Link Love: 11.19.15

Nubby Twiglet | Cameo

• It’s time to get over the curation and filters. Let’s get raw and share what really matters to us.

• Portlanders love a good brunch. If you’re on the hunt for one of the best in town, look no further than Hunnymilk. I personally know the chef behind it and the food is epic.

• 50 things that are definitely, 100 percent confirmed punk. Haha.

• Life advice from 10 smart humans.

• When you’re hanging out in a museum, have you ever wondered what the view is like from the perspective of the works of art?

• It’s pretty cool to see how the Empire State Building was built.

• Having client issues? These three scripts will whip them into shape.

• Made me laugh: the Brooklyn bar menu generator.

• Marry your soul and tap the depths of your creativity.

• Star Wars characters have been reimagined as Greek statues.

• This agenda keeps your life in perspective by including a bunch of awe-inspiring facts.

• The names people come up with for their wifi connections crack me up. My favorite: Bill Wi The Science Fi.

• The biggest color trends for 2015 have been rounded up.

• Are your social media numbers taking over your life?

• What would it look like if faces were sucked up by smartphones?

• This writer defeated his anxiety.

• The NYC Department of Records has a fantastic Instagram account where every day feels like an awesome throwback.

• Is Winter driving you crazy? Here’s how to hate it less.

Image: Cameo.
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