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The Week + Links: 6.17.16

Nubby Twiglet | Week + Links: Miami


This week has been a bit of a downer for everyone, it seems. There are definitely times I try to avoid the news altogether in an effort to stay positive but it’s also good to be aware and there’s just so much negativity and sadness in the world right now. We’re all feeling it…so I’m starting small. Making more eye contact. Chatting a little longer with the people I meet. Smiling more. The little things. The most important thing you can do is to show the people around you that you care.

Nubby Twiglet | Week + Links: Miami

I flew home from Miami on Monday and there’s always that feeling of transitioning back from a fantasy world where days are full of exploration and discovery versus the usual routine of work, errands and responsibilities. I feel like it always takes a solid week to click back into reality fully. I’m always thankful for new experiences but the post-vacation blues are real.

On cross-country flights, I tend to catch something but I thought I’d escaped it this time around — until a sore throat turned into a full-blown cold Tuesday night. With two full days in bed now behind me, I feel somewhat human again. Missing a few extra days of work wasn’t ideal but sometimes those moments that force us to slow down are needed and totally necessary.

Anyway, I hope you have a relaxing weekend ahead! I’m going to be playing catch-up in the studio and working on some fresh blog content but it’s totally worth it in exchange for all those magical Miami memories.

Have a good one, friends! xo

Nubby Twiglet | Week + Links: Miami


• If you only have time to read one post this week, make it this one and ask yourself….is your life actually a good one?

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• This is so interesting! The so-called world’s ugliest Pantone color is being used to deter smokers.

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• Here’s the reason why you can’t photocopy money!

• A British grandma’s politeness reached all the way to her Google searches. So cute!

• 10 things designers need to streamline!

• It seems like the friendship conversation is on everyone’s minds lately, including mine. The New York Times asks, why is it hard to make friends over 30?

• Instagram likes and comments are plummeting.

• The world’s 50 best restaurants in 2016 according to Grub Street.

Creative Chronicles: Overcoming the Pull Between Creativity and Criticism

Nubby Twiglet | Overcoming Creative Criticism

Criticism and flat-out meanness stings…and we’ve all been on the receiving end of it.

This topic has been back on my mind a lot lately because I see negativity everywhere. Whether it’s a rude comment left on the video of a Youtuber or a nasty one-liner left on an Instagram post, I cringe because firstly, artistic expression of any kind boils down to personal taste. Secondly, I think about how much confidence it takes to release work for public consumption in the first place, which is so easy to forget.

Maybe all the senseless violence lately has me feeling extra sensitive (2 incidents just happened while I was in Florida last week) but the world needs more compassion and caring. We can each do our own part in spreading positivity and being supportive, no matter how small it may seem.

When I think of sharing, this quote from Taylor Swift comes to mind:

“We don’t need to share the same opinions as others, but we need to be respectful.”

The fear of judgement is real when you’re sharing. I speak from personal experience when I say that praise from people I don’t even know feels like the ultimate adrenaline rush but on the flip side, just one negative comment can tear it all back down.

I’ve written thousands of blog posts, shared tens of thousands of photos and released hundreds of projects and the only reason I mention this is because sometimes I think that over time, it should feel easier to put it all out there. But sometimes, I still feel like retreating.

Part of being human comes with vulnerability and a personal attachment to your work.

The one truth we can all agree on is that as creatives, whether you’re writing your first book, creating a logo for a client, filming a makeup tutorial or putting together a solo art show, it all comes from the same place: your heart.

Not sharing your work and expressing who you are in the short term is easier but in the long term, you’re only hurting yourself.

Nubby Twiglet | Overcoming Creative Criticism

If the fear of rejection is holding you back, always remember:

1. Not everyone will love what you do. It’s as simple as that. A body of work, no matter how brilliant, is never universally loved. Accepting this from the start makes putting yourself out there easier.

2. You are the only person who can produce creative work in your own, unique way. There is power in what you do…so own it fully. Trust yourself.

3. If your work elicits a reaction of any kind, that’s good. Art should do that. Attracting and repelling is necessary, even though it can be uncomfortable.

Sharing your work and who you are on some days feels harder than others. Sometimes I’ll sit on a blog post an extra week because I’m afraid to release the words. There are also times I’m scared that a client will hate everything I’ve just created. But after giving the content space, I always hit publish / share / send because buying into fear is never worth it.

Always remember, you are brilliant in your own unique way and any negativity coming your way usually isn’t even really about you. Remind yourself that you never really know what the person on the other side is going through.

Leave your mark. Keep sharing and keep shining bright. And most importantly, pay it forward and support those around you who are brave enough to put themselves out there.

Positivity drives more positivity and we definitely need more of that in this world right now.

I believe in you.

Photo: Made U Look.

The Week + Links: 6.12.16

Nubby Twiglet | The Week + Links: Miami

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having an awesome weekend. I’m later than usual posting this week’s link round-up because I’ve been on a very last minute trip to Miami. And…honestly? It’s totally worth being behind on everything right now for this experience. It’s my first time here and I’m LOVING it.

Two weekends ago, I got a text from Gala: “Want to go on a trip soon? A little getaway to somewhere warm?”

We quickly decided on Miami. But then, the usual list of apprehensions popped into my mind.

Quarterly taxes were due. There was a stack of client projects I needed get done. Last-minute airfares are usually inflated. It would take 7+ hours to get there. I’d miss my husband and pets. The list of excuses went on and on.

And then, I switched back to the positives — I thought back to this friendship post and before I could say no, I said YES.

Nubby Twiglet | The Week + Links: Miami

A few days later, we booked our tickets over a series of excited texts and I put in a few workdays that stretched on until 2 am. The tiredness was real and 2 cups of coffee on Wednesday wasn’t curing it. But, the excitement of visiting somewhere new kicked in and I did a big final push before boarding an overnight flight.

I slept all the way to a layover in Chicago, grabbed a chai latte and hopped the final leg of my flight to Miami.

Nubby Twiglet | The Week + Links: Miami

When I arrived, I still had no idea to expect — until our cab pulled up at The Raleigh. It was perfect. That art deco pool. The white bikes. The quaint 1940s room. The striped poolside umbrellas. All of it.

As soon as Gala arrived, we hit the ground running. Visited a rainbow bowling alley. Watched a couple drunkenly ice skate. Crashed a party. Visited a psychic tarot reader. Stocked up on oils and stones at a metaphysical shop. Drank out of a copper pineapple. Helped a guy convince his wife we were in a punk band called Ribbon Knife. Gorged ourselves on truffle pizza. Stayed up till sunrise chatting with Kat on the other side of the Atlantic. Watched the most amazing breakdancing routine. Got caught in torrential downpours. Set up still lifes by the pool. Drank lavender infused cocktails. Discovered a golden mammoth skeleton. Ate rosé popsicles at the Yacht Club. Everyone we’ve met has been incredibly friendly and it’s been nonstop fun.

Nubby Twiglet | The Week + Links: Miami

This trip has reminded me once again of the importance of nurturing friendships. The importance of travel, exploration and discovery. The importance of remembering that sometimes…everything else can wait.

Time with a friend is just what I’ve been missing and needed so much right now. Tonight is our last night so I’m off to make the most of it.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I’ll have a Miami travel guide to share soon! xo



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Creative Chronicles: What’s Your Story?

Nubby Twiglet | Creative Chronicles: What's Your Story?

As a designer, your portfolio is important because it helps potential clients connect with your visual style. But beyond that, there’s another key part to standing out: telling your story.

About pages have been on my mind A LOT lately…because I desperately need to re-write mine. It’s so easy to procrastinate and push these kinds of things to the bottom of the list because you may be like me and find creating visuals much easier than writing.

For a lot of creatives, images flow easier than words. Sometimes, you just don’t know what to say. That’s compounded even more when you’re asked to write about yourself. Maybe you’re convinced that you’re happier saying less anyway. Maybe you think your work can do all the talking.

Whatever your reasoning, people are more likely to hire you if they feel a personal connection.

Nobody said it was easy but learning how to convey who you are in words can help you stand out in a crowded market. Never underestimate the power or telling your audience who you are and what you stand for. Remind yourself that people might not remember every project you’ve created…but they will remember a great story.

So, how do you get started? When I’m feeling stuck, I love looking at the about pages of people I admire and learning from them. Some are short, some are long, some are funny and some are surprising. The key is that each fits their unique personality.

Nubby Twiglet | Creative Chronicles: What's Your Story?

5 Great About Page Examples


Key to standing out: relatablility and humor

Never underestimate the power of being funny! Writing a bio (let alone reading it!) can get boring really fast so spice it up with some fun, random facts to add dimension and show who you are beyond just your job.

Excerpt: “Never someone to sit on his laurels (what are those “laurels,” anyway?), Paul has also been a touring musician, veterinary assistant, paperboy, and ad agency monkey. He began working for himself full-time in 1998, so he’s pretty much unemployable now – and that’s a really good thing.”


Key to standing out: personal design flourishes

One of the reasons I admire Sian’s design style so much is that she’s brilliant at piecing together images and type. When you look at her page, there’s a depth that immediately comes through. It’s simple yet exudes an edgy style.

Excerpt: “Once upon a less-than-awesome time, I worked in an office 9-5 as a graphic designer. My day-to-day projects were a mashup of snooze-worthy deliverables: car decals, banners for banks, casino promos… yawn. Before long, it hit me: I was not cut out for cubicle nation. I spent most of my days staring out the window at the beautiful sunshine of Sydney, Australia (where I’d moved to start my career), and a whole country waiting to be explored. Why the hell was I locked inside for 80% of the week, designing pieces that weren’t exactly fulfilling?”


Key to standing out: making you feel like her success can be yours, too

Marie is massively successful but her about page comes across as welcoming instead of intimidating. Sure, there’s candids alongside Oprah and Richard Branson (no big deal — ha!), but she tells her story in way that makes you feel like somehow, you could do the same. And with all her accomplishments including founding B-School, that’s no easy feat.

Excerpt: “After several failed attempts at corporate jobs and a lot of angst trying to choose just one thing to be in life, I realized that my unusual combination of interests and skills was a strength, not a liability. I gave up the security of the 9-5, began bartending and waiting tables and doing a multitude of odd jobs to keep a roof over my head while slowly building a coaching business from the ground up. I later coined the term “Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur” because I just didn’t (and never will) fit into a conventional box.”


I adore Alex’s about page is because it’s very clear and direct, just like her copywriting. There’s a conversational tone that comes across as approachable, like you’re having a good chat over a coffee date with a friend. It’s positive, inspiring and has a few funny moments woven in…like the one below!

Key to standing out: a warm, conversational tone

Excerpt: “I started my “writing career” with a self-published coloring book about flying unicorns, which I photocopied and sold for 25 cents a piece to my 3rd grade classmates. It was a big hit! Sadly, the project got shut down by a teacher who felt that charging money for my book was not appropriate. (In my defense: I was merely responding to market demand…)”


Okay, so Danielle’s about page is really long. But, everything she says flows and makes you feel like you’re on a mini journey through her life. The #1 thing I LOVE about Danielle’s about page is the timeline, hilariously titled Creative Highlights and Lowlights. Take a journey back to the beginning and find out what went right (and what went terribly wrong).

Key to standing out: going big and sharing it all

Excerpt: “I think the best self-help is self-compassion. I hear a variation of this all the time — when I get off stage, from readers, through friends of friends: “It was 11:30pm the other night and I needed something [soul salve, a kick in the ass, wisdom for a friend, a confidence boost for work…] so I went to your site and got what I needed. Really, I just wanted some encouragement.”

Nubby Twiglet | Creative Chronicles: What's Your Story?

5 Quick Tips

1. Great about pages don’t feel sleazy or sales-y. All of the above examples were written by successful entrepreneurs yet they feel genuine and even relatable.

2. Always look at about pages outside of your niche. It’s important to get a broader perspective and the best ideas often come to you from beyond your chosen industry.

3. Not sure how to start off your bio? Use Alexandra Franzen’s free template. SO GOOD.

4. There is no such thing as a finished About page. I’ve rewritten mine at least 10 times since starting this blog. It’s meant to grow and evolve so let it go.

5. If you need more help and want even more about page examples and templates, You In Words is brilliant.

And with that….go forth and write! Share your story.
You never know who will stumble across it…or where it will take you.

Your turn: Any tricks for writing an awesome About page? Let us know in the comments!

Photo: Made U Look.

The Week + Links: 6.3.16

Nubby Twiglet | The Week + Links


Happy Friday, friends!

I hope you had a good week. The first few days back at work and blogging after a long, relaxing holiday weekend always feel a little off-kilter for me and I’m still struggling to get back into a regular routine. I hope things are faring better for you!

I want to do things a little differently today and share a story to remind you to keep on going, even if you’re feeling tripped up over something seemingly small.

Nubby Twiglet | The Week + Links

Last night, I got on a bike for the first time in years. When I was younger, I used to ride a bike every single day and it was as second nature as walking at the time.

For some reason, as I rolled down the slope of my driveway, I felt unsure of myself and it immediately came through in a lack of coordination and balance. I had barely started moving yet I felt like I was going to fall. Instead of keeping the momentum, I hit the brakes and completely froze.

Riding a bike takes trust, knowing that as you move forward, there’s a split second to throw your feet on the pedals and you’ll take off…yet something wasn’t clicking. I quickly gave up, turned around and went back inside, feeling really embarrassed.

Nubby Twiglet | The Week + Links

Looking back, I’m now reminding myself of the obvious: next time, just keep on going.

We all have those moments of wanting to give up because something isn’t as easy as it should be. Why do some things seem so effortless but others feel so hard?

I don’t really know.

But, I do know that giving up isn’t an option.

Whenever you’re feeling stuck on writing your next blog post, tripping up over your next piece of art or frustrated because the vision in your head isn’t matching what’s flowing onto your paper, remember that on the other side, there’s something brilliant waiting that deserves to be shared.

“What winning is to me is not giving up, is no matter what’s thrown at me, I can take it. And I can keep going.” —Patrick Swayze

Nubby Twiglet | The Week + Links

Photos: 1. My little guy, Rocky hanging out in our living room. Awww. 2. Chandeliers and mirrors at the freshly revamped Portland Anthropologie. 3. Stopping to enjoy the flowers on my morning walk. 4. Swooning over this packaging.


• Jane just shared her guide for a weekend in Portland and it’s so good!

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