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Link Love: 11.26.15


• Sometimes, it’s not a new job that you really need — it’s a new perspective.

• I love Bob Ross even more after learning that he had a pet squirrel named Peapod. Awww.

• Here’s the truth about the creative process.

• Need to say no? Here are two easy ways to do it while keeping your cool.

• Whoa! A couple just sued Airbnb for copying their apartment.

• Flying from London to New York in just 3 hours may be possible by 2021.

• 25 sites for finding the freelance jobs you want.

• Even though you’re busy, you should make more room for interviews.

• My friend Erika is launching an exclusive mastermind group called Pret-a-Persona and damn, it looks beautiful and inspiring. If you’re a style-savvy business woman, check it out!

• A time capsule for the year 2957 was just discovered.

• The online “experts” make entrepreneurship look easy but here’s the truth.

• I love how this long distance couple stays connected!

• Finally, there’s a parlor for temporary tattoos.

Image: The Pressure.
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