The Week + Links: 2.5.16

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How was your week?

I’m sitting in my office wearing my beloved green faux fur coat with a fresh bouquet of bright orange tulips I picked up at Trader Joe’s this morning on the desk, wrapping up issue 7 of Rock n Roll Bride Magazine and listening to my “Discover Weekly” playlist on Spotify. If you’re new to Spotify, they curate a brand new mix for you every week based on what you’re starring. It’s pretty spot-on and I’m obsessed. Just click on the Browse option and then Discover and you’re in!

Joey has been in LA over the last week for meetings for his new art show so I’ve been home squirrel-sitting. When Chubs was a baby, he was the most hyperactive creature ever and we deemed it as a case of the “terrible twos.” Over the summer, his personality shifted and he completely mellowed out. Chubs now the sweetest, calmest little guy and is perfectly content to let me hold him for 15 minutes straight, petting him and scratching his belly. Awww.

Nubby Twiglet | The Week + Links

Work-wise, I’ve been moving between more projects than ever and have a massive backlog to share with you. So many new things! I’m going to start digging into the recent archives next week.

Anyway, I hope you have a fun weekend ahead. I’m looking forward to heading to the nursery to finally track down a meyer lemon tree and also fitting in some family time. I’ll see you back here on Monday where I’ll share more about the Project Prescription launch. I’ve never been so excited about a launch in my life because this is exactly what I wish had existed when I launched my business. And really, you should only release products that light you up.

Chubs and I are sending lots of love your way — have a good one!

Nubby Twiglet | The Week + Links


• Instead of ripping apart someone’s logo redesign that you didn’t have the brief on, do these 7 things instead. For reals.

• 23 (slightly) moving portraits of the most famous folks in Hollywood.

• I love this article about making time to read more books. Reading 100 per year isn’t as hard as you think!

• 200 designers share their Fall 2016 inspirations.

• Behold the very last audio cassette tape factory.

• What’s holding you back from getting paid to do what you love?

• 100 small but easy ways to make 2016 the best year yet.

• Photoshop can be even more powerful (and fun!) with these 47 plugins.

• 100 jokes that shaped modern comedy.

• The ancient Greeks were obviously way ahead of their time and this statue proves it! Haha.

• Need some inspiration for the 404 error page on your website? Check out these 30 brilliantly designed ones!

• Do you have irrational fears?

2 Responses to The Week + Links: 2.5.16

  1. Medusa says:

    Hi Nubby! A while ago, you said you were working on a detailed travel guide for Palm Springs. I’ve been searching on your blog and I’m not sure where it is. Can you provide the link? Thank you! Cheers! j.j. DJ Medusa.

    • Shauna says:

      You’re a little ahead of the curve….the Palm Springs post will be going live next week! Meant to post it sooner, just really backed up with client work at the moment. xoxo

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