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Link Love: 4.24.14


• Naming your product or service can be so incredibly difficult and frustrating. Alexandra Franzen is here to help!

• Are you deathly afraid of success? What’s holding you back?

• Photographer Luke Copping shares more about his newsprint project that my studio, Branch designed.

• 5 quick grammar tips to improve your writing.

• Your first idea is not always your best.

• Learn how to make your own hand-stamped necklace.

• How did famous creative people spend their days?

• A Tumblr dedicated entirely to vintage French photos? Yes, please.

• I want a copy of Holiday so bad. A travel magazine published from 1946-1977, it’s just been reintroduced!

• When it comes to your life choices, there are shoulds and musts.

• Starting a blog is not the right choice for everyone.

• Stop downsizing your joy.

Photo: Suvi Kesäläinen.

Link Love: 4.17.14


Nubby Twiglet | Slim Arrons: Poolside Penthouse

• If you’re feeling a case of blogger’s block creeping in, here are 50 ways to kick its ass.

• 5 practical tips for evaluating a business idea.

• An accurate peek into what Spring Break looked like in the 80s.

• Don’t be perfect, just be good.

• Jessica Hische weighs in on how to pull off non-creepy networking at parties.

• The notion of busyness seems to mean that the busier you are, the more important you appear. It’s time to redefine our outlook.

• 43 crucial Facebook button additions. Haha.

• 6 lessons for writing attention grabbing blog post headlines.

• I always enjoy a good deal on stylish home stuff and these picks for $20 and under can dress up any space.

5 hand lettering artists to follow on Instagram.

• 10 vintage trailers that are for sale just in time for your summer road trip!

Image: Penthouse Pool by Slim Aarons.

Link Love: 4.10.14


Nubby Twiglet | Link Love: Valentino 2014 RTW

• Fellow graphic designer Tara Victoria just featured me in her Wildly Talented column. I chit-chat about my childhood idol, the best part about working for myself and much more!

• Tired of waiting? Great. Start creating.

• 15 common mistakes that designers make.

• Is your business stuck in neutral? Use this post as motivation to get out of the funk.

• Here’s some great advice on how to deal with that little voice in your head that says you aren’t doing it right.

• Sian shares her 3 new favorite business apps.

• Wow! A 3D newspaper ad.

• Google Street View just got a whole lot better. Now you can take a romantic evening stroll through Paris.

• Interested in writing a book? A Beautiful Mess just launched an e-course that details how to write and pitch a book proposal!

• This post really makes me want to check out Miami Beach.

• What should you do when a client threatens to badmouth you?

• This is an interesting read about the brand behind Beyoncé.

• Even if you work in a shared office space with an open floor plan, you can still dress things up.

• An ex Google exec is inventing a better way to buy bras.

• I didn’t want to believe this was real but it most definitely is: human Barbie dolls.

Photo: Valentino Fall 2014 RTW.
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Link Love: 4.3.14


Nubby Twiglet | Emma Summerton for Vogue Australia, March 2014<br />

• One of the hardest parts about starting your own business can be deciding on a name! Breanna Rose just wrote this great post on why she changed the name of her design studio.

• Style is about more than just what you’re wearing; it’s the way you live your life.

• When it comes to blogging, do it for the love. If the passion isn’t there, it will show.

• The secret world of fast fashion is centered in Los Angeles.

• When it comes to tofu varieties, what’s the difference?

• As an entrepreneur, are you having trouble knowing what to share about yourself and your business? Braid lets us in on their not-so-secret formula for sharing content.

• Feeling lonely? These tips can help you get out of that funk.

• The history of the movie trailer.

• There will always be those people who create and then those who critique.

• Not everyone is excited about drinking overpriced coffee.

• The Fresh Exchange has been traveling through Spain and sharing their daily adventures. So beautiful and inspiring!

• Working out with Marilyn Monroe.

Image: Emma Summerton for Vogue Australia, March 2014.

Link Love: 3.27.14


Nubby Twiglet | Italian Vanity Fair

• One of my favorite columns to check out is Lovely Lady over on Emma Dime, where creatives share what they’re wearing. This week, I’m honored to be featured!

• The Fresh Exchange just took off on a long journey and shared what they pack and how they create blog posts while on the go.

• As a creative entrepreneur, someone else always appears more successful than you. But it’s important to remember to be yourself no matter what.

• The 90 best Tumblr blogs for designers!

• If you feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day, maybe it’s time to start thinking differently about time.

• A study was done on internet troll personalities and the results show that they’re narcissistic, machiavellian, psychopathic, and sadistic. Yep.

• Thanks to technology, we are in the midst of the rise of anti-capitalism.

• L’wrenn Scott’s suicide is such a tragic loss and it has revealed the dark side of New York City’s glitzy scene.

• It’s interesting how women start to perceive themselves once a camera is turned their way.

• When you’re self-employed and people have heard of you, they tend to assume you’re raking in the big bucks.

• A hidden feature in Youtube lets you stream an unlimited amount of music!

• You’re never too old to do something amazing.

• It’s not surprising that happiness makes people work harder.

Image: Chris Craymer for Italian Vanity Fair.

Link Love: 3.20.14



• The first few years of business aren’t easy but they are totally worth it.

• The best kind of life advice: if you want it, go get it!

• Airplanes of a bygone era had piano bars, cocktail lounges and restaurants and let’s be honest, flying looked WAY more fun!

• If you’re dreaming of leading up a workshop or retreat, Alexandra Franzen has put together a genius checklist of everything you should consider.

• Elsie just wrote a great article all about young industries with a focus on blogging.

• When it comes to business, here’s what to do when everything sucks!

• A personal favorite quote on happiness.

• What if the true secret to success is failure?

• I love Kathleen’s tips on how to attract dream customers.

• I just found out about custom signmakers Slideshow Sign Co. thanks to Vanessa. So much eye candy!

• Fellow designer and friend Breanna Rose just launched her own studio, Rowan Made!

• Celebrate 100 years of design on this gorgeous website.

• Here’s what to do if you’re falling out of love with New York.

Image: Malika Favre.

Link Love: 3.13.14


Nubby Twiglet | Cara Delevigne by Jonathan Knowles

• The best typefaces of 2013.

• 40 healthy snacks to keep at the office.

• Finally, someone cracked the code on Facebook’s news feed algorithm.

• An inside look at the life of a barista.

• The world wide web turns 25 this year!

• Alexandra Franzen just shared her new favorite tools for writing and creativity.

• Make your own typographic art!

• 5 ways to win clients over.

• In my opinion, any mix drink with blood orange is worth trying!

• 20 inspirational photographers to follow on Behance.

• Wow! These jobs are no longer in existence.

• I’m a huge fan of Dr. Bronner’s soap. It’s interesting to hear more about the man behind the brand!

5 really cool ways to gift wrap for Spring.

• This is what it’s like to listen to Nirvana with a two-year-old.

• I’m loving this office coffee cart setup!

Photo: Jonathan Knowles.
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