The Week + Links: 8.19.16

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It’s Friday…which means I don’t feel guilty about eating a cookie for breakfast. Vacation doesn’t officially kick off until tomorrow but hey, why not start the indulgences early?

This has been a big week and I’m excited about so many things. I just did my first-ever podcast interview (more on that next week!), delivered a brand system to someone I hugely admire and today marks the day that construction on our bathroom is finished!

Speaking of the bathroom, I can’t wait to share the full reveal with you once I’m back! There are always so many unexpected ups and downs when you tear a room apart. Years ago, someone told me that any remodeling project is guaranteed to take 3 times longer and cost 3 times as much — and now, I totally agree. Haha.

I can’t show you the full room yet (shelves are being built in today and a few finishing items we ordered still haven’t showed up) but here’s a close-up of my favorite part: this damn wallpaper (see below). It’s no longer just a dream! And, it turned out to be the biggest headache ever. Joey and I were bewildered that something so seemingly easy could be so difficult but I’ll save the full story for the reveal. Thankfully, it’s done. Sweet relief!

I still have a lot of projects to wrap up before boarding my first fight (of many) tomorrow, not to mention figuring out how to pack my small carry-on like the ultimate game of Tetris to fit the maximum amount of shoes in. I love a good challenge. 😉

Have a great weekend — I hope you’re managing to squeeze in your own adventures to make the most of this last bit of Summer!

Nubby Twiglet | The Week + Links


• Just because a minimalist look is trendy online doesn’t mean the aesthetic is right for you. I love Corina’s thoughts on the subject.

• I’ve honestly never researched curtain options so our house is full of a bunch of ill-fitting, off-the-shelf sets from IKEA. Now I know that there’s a more customized way to go thanks to Anna.

• 6 research-backed secrets to getting healthy.

• Looking for something new to listen to? Here’s 7 of the best podcast episodes out there.

• SAYS WHO? This video has my new favorite catch-phrase when something goes wrong. Ha!

• My friend Breanna over at RowanMade is looking for a graphic designer — check out the details to apply!

• YES! You are more than your Instagram account.

• On a near-daily basis, I’m searching Unsplash for free stock photos. The quality is amazing and you can use them however you wish, no strings attached!

• I am completely obsessed with Jane’s palm print Dolce & Gabbana dress. Be still, my beating heart!

• A Beautiful Mess shares some valuable advice on networking and etiquette.

• This is so interesting! As a business owner, taking a deep dive into who your audience is can provide you with huge insights.

• 10 simple ways to use Feng-Shui to boost your creativity!

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