The Week + Links: February 19, 2016

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After last week’s post, I headed out to a motorcycle show with my dad. As we walked in and moved through the crowd while taking in the live music, I kept thinking, “This sounds like Prince.” Then, it became clear, a Prince cover band was definitely in the house — and the singer must have watched Purple Rain a few hundred times because he knew every note to every song, not to mention every signature dance move. It was mesmerizing and I watched the gathered bikers in their black leather jackets and boots dancing right along, just as excited as I was.

I’m glad I had that dose of entertainment because the rest of the week has been rainy, cool and full of too much work. It’s time for an adventure! When I’m really into the work I’m doing, I forget to stop, stretch and take care of myself. So…I’m starting that now. Time for a mini Friday break!

In other news, I hope you have better weekend plans than I do. My Saturday involves two back-to-back tax appointments in the morning. Eek! I’ll be wearing my metallic gold sneakers for good luck and hoping for the best. 😉

Have a great weekend, friends!

Nubby Twiglet | The Week + Links


• If you blog, do yourself a favor and read this epic post about the new online economy!

• A reminder: you are not lazy.

• An ode to the internet’s worst business advice. Ha!

• I’m loving the shift in blogging back to more personality-filled posts versus the overwhelm of too many informational / DIY posts that took over during the last few years.

• What does Obama carry in his pockets?

• Use Hustle Mode On to discover the best productivity tools on the web.

• From what I’ve seen so far, I’m not a fan of the new branding for The Met. What’s your take?

• Designers, here’s what you need to know about internships.

• I love this bathroom update because it didn’t involve ripping everything out and starting from scratch. It’s much more budget-friendly but still looks great!

• It’s so interesting seeing the detailed process that goes into updating the look of a brand.

• The benefit of doing creative work without an audience in mind, using Vincent van Gogh as an example.

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