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Link Love: 11.3.15

Nubby Twiglet | Link Love: Studio Beau

• Searching for an internship? AnyIntern has curated thousands of them in one place!

• If you’re wondering how Black Friday became a thing, here you go.

• Free time over the holidays? Check out these 11 new creative reads.

• The new invention in social media land is the Finstagram account. Why is this even a thing?!

• 18 rude texts from your anxiety. Haha!

• Create your own fonts with Prototypo.

• 23 awesome reasons to work for yourself. As if you need even more convincing!

• Kathleen explains how to put fear in its place.

• New York Magazine takes a closer look at the transformation of a single block in Brooklyn.

• Yes, everybody needs time off.

• If you work for yourself and are constantly freaking out about money, here’s how to stop.

• Times are changing! The music streaming service Rdio is now over.

• Who are NYC cab drivers actually talking to on the phone?

Image: Studio Beau.
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