Latest & Greatest: Not-So-Basic Black Swimsuits

Nubby Twiglet | Latest & Greatest: Not-So-Basic Black Swimsuits

It’s that time of year again where the sun is peeking out and I’m starting to pull together travel plans with family and friends. On the list so far: Palm Springs in April with Joey and a bunch of Italian cities plus Marrakech with my Aunt Shannon in October. Inevitably, as I think about traveling and what to pack, swimsuits are on my mind.

Swimsuits are that one piece in my wardrobe that I never think about in daily life (I’m in Portland and don’t have a pool, after all) but when I travel, there’s usually a hotel pool or beach nearby.

Wherever I go, I always throw a basic black swimsuit in my suitcase, even when I think I won’t need it. Any time I have forgotten to pack one, I’ve always regretted it! Case in point: that time Gala and I went to Iceland in Winter (hey, the tickets were cheap!) and caught a tour bus to the Blue Lagoon during a snowstorm. I’d forgotten my swimsuit and had to squeeze into her spare too-small, brightly patterned Forever 21 bikini while the more prepared women in our changing room slipped into solid black, practical one-pieces. I took one look in the mirror and it was hilarious and awkward all at the same time!

Even though I know a basic black swimsuit will serve me much better over time and always goes with whatever wacky accessories I pair with it, let’s get real here: it’s so easy to get shiny object syndrome as you’re scrolling through websites and end up with a suit covered in a garish galaxy print, neon patterns or ironic slogans (please tell me I’m not the only one). In contrast, a black swimsuit is sophisticated, works in any environment and never looks dated.

Nubby Twiglet | Latest & Greatest: Not-So-Basic Black Swimsuits

Here are a few of my picks of the season:

1. Mesh rash guard, 2. mesh panel swimsuit, 3. cut-out swimsuit, 4. plunging back swimsuit, 5. fishnet cover-up, 6. mock-neck bikini top, 7. stripe trim bikini top and 8. Warhol palm swimsuit.

P.S. See that swimsuit in the top photo? It was a total score from ASOS a few years back that I sadly forgot in a Palm Springs hotel room! Still searching a replacement…let me know if you spot something similar!

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  1. Misaki says:

    Hahahaha I wish I could have seen that image of you wearing this colorful Bikini, that sounds hilarious!
    And I didn’t know you went to Iceland – I went there with my parents during a cruise and really loved the scenery there, this country is so beautiful, and wish I could have taken a dip into the Blue Lagoon!

    Btw, the swimsuit I have, which is similar to yours, I think I got it either from ASOS or amazon, so maybe you have some luck finding it there again?

    But fully agree, would also opt for a casual black, although now I have something like a swim skirt, so I can pair it with a patterned Bikini top if I’d want ♡

    Wish you lots of fun and plenty of pool time in Palm Springs ♡♡♡

    • Shauna says:

      Iceland is an interesting place — because I went there during Winter, I don’t feel like I really got to enjoy it fully because it was so cold. LOL! A cruise sounds like a much, much better idea. If I can find that swimsuit again, I would be happy. Amazon is a good idea!

      • Misaki says:

        Oh, we went there around July and although I was wearing three layers I was still freeeezing. So I wonder hahaha
        But coming back is definitely worth it, I think 😉

        The cruise was very pleasant, but you always have very short and strict times to explore, so I think renting a car and driving around is a nicer option to explore. For a general overview a cruise is very handy indeed!

        Good luck finding it again!

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