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Link Love: 11.5.15

Nubby Twiglet: Link Love | Alexis Jamet

• If you’re thinking of giving up on something you love, stop and read this article instead.

• You never see any of these things in offices anymore.

• I love these photos of heavily tattooed people.

• This Instagram account documents the plastic bags of New York City.

• As a brand, remember to invest in your audience.

• Wow, amazing! This guy met his doppelgänger on a flight!

• If you’re interested in podcasting, Paul Jarvis just shared his tools to make it happen.

• Are you guilty of stalking your ex online?

• Portland brand Felton & Mary’s needs your help raising money to produce their BBQ sauces! I just pledged and hope you can, too.

• I love these notepads for fictional hotels!

• Paige Powell, part of the 1980s Warhol and Interview Magazine crew, just uncovered a treasure trove of photos from under her bed. Really!

• Finding your signature style isn’t as hard as you think.

5 steps to starting your day right.

• If you need a bag that makes traveling with your million dollars in cash easy (haha), here you go!

• It’s so cool to see old buildings reinvented. This school in Amsterdam has been transformed into housing.

Image: Alexis Jamet.
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