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Latest & Greatest: Fred Segal x CB2 Collab

Nubby Twiglet | Fred Segal x CB2 Collab

I recently came across the new capsule collection by Fred Segal for CB2 and had to share!

It has a warm, retro-cool California vibe going on that I really love. The mix is really unexpected and fun complete with a bold pineapple table, palm tree lamp, shaggy rugs, neon signs, brass desk accessories and more.

Nubby Twiglet | Fred Segal x CB2 Collab

I like the balance between relaxed and polished paired with clean lines. There hasn’t been any feedback on the quality yet since most of the line is on pre-order but all the CB2 items I’ve ordered in the past have held up really nicely.

CB2 has been killin’ it on the designer collabs lately — the Ross Cassidy and Matthew Williamson collections are also great.

Nubby Twiglet | Fred Segal x CB2 Collab

All images courtesy of CB2.

Getting Organized For Instagram: UNUM App

Getting Organized For Instagram: The UNUM App

Have you ever posted an image to Instagram only to realize that it isn’t quite right? Maybe the coloring is off or it ends up shifting your feed into feeling different than you were expecting. I often posted photos only to quickly delete them because I had trouble visualizing what the flow would look like.

For the last year or so, I’ve also struggled with posting as consistently. I’ll travel or take tons of great photos around the office but then I settle back into a lengthy to-do list and deadlines, quickly forgetting about all those images.

And, as people continually lean more towards quality over quantity on Instagram, I don’t want to over-post and overwhelm my followers in a quest to get the content out there before it gets lost in the depths of my camera roll.

While I tend to post more off-the-cuff content on my personal account (@nubbytwiglet) in an attempt to keep it an authentic reflection of my life, my business account (@wearebranch) is much more polished and I’m often weighing different color stories and compositions before posting.

Like many of you, I’d heard of apps that could organize and pre-schedule my content but I never really found anything that meshed with my design style and quest for simplicity. That all changed last week when I discovered UNUM.

First off, UNUM has a really simple, minimal interface. You can pre-schedule images and captions but I tend to use it primarily as a content grid to visualize what I want my feed to look like.

Now, instead of waking up and digging through the thousands of images on my phone to figure out what to post, I already have a backlog 20 images with a nice mix of old favorites and new shots queued up and ready to go.

One other nice touch is that you’re able to toggle between multiple accounts so if you’re like me with business and personal profiles, you don’t need to log in and out.

This app has already saved so much time and I hope it does the same for you, too.