Hello! My name is Shauna Haider and I am a creative director, teacher and blogger residing in Portland, Oregon. Madly in love with blogging since 2001, I have a passion for sharing insights about design, personal style and the city I call home. Beneath the surface of the tightly curated visuals that fill my posts (I own a boutique design studio) is a message focused on embracing individuality. I encourage my audience to own their unique quirks and live a life that rings true to their personal style and values. My blog is a reminder that we can live beautifully designed lives without becoming slaves to the nonstop cycle of fads and trends.



Are you a creative who’s passionate about the aesthetics in your daily life? Does design play an integral role in your personal expression? Then you’ve come to the right place. Nubby Twiglet was founded in 2007 under the guise that we should embrace our individuality in order to live a unique, inspired existence. As creatives, our lives are multi-faceted and expression ruminates from everywhere including our surroundings, careers and travels. Why should we separate our lives into bite-sized pieces when we can live it as one, inspiring whole? Come as you are, take charge and embrace a lifestyle that leaves you personally fulfilled.

About Nubby Twiglet

Founded in 2007 by graphic designer Shauna Haider, Nubby Twiglet is a lifestyle blog with a penchant for kick-ass design. Subjects on the blog range from graphic design to personal style and typography to travels. This aesthetics-focused content mixes seamlessly with Shauna’s personal anecdotes and advice to provide a captivating, individualized look into living a stylish, well-rounded existence.

The lifestyle-focused content on Nubby Twiglet is as unique its name. The concept of of Nubby Twiglet was born in the late 1990s when Shauna merged her nickname, Twiggy (she was obsessed with the 60s mod icon) with a favorite word, nubby. The oddly enticing mix quickly stuck and the rest is history.

When it launched, Nubby Twiglet was a forerunner of style-focused design blogs and continues to blaze new trails with fresh content served up 4 to 5 days a week. Shauna personally pens every post and also shoots most of the images so that every article is completely original.

Since its humble beginnings as a place to share inspiration and projects while Shauna was attending design school, Nubby Twiglet has gone on to garner mentions on ABC News (Australia), features in books including Super Identity (Hong Kong), What I Wore Today (U.K.), multi-page spreads in Forever 21 Magazine (U.S.) and Computer Arts (U.K.), not to mention dozens of interviews across design and style blogs worldwide. A full list of features can be viewed on the press page.

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Official Bio

Shauna Haider is a creative director, designer and blogger based in Portland, Oregon. Over the last seven years, she’s built a reputation for herself through developing bespoke branding solutions for a roster of clients including Adidas, Forever 21, Nike, Smith Optics, Solestruck, Virgin Records and The Wall Street Journal. To date, she has successfully collaborated with upwards of 100 small businesses.

Before diving full-time into a career centered around graphic design and blogging, Shauna earned a degree in Business Administration in 2005. As a child, her dream was to be an artist but over time, she gave into pressure to pursue a more practical path. In a last-ditch bid to reclaim her creative spark, Shauna enrolled in a two-year community college-based graphic design program in 2006. Cost effective, intensive and speedy, it was the best career decision she ever made. Before the program wrapped, Shauna had secured Virgin Records and Forever 21 as clients along with an internship at a design studio in Portland, Oregon. To this day, she preaches putting an emphasis on work ethic and helping others instead of relying on what your diploma says you’ve accomplished.

A stretch of a few lean years followed as Shauna juggled blogging alongside her growing roster of small business clients all while holding down a series of agency gigs. Sleep was hard to come by but she knew the hands-on experience was necessary to grow her business on her own terms. By 2013, she was ready to live out her dream of running a boutique design studio. Shauna pooled her family and friends together to launch Branch in September 2013. At its core, the studio focuses on helping small businesses take their brands to new heights.

When Shauna isn’t designing, she travels the world teaching an in-depth branding segment at The Blogcademy, a strategy-based workshop she co-founded in August 2012 with bloggers Gala Darling and Kat Williams. To date, they’ve taught 300 women across the world how to harness their voices and personalities into online brands they are passionate about.

Shauna’s insights on design and blogging have been featured on television segments including ABC News Australia, in magazines including Computer Arts and Forever 21 and books including Work For Money, Design for Love and Super Identity.

Extra Credit

I believe in living your life to the fullest, even if that equates to very little sleep. I have a deep love for Mr. T (my childhood idol), Vanilla Ice (my tween idol) and Marilyn Manson (my teenage idol). If I could adopt any animal, llamas would be at the top of my list. Coffee-flavored ice cream is one (of my many) weaknesses. I share a 1928 Bavarian-themed house with my brother, Carey, my husband, Joey and our dog, a powderpuff Chinese Crested named Rocky. Black and white are the only two colors I know how to decorate with (but I’m attempting to work in some yellow). I never watch movies but I’ll make an exception for Behind The Candelabra. If we’re at a party and you’re discussing history or geography, I’ll fall asleep. But the second the subject veers towards business, blogging or 80s celebrity trivia? Well, then we’re bound to be best friends.

All photos courtesy of Made U Look.

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