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Link Love: 7.3.14

Link Love

Nubby Twiglet | Patrick Demarchelier: Amber Valetta for Harper's Bazaar

• 6 things that the most productive people do every day.

• A fascinating look into the death of the American shopping mall.

• Get into the 4th of July spirit with a Lady Liberty floral crown.

• The price of success is censorship.

• We still have one more bathroom in our house that desperately needs to be updated so I’m gathering ideas. I’m really loving the look of square tiles right now.

• Make your own pop art pet portrait!

• As a full-time entrepreneur, your life will shift a lot in the beginning, including your friendships. Here are some tips for managing them.

• How to create client connections.

• Jessica Comingore is hiring a junior designer. Interested? Apply here!

• 5 super helpful links for creatives on email marketing.

• One of my favorite design blogs to follow these days is Good Design Makes Me Happy.

• Can changing your password change your life?

Image: Amber Valetta for Harper’s Bazaar by Patrick Demarchelier.

Link Love: 6.26.14

Link Love

Nubby Twiglet | Marilyn Monroe by Bert Stern

• Sometimes, a day job is the dream job.

• Wow. This Paris shop holds ONE MILLION lost photographs.

• Thoughts on pricing.

• The summer of 1984 was an amazing time for pop culture. Check out the list of the music, movies and TV shows that were trending!

• This guy was asked to contribute his writing to the Huffington Post for free. His response was brilliant.

• What happens when your clients aren’t happy?

• In case you need it: advice on how to get your iPhone to let you swear.

• This collection of illustrations based on Instagrams is great.

• Freelancing full-time isn’t for everyone. I loved reading Kate’s story about going back to work in an office.

• If something goes wrong, it’s okay. Tomorrow, there’s a brand new day waiting.

• In 1952, Marilyn Monroe shared how she stayed in shape.

• The routine of being unemployed feels something like this.

• Beginning in 1991, Zed Nelson took a photo of the same family in the same exact location. Check out the progression.

Image: Marilyn Monroe by Bert Stern.

Link Love: 6.19.14


Nubby Twiglet | Lark Pom Pom Garland

15 photos of New York’s gritty subway from 1981.

• Check out David Bowie’s list of 100 books.

• How to rebuild your business in a new market.

• The most beautiful library in America got demolished decades ago. How did this happen?!

• Smoked s’mores in a jar? Yes, please!

• I always love learning about cool new Kickstarters.

• Behold the fashionable grandpas of New York! #instagramps

• 5 internet laws your small business might be breaking!

• 162 emoji we definitely need. Like, right now.

This site will tell you if your browser is outdated.

• 40 maps that explain food in America.

• For a good laugh, check out kids reacting to old computers.

• These dinner parties are otherworldly and completely amazing.

Image: Lark.

Link Love: 6.12.14


Nubby Twiglet | Sonia Rykiel

• What do you think the future of blogging holds?

• Zoe Rooney shares tips for project and flat rate invoicing.

• Stop fretting. You already know everything.

• Here’s why red carpet makeup looks bad in real life.

• In case you were curious, this list covers the 100 most edited Wikipedia articles. I find the top 10 so interesting — Michael Jackson, Jesus and Britney Spears all made it!

• How to survive in New York City.

• Simple and super helpful wallpaper removing tips!

• Hillary Clinton shares her favorite books with The New York Times.

• 10 romantic things to do in Paris!

• These days, it seems like everyone wants to go into business for themselves. Should you become a girlboss?

• Dress up your feet with art socks!

Image: Sonia Rykiel.

Link Love: 6.5.14

Nubby Twiglet | Link Love

Nubby Twiglet | Fashionable Selby

• Yes, I unfriended you. Don’t take it personally!

• Take the time to repurpose old content from your blog. Here’s why you should.

• An interesting look at the Meatpacking District’s past life before the fancy restaurants and boutiques took over.

• Take back your weekend. Sundays are for fun!

• Make over your vintage aluminum lawn chairs!

• Getting fired may end up being the best thing ever.

• Preach on, sista! Embrace imperfection.

10 professional resume templates that you can customize and make your own right away!

• How to make waffled donuts. Just because.

• If we were picking out company cars for The Blogcademy, I’d be tempted to indulge in this pair of vintage Fiats.

• 6 key terms that every graphic designer should know.

• I had no idea that anything like this even existed! Behold the fake rooftop towns of World War II.

• I love these closet organizing tips.

• The best parts of Leonardo da Vinci’s resumé.

• Really, how many froyo places do you really need in one city?!

Image: Fashionable Selby.

Link Love: 5.29.14


Nubby Twiglet | Julia Noni Photography

• When you’re jonesin’ for likes, it’s hard to stay sane on the internet.

• Photojojo is now offering engineer prints measuring a massive 3 x 4 feet for just $25.00 with free shipping! Print out your favorite photos jumbo-sized!

• Looking for super cool color palettes? The Day’s Color is for you.

• Check out these early prototypes of Apple computers!

• Makeshift Society just opened their Brooklyn location inside a former pencil factory. This has to be the coolest coworking space EVER.

• New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art has just made 400,000 pieces of its collection available for high-res download.

• Need to get organized? This family check-in center is the coolest thing ever.

• Remember that everything is marketing.

• Looking for your next employment opportunity? 50 ways to get a job can help.

• Ice cream cones, pencils and paper airplanes?! I am in love with these enamel pins!

• Have you ever been told that you dress weird? Read this post and feel confident with who you are!

• Rappers with puppies. Need I say more?!

Photo: Julia Noni.

Link Love: 5.22.14


Nubby Twiglet | Josh Olins

• Should you ever work for free in exchange for exposure?

• Learn how to make your own custom built-in desk!

• Here’s how the neighborhoods of Manhattan got their names.

• When you’re working on new offerings for your audience, create little miracles.

• 5 calligraphers to follow on Instagram.

• What does your ideal day look like?

• As a blogger, what can you do to create a sense of community?

• Everything you never knew about Naomi Campbell.

• Here’s a cheat sheet of compliments you can give someone that aren’t about physical appearance.

• The coolest New York City beach motel has just been revamped in Rockaway Beach.

Life is good. Sometimes, you have to slow down down and just enjoy where you are.

• How to make decisions.

Photo: Josh Olins for CLM.