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Link Love: 8.27.15

Nubby Twiglet | Twin Mag

• Why are so many millennials ending up worse-off than their parents?

• What happens when you give a tree an email address? A lot, actually.

• If you’re asked tone down your magic, say no thanks.

• One man got brave enough to give up the work he absolutely hated, even though he could make a few thousand dollars in an afternoon.

• Here’s the ultimate guide to Pinterest, thanks to Erika!

• Here are 3 ways good design makes you happy.

• 25 women share their opinions on being boss.

• 28 steal-worthy tips from the most productive people on the planet!

• This guy explains how to book a round the world plane ticket. Pretty cool!

• Why is it so hard to get a great bagel in California? The New York Times investigates.

• 9 podcasts for a fuller life.

• Steal these daily habits from successful people.

• 10 reasons to use Facebook groups for business.

• You’ve dreamed of opening your own store and now here’s the reality of what it takes.

Image: Twin.
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Link Love: 8.20.15


• This is the last thing you’ll ever need to read about setting goals.

10 ways for freelancers to impress clients.

• Seriously….is your dream dead yet?

• Not a morning person? You should work on becoming one!

• 15 inspiring career books.

• Amazon has some pretty crazy standards its employees must adhere to. Just…WOW.

• Mindy Kaling wrote a guide to killer confidence.

• This lady followed her mom around Costco and here’s what she learned.

• Rosé lemonade? Yes, please.

• An adult’s guide Snapchat. Ha!

• It’s okay to change up your path and take a break from freelance.

• When engaging online, always choose kindness.

Image: Stephanie Dimiskovski.
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Link Love: 8.13.15

Nubby Twiglet | Link Love: Marie Charlotte Perrault

• Got travel plans coming up? Use All The Rooms to cross-check Air bnb, couch surfing and hotels all at once.

• It’s time to master working for yourself without crushing your soul.

• Are you ready to chat with your future self?

• 20 ways to relax when you’ve only got 20 minutes.

• Own your weirdness! It’s a good thing!

• Temporary tattoos are totally cool for grownups, too.

• Tory Burch just gets it when it comes to knowing what her customers want but success didn’t happen overnight — instead, she spent three years concepting her business from her kitchen.

• Learn how to Share your vision.

• Need help choosing a font? Use

• Having trouble letting go of work long enough to take a real vacation? Follow these 17 habits.

• Spend smarter with these 4 great budgeting apps.

• Just because you’re starting a freelance career, that doesn’t mean you have to work for free.

• 15 things you can say to assure people that you’re a professional.

Image: Marie-Charlotte Perrault.
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Link Love: 8.6.15

Nubby Twiglet | Link Love: Rika Magazine

• Could you go one full year without social media?

• 5 reasons why no one is reading your blog (and how to fix them).

• These morning habits will help you seize the day.

• Here’s how to spend time alone in New York City.

• 8 things all entrepreneurs need to get started with their businesses.

• Are you managing your social media….or is it managing you?

• Google now tells you when places are busiest. Awesome!

• Heather Armstrong of Dooce chats about scaling her blog back after making a full time living from it over the last decade.

• The art of self-promotion: 6 tips for getting your work discovered.

• Here’s how Tim Ferriss prepares for public speaking.

• These 10 CEOs prove that liberal arts degrees aren’t worthless.

• Need a new duvet cover? Society 6 has some entertaining options.

• Creative mornings shares the tools they use for collaborating.

• How do you know that your partner is the one?

Image: Rika.
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Link Love: 7.30.15

Nubby Twiglet | Link Love: Elisabeth Heier

• How to figure out what you really want to do in life.

• Can you still make a living as a blogger?

• These are officially the coolest city guides I’ve ever seen. Total designer eye candy!

• Get more stuff done in 90 minute chunks.

• How to do anything.

4 ways to retrain your brain to handle information overload.

• 5 things that you should know about applying for design awards.

Blog trend predictions for 2016.

10 quick tips to improve your design portfolio.

• This person started responding to spam email. So funny!

You don’t have any credibility…yet.

• If you ask someone new to get coffee, everything you’re afraid of might happen.

4 reasons you are more qualified for your dream job than you think you are.

Image: Elisabeth Heier.
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Link Love: 7.23.15

Nubby Twiglet | Link Love: 7.23.15 | Pommel Lane

• 10 unsung graphic design visionaries you should know.

• I love this new business model for fine artists which connects them directly with their fans.

• The next time you have an idea that gets rejected, read these emails.

• 12 TED talks on how to be a great leader.

• The secrets of budgeting as a freelancer.

• It’s totally possible to win your dream clients.

• A look back at the glory days of Fiorucci.

• 14 girls explain why women should learn to code.

• Door Sixteen just got a fabulous makeover!

• 15 stories from people who unexpectedly found their dream jobs.

• If you’re on the lookout for some solid copywriting tips, these are the 6 roles of a great communicator.

• 5 stress management tips from the pros.

• Have a $1,000.00 day in Paris for a tenth of the price!

• 8 ways to strengthen your password.

Image: Pommel Lane.
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Link Love: 7.16.15

Nubby Twiglet | Link Love: Stella McCartney

• Kelsey shares how to schedule your time when you work full-time and freelance on the side.

• Workweeks should be limited to 32 hours and this is why.

• 6 natural ways to avoid the dreaded afternoon slump.

• Caitlyn Jenner has her own website and has started answering reader submitted questions. I’ve loved reading her responses so far.

• The 50 best book covers of 2014.

• I’m completely obsessed with the Oh Happy Day shop of party goodies. You can even sort by color!

• Jasmine Star explains why you should send your clients gifts.

• Here’s how to get people to trust your product.

• My dreams have come true: there’s a hotel in Japan where you can rent an alpaca to be at your wedding!

• My studio, Branch is undergoing a brand refresh.

• Behold tiny objects matched with Pantone swatches.

• Hossein Derakhshan makes his case for saving the open web.

• What’s the longest possible NYC subway ride?

• Not sure what to bring to a Summer party? How about a monochromatic fruit salad?

• If your website is flash-based, now is the time to make the switch.

Image: Stella McCartney via Modelmoiselle.
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