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Last Friday, my flight landed in New York and I finally had the chance to catch up with my long-time friend, Bianca. I met her on a street corner 15 years ago and after all that time, we are still having a great time together. I’m thankful for having such a solid, caring friend like her in my life that happens to be as obsessive about personal style and design as I am (we drive each other crazy in the best possible way – ha!)

Bianca showed me a very fun-filled weekend of walking across the city, window shopping, taking silly photos, trying Puerto Rican food for the first time (LOVED IT!) and a very jet-lagged early morning coffee date. I got home late on Sunday thinking I could jump right back into a regular routine but that’s not been the case at all — it’s been rough adjusting to being back at work.


That all came to a head when I woke up two mornings ago feeling like everything was just….wrong. I’m normally a really positive person so it threw me for a loop and I had to reset my outlook for the day in the shower, reminding myself I could turn it around. The thing is, I feel like I’m not the only one going through this and feeling a transition — I saw a few blog posts and Instagram updates throughout the week with people feeling out of sorts and lamenting over the same thing.

I took it easy in this space over the last few days, knowing that I needed some solitude and time to readjust because I do know that this time of year is all about transition. When the “back to school” rush kicks in and the weather changes, I feel myself re-focusing my energy on what I’m spending my time doing. Do I like what I’m working on and do I like all the projects I have on my plate? It’s a good idea to ask yourself that regularly, or else you end up on auto-pilot which does nobody any good.


Instead of forcing anything, I sat in my office and worked through being stuck for a few days, knowing some clarity would come out of it and sure enough, a few doors closed and in their place, a new one with an even more exciting opportunity opened. It’s a reminder to me (and you!) to not be scared of change — because chances are, there’s something even better around the corner.

So, that’s where I’m at.

The reality is, some days I struggle to be creative and get things done and on others, everything just flows. When it doesn’t work, I’ve learned to go easier on myself. And I hope you’ll give yourself a break the next time you’re having one of those days/ weeks/ months, too.

Everything is cyclical. Feeling creatively stuck is uncomfortable….but it doesn’t last forever.

Have a good weekend, friends. xo



• My friend Sian just launched a digital magazine called The Unmistakable Effect packed with content to help you be more of yourself and win at your own game. If you’re a creative entrepreneur, this is for you. I just previewed the first copy and it is awesome!

• Why are millennial women so obsessed with that salmon-y, soft pink color that’s taken over the design, beauty and fashion worlds?

• Even Leonardo DaVinci had a to-do list and it’s much cooler than yours.

• I can’t stop thinking about this article. If you’re having a bad day, please read it because it definitely puts things in perspective.

• Jane just shared some of the essentials she swears by as she continues on her fitness journey.

• Kate and Andy Spade just started a new lifestyle brand called Frances Valentine and I love the photography, styling and fonts they’ve chosen. They obviously have a knack for it!

• If you’ve over-plucked your brows, there’s still hope.

Here’s a gift for the cheese lover who has everything!

• Danielle LaPorte shares 5 pointers for developing freedom-based creativity and work habits.

• It’s totally possible to travel cheaply for for an entire year with a few simple tips.

• Braid Creative shares the 7 ways designers can become creative experts.

• Yes! 50 keyboard shortcuts.

• The Tory Burch style is not usually my jam (too preppy) but there’s something about her athletic line I’m falling hard for. The clean lines and retro modern look make me want it all!

• It’s easy to forget how much eating out and grabbing drinks can really add up. Cut back…and treat yourself to a nice vacation with the savings, instead!

10 Responses to The Week + Links: 09.09.16

  1. Misaki Shimizu says:

    Welcome back!

    It’s interesting to know, that other people also feel roughed up right now.
    Somehow for me it’s the same – just suddenly I realised, that even though here in Dublin I managed to change myself and find my true character again, the people around me are not on my wave-length. (Meaning, while I want to focus on my positive side, my friends are constantly putting themselves down and complain a lot.)
    It felt like a wake-up call, that I am just floating around without meaning or goal.
    Now I am in the beginning of changing that and become more focussed, but it feels really lonely haha.

    Anyway, I am glad, you sorted some things out 😀

    Hope you get rid of the jetlag soon and jump back into life at the fullest 😀

    • Shauna says:

      That’s always tough when you don’t mesh with your friends anymore. But, even if it feels lonely, know that you can’t hold yourself back from evolving. I just had this exact conversation with 2 different friends over the last few weeks and just know that so many people are going through the same transitions as you. Staying positive can be hard enough so if you feel like people around you are dragging you down with their negativity, it’s okay to take a break and hit the reset button. The loneliness is real but you’ll get through this! Feeling a bit better this week — just trying to stay focused on the positive….like you are! We can do it!

    • Shauna says:

      Cole, glad to hear I’m not the only one! I know change is good (whatever it may be) but it’s still hard to go through in the moment. Shaking off some of the out of place feelings this week, hope you’re feeling better too.

  2. Sabine says:

    Just wanted to say that after over ten years of reading your blog I still love it. While I think that a lot of blogs get more and more superficial, I feel like your posts are as profound and honest as ever.

    • Shauna says:

      Hi Sabine, your comment made my weekend! I can’t believe you’ve been reading for 10 years. WOW! It’s important for me to keep it real on this blog since it’s my personal creative outlet and I never want to lose that. Thanks for sticking around. :)

  3. Valentina Violet says:

    I loved this post! Thank you for your honesty and insights about the ups & downs of creative life. Loved the reminder that when one door closes ~ another one may open! I am about to start a very important project and having a very difficult time making that first step. (often my problem) But your words were just what I needed! Comforting to know that even YOU get stuck sometimes. (wink)
    Thank you for the beautiful thought you put into your posts ~ it makes a difference!

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