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Knickerbocker x The New York Times Collab

Nubby Twiglet |  Knickerbocker x The New York Times Collab

Since I moved to Palm Springs last year, I haven’t bought much in the wardrobe department. With so much needed renovation-wise with our house, I’ve put all my focus and energy there. But…recently, the Knickerbocker x NY Times collection caught my eye. It’s so classic, beautifully made and doesn’t feel like it will ever date. These things are something I give a lot more consideration now, not wanting to be weighed down with a closet full of items that just don’t work or bring me joy.

Nubby Twiglet |  Knickerbocker x The New York Times Collab

The whole collection is great but my favorite piece by far is the New York Herald Tribune shirt. The thick knit makes it feel more like a short-sleeve sweater and the history behind this is really cool. Jean Seberg wore this design in the 1960 film Breathless and they’ve recreated it down to every tiny detail!

If The New York Herald Tribune doesn’t sound familiar, it’s because it hasn’t been around since 1966 but The New York Times owns the trademark. I love, love, love this piece so much that I just got the lighter-weight version for summer.

No matter how much styles change, you can’t go wrong with a solid t-shirt! -Shauna

Product photos courtesy of The New York Times.