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The Week + Links: 8.12.16

Nubby Twiglet | The Week + Links


It’s Fri-yay! Do you have any fun weekend plans?

I’m very much looking forward to hanging this wallpaper (I promise to shut up for awhile on the subject after that’s done – the obsession is real!) and finishing packing for Italy. I’m determined to have just have a carry-on this time since we’re going to be on so many flights and dragging suitcases across cobblestones and up teeny tiny stairs is NOT fun! Learned that lesson the hard way last year. 😉

This weekend, I also want to finish up my Miami Guide to share with you soon — so much good stuff in that one!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that I made friends with the llamas and alpacas at the Clark County Fair. I can’t get enough of these creatures (you might remember my long-time my man in black, Nigel). Thankfully, Kat loves llamas as much as I do and we’re determined to have a llama sanctuary one day. YES!

Nubby Twiglet | The Week + Links

Enjoy the links below and I’ll see ya next week, friends!


• Instead of feeling complete overwhelm, ask yourself what small changes you can make.

• Nesha put together a great post on what to consider if you’re thinking of switching from freelancing to selling information-based products.

• This juice place in Amsterdam is sooooo beautiful!

• Why are Olympic athletes often photographed biting their medals?

• This 16 year old boy runs a million dollar sneaker resale business.

• What classic movies have you NOT seen?!

• 10 tricks to make yourself a Google Maps master!

When you love a piece of clothing, buy it repeatedly.

• Wowza! Bill Cunningham’s photo archive is worth $1 million dollars.

• It’s about time! The FTC is going to start cracking down on paid celebrity posts that aren’t; clearly marked as ads.

• A quick roundup of 10 fun things from the Rio Olympics to get you up to speed.

• Haha! This is what happens when you have a beard and look straight up.

Coming Soon: The Art Of V


What’s that big dream you’ve been holding back on? I think we all have something we’re afraid to do or maybe we just aren’t sure if we can pull it off on our own.

I had something rumbling in the back of my mind but it took me awhile to pinpoint what it was.

Design and blogging have always been the core of what I do but after a decade of doing both, I knew there was something more I needed to add to the mix.

I’ve always loved design because it’s a way of being creative while also helping small businesses see the bigger potential in what they can do through a polished, cohesive brand and visuals. Design can be very isolating, though. Sitting behind a computer all day gets lonely at times and that’s where blogging has always come in — it allows me to connect with you, to share more personal stories and to be creative outside of work.

Still, there was something more pulling at me — maybe there was a way to combine the aspects of both sides of my career and help more people feel that electric, creative energy that can light up a room.


The more I thought about it, a specific lady stood out as the perfect partner in crime. We’d met years before at an early Blogcademy workshop in LA. I spotted her in the crowd right away — she had dyed black, long hair like I did and a penchant for over-the-top fashion. She was polished but really funny at the same time.

Her name was Erika Lyremark and she had one of the best stories out there (and trust me, I love a good story — my favorite pastime is reading celebrity Wikipedia pages).


We reconnected a few years later and the The Art Of V was quite literally born over a single Skype call.

What is the The Art Of V? It’s a marriage of voice and visuals.

Quite simply, it’s a course for women who want to own their voice (via Erika) and elevate their visual style (via me). By mastering and those two things, they can transform their creativity into profitability.

While the course won’t be available for a few more months, we wanted to give you a taste of what’s to come so there’s a freebie at the bottom of the page called Sneak Peek. Sign up, download and please let me know what you think — it’s packed with personal stories from both of us along with tips to get inspired and be more of who you are.


“There’s only one thing in life, and that’s the continual renewal of inspiration.” —Diana Vreeland