The Week + Links: February 26, 2016



Spring is in the air and the sun is rising earlier which means it’s been easier to get out of bed in the morning. Joey and I have been taking Rocky on longer walks and I’ve been getting to the office feeling more relaxed, even though this has quite possibly been the busiest month I’ve ever had work-wise.

I’m the first to say that being “busy” isn’t good — life is meant to be enjoyed and I’ve been through enough ups and downs to know that work and belongings come and go but relationships are what matter most. But, it is what it is and I’m thankfully working on the most fulfilling mix of projects of my career so it’s all about finding that sometimes tricky balance for now.


Since I’ve been in the office a lot, I’m constantly looking for easy ways to spice it up and add new visual interest. This week I revamped the inspiration board and as you’ve gathered, I’m having a serious love affair at the moment with white tulips. I also just used a gift certificate leftover from Christmas and ordered this marble tray.


I buy a lot less clothing these days but just found an affordable Spring-worthy jacket that I’m loving. I know it’s hard to see in the photo because I’m wearing a black shirt under it (haha) but it’s perfect for a simple work look so I thought I’d share!


When work picks up and life feels a bit chaotic, it can be hard to make time to focus on your own internal projects so I’ve been carving time out on the weekends to sit in my office with email turned off, reworking things that make me feel more prepared and confident to grow as a designer. A recent project was revamping the Branch media kit and then, in 2 weeks the site is undergoing a refresh.

I’m signing off to finish up some projects and head home early today so I hope you have a great weekend ahead.

P.S. The new issue of Rock n Roll Bride Magazine featuring my vow renewal with Joey is now available for pre-sale and I’ll be sharing the first set of photos next week — finally! 😉



• Jessica Hische has the best resources page I’ve ever seen. If you’re a creative of any kind, you’re bound to discover something new and helpful.

• Yes, it’s possible to have a selfie become your preferred latte art.

• For big changes to sink in, think about overcompensating. This doesn’t sound logical at first but the accompanying illustrations drive the point home.

• 10 books every aspiring blogger should read.

• An earlier demo of Michael Jackson’s Thriller had a different name and Rod Temperton explains why.

• Cereal is in a huge decline and the reasons may surprise you.

• I love this article about embracing a more minimalist life so much. The suggestions to streamline are rooted in actual things the author tried which make it feel more relatable.

• 10 things you need to know about Japanese street fashion in 2016. So interesting!

• These photos are a great reminder of what peaceful borders look like.

• Researchers have discovered a much faster way to develop new skills. I’ll take any help I can get!

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