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The Month + Links: January 2017

Nubby Twiglet | The Month + Links: January 2017


Hi, friends! Thanks for joining me as this first month of 2017 comes to a close. There’s a big list of links at the bottom I hope you enjoy, plus a recap of some of the things that are happening in my world — it’s most definitely been a bittersweet, surreal start to the year.

1. The March

I flew to New York for the Women’s March last weekend alongside friends including Gala, Bianca and Veronica. It was an overwhelmingly positive experience — I’d never marched before and joining in was inspiring and powerful.

As I was getting off the train and walking up the subway steps to join the crowd, a boy, maybe 10 years old at most was in a leg brace, struggling up the steps as his mom carried his crutches. He could have easily stayed home but wanted to be a part of the day. In that moment, I thought, “If he can do this, I have zero excuses going forward.”

Nubby Twiglet | The Month + Links: January 2017

Barricades between the street and sidewalk soon became pointless as the crowd grew, spanning the width of both. Being part of a crowd of 400,000 people on a Saturday, many marching with their children and dogs and homemade signs filled me with immense hope.

I know that hope isn’t enough and we can all do more. Small changes do add up. Follow your favorite organizations and activists via Twitter and join their mailing lists so you’re aware of what’s happening and when they need help most. Donate, even if it’s a few dollars here and there (the ACLU is a great place to start).

And most importantly, stand up and be heard. This is not the time to stay quiet to protect your “brand” — lend your voice, your time and your money whenever you can.

Nubby Twiglet | The Month + Links: January 2017

2. The Small Things

In a time of rapid change, much of which has been volatile, I’m focusing on the small things that are going right in my life. Keeping a positive mindset hasn’t been easy and there are nights I can’t sleep — but I know that by taking care of myself, I’ll then be in a much better place to support others.

Things that are making me happy: Cuddles with Chubs. Talking to Joey every morning about our future as we walk Rocky. Getting my taxes finished early and cracking jokes with my accountant. Late nights at goth clubs with friends. JetBlue overnight flights to New York with satellite TV, free wifi and unlimited snacks (yes!) Victoria’s Secret high-rise leggings in black. Writing postcards to my state senators. Buying a new suitcase. Taking photos next to George. Fried pierogis at 3 am. Subscribing to even more magazines (loving New York Magazine and Conde Nast Traveler). Visiting The Wing and buying my mom a HEAD BITCH IN CHARGE keychain (haha). Wandering through ABC Carpet & Home. Marching next to these ladies (my new idols). Working on more projects for beauty brands. Buying a new-ish Kia Optima in all black. Wearing my green faux fur jacket everywhere.

My quote of the moment:

“If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress.” —Barack Obama

Nubby Twiglet | The Month + Links: January 2017


• 99% Invisible is a podcast that focuses on design, architecture and the 99% invisible activity that shapes our world. Two examples: how the U.S. post office started and what happens to the letters you send the president.

• Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Palm Springs pad is on the market and it’s gorgeous!

• After the Women’s March, so many participants have been asking, “Now what?” Join me in participating in 10 actions in 100 days and keep the momentum.

• I plan out my week by writing it down so I can see it on my desk at a quick glance. My tool of choice is the Kikki.K weekly planner.

• Banish these words and phrases from your vocabulary.

• Are you using your voice fully? Are you saying everything you want to say on the platforms you use? If you aren’t, ask yourself, “What else?”

• How can you get people excited about your work?

• Tim Ferriss shares a list of the apps he uses regularly.

• Feeling overwhelmed by to-do lists and content you want to create? Allow yourself the luxury of silence and space.

• Bridgette shares why she decided to march in Tales of a Reluctant Activist.

• I learn something new every day! Bibliomania is a compulsive urge to buy books.

• Here’s how Warren Buffet schedules his meetings.

• This is such a great collection of protest signs. All are free to download!

Nubby Twiglet | The Month + Links: January 2017

• David Bowie is being honored by Britain’s Royal Mail with a full set of stamps.

• It’s great to chase your dreams but pushing yourself so hard that you compromise your health is so not worth it. Run your own race!

• It’s always easier to make time to cook when the recipes are simple. Try these 12 five-ingredient dinners.

• The one fashion blog I consistently read is Sea Of Shoes and I love the new design!

• Haha! OMG. 10 signs you were once obsessed with Live Journal. I’m feeling like an internet dinosaur right about now.

• 20 habits that can change your life.

• Maybe you’d like to try Ernest Hemingway’s cocktail recipe for bad times?

• Macaroni and cheese that takes only 3 ingredients and 10 minutes? Yes, please!

• I admire Madonna for speaking her mind during the Billboard Women In Music ceremony.

• This compilation covers every book Barack Obama recommended during his time as president.

• What happens when you take a full month off from the internet? Spoiler alert: you get your attention back.

Photos: 1. My desk last Monday. Now is the time to get shit done. 2. Pre-march, at Federal Hall. 3. One of my favorite places to spend an afternoon, ABC Carpet & Home. 4. Spotted this message today in Portland. 5. I’m obsessed with this plate (and Gala’s pink faux fur coat!)