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The Week + Links: 4.15.16



Happy Friday! How did your week go?

Truth: mine was quite topsy-turvy (do people even say that?!)

I’ve been back in the office for over a week now and am only now just coming up for air. We have at least 5 branding jobs going at the moment and a ton of print work, not to mention a few websites in progress. Things are very full but good and a few days ago, I agreed to sign on for another year lease at our current space so it feels awesome to have some stability.

The downside of this week is that my grandpa has been going between the hospital and a bunch of doctors’ appointments. He’s still not 100% so I’ve been on the phone a lot with my grandma. There’s never a “too busy” excuse when grandma calls. Just last night, we were on the phone an hour as I sat here in the office, laughing at ridiculous old family stories, talking about her class ring she can’t seem to find (my response: “Grandma, you graduated 67 years ago – of course you can’t find it!) and I’m hoping everything balances back out.

There are cherry blossoms falling everywhere (see above!) and Portland is looking extra beautiful these days. Spring days are so nice and I’m feeling so much positive energy as I work on new collaborations, new projects and book adventures with friends (next up: VEGAS!!!)

Things are not perfect but good. And…good is good enough.

I hope you have some fun weekend plans lined up. Blogging had to take a backseat this week with my grandpa’s health issues (family first, always!) but check back next week for the long-awaited Palm Springs travel guide.




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