The Week + Links: 4.29.16

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How has your week been? It was cool and rainy all day in Portland but as I write this, the sun is coming out and I’m feeling a sense of calm after spending the morning doing some serious cleaning and crossing a few important things off my list.

Overall, this week has felt uneventful (except for that cliffside hotel on the Amalfi Coast Gala and I just booked for a trip later in the summer…haha) and I’ll take it! No news is good news, right? After a few solid days of Rocky not feeling well last week, it really put everything back into perspective for me. Those scares, though not fun to go through, really remind you of what matters most and get your priorities in check.

Rocky is now doing much, much better and I am so relieved. Chubs is doing great, too. Have I mentioned that his new favorite food is sweet potatoes?!

Anyway, things are good. Busier than I’d like on the work front, but awesome stuff is happening and progress is being made on both client work and digital courses. Gotta be thankful for that and just keep showing up every day.

I hope you have some good times ahead, as well.

Let’s get the weekend started….and I’ll see you back here on Monday with some fresh content! xo

Nubby Twiglet | Week + Links


• If you’ve dreamed of running your own business but you’re not sure where to start, read Alex’s post about how she became a freelance writer and you’ll feel like what you want to do is totally possible, too.

• I didn’t realize how much Prince trolled Michael Jackson. I love them both so I got a good laugh out of this. And, I had no idea Prince was originally recruited to be in the BAD video and turned it down!

• Did you know that you can now live at Disney World year round?! You have to be rich to do it…but it’s possible.

• Need some new podcasts in your life? Here are 8 new ones to check out!

• Are your business failures really just a step in the right direction?

• I love this article written by Amanda Peet about aging so much. So much truth!

• There are 12 kinds of kindness.

• Take a look back at Prince’s album art and learn more about the themes behind his most iconic covers.

• The entrepreneurs’ 8 step checklist for taking a business risk.

• I love this post about knowing who your audience is and having separate personal and business accounts. It’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the last 3 years!

• Wow! Here’s a list of the most expensive domain names.

• The brand new issue of Rock n Roll Bride Magazine is now for sale (see above for a peek at our proofs!) It’s by far the biggest project my studio works on and I hope you’ll check it out!

• Video footage from the first American shopping mall built in 1956.

• Be very, very careful about buying knockoff chargers for your Apple products. The results of saving a few dollars are so not worth it.

• I’ve never seen this clip until now…and it’s epic. Michael Jackson, Prince AND James Brown?! And yes, Prince rides up to the stage on the back of a large bearded man. For real.

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