Inspiration Can Start With A Pair Of Metallic Gold Sneakers

Inspiration Can Start With A Pair Of Metallic Gold Sneakers

What’s inspiring you lately?

This year, I’m trying to be more mindful about setting aside time to explore my personal visual style. Instead of aimlessly grabbing images online and dragging them to my desktop, I’m paying more attention to visual cues.

What are the things I naturally gravitate towards?

How can those same things I love most play a part in my personal brand?

As you’ve probably noticed in the posts here this year, the visual style of Nubby Twiglet is continuing to evolve and it’s a purposeful move. 2016 marks my 15th year of blogging (that sounds so weird to say!) and for that milestone, I wanted to add a dash of gold to the branding and graphics.

Metallic gold has been a huge obsession of mine ever since I found a pair of Marc Jacobs sneaker wedges six months ago. Every time I laced them up, whether it was for a day in the office, a conference talk or exploring Florence, Italy (above), I noticed an extra pep in my step. That simple addition of metallic gold to my wardrobe started popping up in the design elements I was drawn to. Whether it was a gold sink in a kitchen or a metallic gold texture, I couldn’t get enough.

Inspiration Can Start With A Pair Of Metallic Gold Sneakers

Of course, all gold can feel a bit over-the-top and very Liberace. To balance it out, I started pulling in more organic, black and white patterns. Sometimes it was a marbleized pattern here on the blog, other times it was a hand-painted windowpane pattern on a jumpsuit. I started adding more hand-done fonts and illustrations to projects. Overall, that rough-hewn, looser look added a nice contrast to the gold.

Sometimes, it can feel like small shifts and changes aren’t worth talking about. Maybe they don’t feel grand enough to mention…but I want to change that here. Even the smallest elements you find yourself drawn to start to pile up. Pretty soon, the visual evolution you’ve been seeking, whether it’s in your brand, wardrobe or the way your room is decorated doesn’t feel so out of reach — it’s right there in front of you because you’ve taken notice along the way.

As I begin the redesign of this blog soon, I’m taking these organic black and white patterns and plenty of gold with me to explore.

Evolution feels great. Never be afraid of change — it’s what keeps things fresh, exciting, and makes life worth living.

Your turn: What are you noticing yourself being drawn to these days? Are there colors, styles, patterns, eras or something else that’s making you super excited?

Italy photo: Lisa Jane Photography.

Image sources: Radical Self Love Coven Almanac. Jonathan Adler brass ring holder. Marni shoes. Gold sink. Hand painted stripes. Lost My Mind graphic.

7 Responses to Inspiration Can Start With A Pair Of Metallic Gold Sneakers

  1. Misaki Shimizu says:

    I really like the way your pictures evolved. I noticed just a few days ago, that more pictures on your blog look like editorial pages (with design and font), not just a simple photo anymore. For me, it gives your blog more personality and recognizable style *thumbs up*
    Looking forward to your new blog design :3

    Since I have to walk through the same park everyday to my bus stop, I started to watch the different colors of the sky in the morning. It never is the same, and ranges from dark to light blue hues, to blue with red clouds or sometimes blue with silvery glow and stars haha. So that’s kind of my new inspiration each day.
    Nature gives the most exciting color combinations :)

    • Shauna says:

      I love this observation you’re making as you walk through the park! Instead of just looking down at your phone or being like, “oh, there’s the sky again” you’re actively taking in what’s around you and making it an inspiring moment.

      And yeah, I was bored with just posting straight up images! Over winter break, I started thinking about what I was most passionate about which is editorial design. Trying to incorporate more personal interests and passions here feels good. Thanks for your sweet comments!

      • Misaki Shimizu says:

        Thank you! Normally I’m just hanging in my thoughts while walking, so I tried to actively use these 5 to 10 minutes walking to look at the sky. We should definitely enjoy our surroundings more :)

        It’s really good, especially as I feel you are really a magazine (print design) kind of person, so it reflects you as a designer even more than just the pictures :)


  2. I’m digging the aesthetic! I fell in love with black and gold ever since visiting Paris in the Summer of 2014 and seeing the aged black and gold roofing at Versailles. Can’t wait to see what you have in store this year!

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