New Year. New Schedule. New Goals.

Nubby Twiglet | New Year. New Schedule. New Goals.

At the end of 2015, as the holiday break set in, for the first time in a long time, I didn’t feel the itch to travel anywhere. I stayed home, took a bunch of days off, didn’t do any “work stuff” beyond checking my email and settled in. I’m idealizing it a bit because it was harder to unwind than I anticipated. But all in all, it was good. It doesn’t how much you love your job; you need to give yourself space to think. To dream. To ask yourself, “What do I really want?”

Oh boy, do I want a lot of things out of this year. It’s an interesting balance I’m trying to achieve this year because while I want to accomplish a lot of things, I also want to simplify.

Simplifying makes more room for the things you want to bring into your life while pushing out all the clutter and the things that no longer serve you.

Over the break, I cleaned out my closets. Cleaned out my office. Traded in unused air miles to subscribe to new magazines. Started reading Zen Habits again (because if you want to lead a simpler life, this is the ultimate place to start). Used a credit to book a ticket to New York to help one of my BFF’s clean out her closet. And really, just lived. I went on long walks and visited plenty of coffee shops with Joey and Rocky, tried out a bunch of new bar happy hours with my dad, spent time at my grandparent’s cabin near Mt. Hood, cleaned out my email inboxes and put in a few quiet days at the office reflecting and prepping for the new year.

It was wonderful.

Nubby Twiglet | New Year. New Schedule. New Goals.

Looking forward, this year is going to be a big one. I’m dedicated to growing and diversifying Branch and with that, there are 4 big project collaborations in the works with a new one rolling out every few months. I’m taking on less of the work I don’t want and more of the work I do. Everything feels good.

With so many new interests and projects where does that leave this space?

I’m going to be tightening up my posting schedule to give you more helpful content and less filler. That was a goal of mine last year as well and I want to keep pushing forward. My thought has always been that there’s no point in half-assing anything in life. Give it your all….or don’t do it at all.

Going forward, there will be a new schedule that looks like this:

Mondays and Wednesdays: Helpful, inspirational posts about design, style and travel — much like it’s always been.

Fridays: A new format of Link Love and The Week In Pictures rolled into one, called The Week + Links. It’s a way to continue sharing helpful, inspiring links I’ve found around the web mixed with a photo (or two) and a more personal, behind the scenes look into what I’m up to. The blogs I love most have a personal touch — they let me into someone’s world and see things through their eyes sand it’s important for me to keep that connection with you here.

I hope your 2016 is off to a wonderful start and I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

How was your break?
Did you take any fun trips?
What’s got you most inspired in the new year?

Thanks for joining me over the last nine years, whether you’ve been here since the beginning or are just stopping by for the first time today. I appreciate you and hope you find something helpful and inspiring as you read along. —Shauna

Photos: Made U Look Photography.

11 Responses to New Year. New Schedule. New Goals.

  1. Misaki Shimizu says:

    It’s true, with life just rolling it’s way, a small break is really helpful to reflect on the ways we live and think of new paths to go. At least I got out of my slumb and energy over my new year break to take more action. (Nice example: was sick of my current apartment for half a year, got back to Dublin on Friday night and found a new place to live on Sunday XD)

    I definitely want to walk faster in the direction I wish to go and finally take the actions, I need to take. That’s why I am grateful for your blog, because it really inspires me to become a designer and creator like you one day. It reminds me of my goals all the time.
    I really look forward to your new style in 2016!

    Let’s rock! ☆

    • Shauna says:

      Congrats on finding a new place to live! Nothing drums up the excitement quite like switching the basics in your life up (job, place to live, etc). Dublin is somewhere I hope to visit during my next trip to the UK, along with Edinburgh (have a friend that lives there). Anyway, thanks for continuing to read the blog (and Instagram, too)! It’s always nice to see your comments (and face!) pop up. Here’s to a fantastic 2016!

  2. Ashleah says:

    I had a bit over a week off over Christmas/New Year, and managed to get to the beach 4 times, I live in Melbourne so its summer right now, my favourite beach is Torquay, where i spent all my childhood holidays. It has become a new year ritual for the last 5 years to swim in the ocean, and makes me feel rejuvenated and excited for the year ahead.

    • Shauna says:

      4 times?! That is some serious dedication to relaxation…and I admire that! And you are so lucky to be in the Southern Hemisphere living up the summer right now. We just had a snow / ice storm and it’s been slippery + miserable out. 😉 A swim in the ocean with the sun shining sounds like heaven right about now!

  3. Mel Hattie says:

    Simplification = more time to dig deep into awesome stuff, instead of some time with awesome stuff and some time with ‘other things’. Definitely keep the personal touch! I hope someday I get to post that I’ve been blogging for nine years. Only seven more to go!

    Over the break I visited the Canadian north and saw the northern lights for the first time on New Year’s Eve in Labrador and that was pretty spectacular. Starting the year off with that magic definitely has me inspired.

    • Shauna says:

      Mel, totally agree with you! Life should have as much “awesome” in it as possible and all the other things that are so-so just need to go. And that is so amazing that you saw the northern lights! Hope to experience that someday, as well. Thanks for reading and it’s so cool to see your blog continue to grow post-Blogcademy. :)

  4. Angel Orozco says:

    I am a new subscriber to your blog(I’m also a guy) and have really been diggin’ it. I enjoyed this post about your holiday break and personally I am always pushing my household in the direction of de-cluttering …if it was up to me we would have 2 plates, 2 forks, 2 pint glasses and so on lol but that’s not gonna happen any time soon!

    I am looking forward to embracing my style game in 2016, I’m off to a good start with a new pair of semi-dress shoes. An article I stumbled upon said I should only wear running shoes if I’m going running, I’m on board with that thought. Happy 2016 😀

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