit and show off!

Image: Draft.
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Link Love: 3.12.15

Nubby Twiglet | Link Love: Chapter

• What if you’re not sure of what you want and all you see in your mind is a blank vision board of your future?

• 5 advanced techniques that you can use to make money on your blog.

• How would your behavior change if you knew that success was guaranteed?

• There’s a new (and free!) flower identification app.

• 3 reasons you shouldn’t care about SEO!

• What kind of texter are you?

• Sian shares her top 5 branding tips for business newbies.

• Facebook just unveiled a new venture that could save countless lives.

• What are your favorite apps and designer hacks?

• If you’re struggling with slowing down, read this post and remember that you know what’s best for you.

• 9 tips for better Instagram photos!

• The real subway map of Manhattan. Take a very close look at the captions!

• I’m loving these simple tips for success.

Image: Chapter.
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Link Love: 3.5.15

Nubby Twiglet | Lik Love: Studio Beau

• Danielle LaPorte’s advice is solid: It works better if you enjoy it.

• Here’s how to get top bloggers to share your content and boost your traffic.

• Jasmine Star explains how to get a potential client to respond….and book you!

• The CEO of Twitter is very candid about how trolls are costing the platform a lot of users.

• Here’s why Richard Branson is so successful.

• My go-to blog for awesome branding inspiration is Good Design Makes Me Happy.

• I love these tips on how to style a bookcase.

• Madonna, Annie Lennox and acting your age.

• Creative entrepreneurs, here are some tips to deal with uncertainty.

• French fashion blogger The Cherry Blossom Girl recently visited Palm Springs and I’m in love with all her styled shoots!

• 50 ways to have an adventure without leaving town!

• 5 psychological blocks that stop bloggers going from good to great.

Image: Studio Beau
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Link Love: 2.26.15

Nubby Twiglet | Link Love: Variety Show

• Why are you not doing that one thing that you really want to do?

• Everyone has to start somewhere and these stories of how people working their dream jobs got their start are super inspiring.

• There’s nothing wrong with being basic.

• I’m so glad to hear that print catalogs are making a comeback!

• Need tips to dress up your pet squirrel? Well, here you go!

• Super successful people share what they wish they knew when they were 22 years old.

• If you have a limited amount of time to clean your house, use these tips.

• Feeling restless? Here are 4 things to do when you can’t travel.

• Photographers, is it necessary to share every single photo shoot that you do?

• Want to know how to handle competition like a pro? Promise has some great tips!

• These indigenous folks are way more inventive than the fashion industry!

• It’s okay to not do it all. Really.

Image: Shaped glyphs print by Variety Show.
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Link Love: 2.19.15

Nubby Twiglet | Link Love: Hedy Lamarr

• If you have a ton of digital photos, here are 5 tips to archive them.

• To produce your absolute best work, you need to take care of yourself.

• Wowza! High fashion maven Kate Lanphear is now the editor-in-chief of Maxim!

• Entrepreneurs, tax season is creeping up! If you’re not sure where to start with the process, this article can help.

• Who said it? Kanye…or your creative director? Haha!

• Learn how to disagree without being a jerk!

• My friend Joey is going strong on year two of taking a photo of one new person every single day and I love looking through the portraits, virtually meeting strangers from all walks of life.

• Take a tour of the deserted mansions of an American heiress. Such a fascinating story!

• My friend Sian just launched a line of beautiful prints. Check em’ out!

• If I ever have a set of Legos again in my lifetime, these gold-plated ones will do.

Image: Hedy Lamarr in Ziegfeld Girl.
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Link Love: 2.12.15

Nubby Twiglet | Link Love: 2.12.15

• If you read just one article this week, please make it this. The next time someone tells you to be more presentable and basically encourages you to be someone else, take a stand and remind them that you’re just fine being you.

• If you’re trying to figure out whether to name your business after yourself or something more professional sounding, this article weighs the biggest pros and cons of each.

• It’s a simple message we all need to be reminded of: Feck Perfuction.

• If you have a few million Euros lying around, why not pick yourself up a nice, big empty Italian castle?! Um, one even comes complete with stables, a slaughter house (!!!), a chapel and a private family graveyard. Enticing?

• Eek! Mapping the bacteria in New York’s subways.

• I LOVE this post so much. Alexandra reminds us of the 10 slow and difficult steps to moderate success.

• A look back at how YouTube changed the world.

• This article argues that you should tell your children how much money you make.

• I’m so glad folks these days are getting better about appreciating what came before them and repurposing old spaces instead of tearing them down.

• Need help with choosing the colors for your brand? This post can help!

• Well, this is the bathroom of my dreams. Enough said.

Image: Greg Kadel for Vogue Paris.
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