The Week In Pictures: 10.30.15




Hi and Happy early Halloween to you! Do you have any fun plans lined up? I’m taking it easy and hitting the town with a bunch of family including my beloved grandparents. Should be a good time!

Now that I’m not traveling as much, I’ve been making more time to explore my own city which has been AWESOME. My friend Emily from Catalyst Coffee and I made a day of adventuring around Portland. We started at the Nob Hill Barista (some of the best coffee in town), made our way down to a few shops including Back Talk (check out their site to see the AMAZING clothing racks), then onto magazine shopping at Rich’s Cigar Store and finally, lunch at Marmo (see above).


Oh, I also finally bought some Lush products! I’ve visited their stores around the world but was always too overwhelmed by the options to even know where to start. I found a great sales lady at the Portland location who helped me pick out the best dry shampoo (no gross silicone additives like other brands) and some leave-in conditioner. Since I’m new to the brand, I’d love to hear what your favorite products are. Any recommendations of what I should try next?


I always get a little scared when I have to visit my accountant (to the point that I wear my metallic gold sneakers for good luck) but by the end of our meetings, I’m laughing like a madwoman. I swear that he’s a part-time comedian. And, he makes understanding numbers kind of fun. Even funnier is the bike rack outside of his office!


I finally made it to Trader Vic’s and it was everything I could have hoped for! I’ve been making the tiki bar rounds in Portland since I got back from Palm Springs and they have a fantastic happy hour. Plus, check out that swanky dining room!


Oh, Portland. It’s been raining every day and I’m ready for a mug of apple cider and curling up with a good magazine. Have a great weekend, friends!

P.S. Today, I’m sending out the first ever Branch Bulletin — it’s my studio mailing list and I’m sharing a very personal story that most freelancers will be able to relate to big time. Hop on over to the site and sign up at the bottom of the page to receive yours! xo

6 Responses to The Week In Pictures: 10.30.15

  1. star says:

    I love Ro’s Argan Oil for after shaving. American Cream conditioner because it smells like a strawberry milkshake. Solid shampoo for travel because it’s tiny, can’t leak, and doesn’t trip the TSA about liquid. Roots hair treatment to help my limp locks look less limp. & I’ve only tried one shade so far, but I’m also pretty pleased wth their eyeliner. Oh, and bath bombs, because duh.

  2. Katherine says:

    I’m a Lush lover, although the smell can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. I’m a bath baby and I love the Bubble Bar slices – the Comforter makes the water BRIGHT pink and smells beautiful. The Butterball (bath ballistic) is superb and the Floating Island is another favourite, it just kind of bobs around on the water surface in a very relaxing way. A friend bought me Ceridwen’s Cauldron recently and I was really impressed with that too. So many to choose from, I can understand why you’re overwhelmed! It has been big in the UK for a while so I guess we’ve got used to it a bit more gradually! Happy testing!

    • Shauna says:

      Thanks so much for the recommendations! I haven’t had a chance to try any of their bath products so this is a huge help. Now I understand why Lush has so many raving fans. Just got around to trying the two products I bought and already love them both. Hooray!

  3. zsara says:

    I have worked for Lush and its the best company I have worked for by far. The creative process and story behind each product is really amazing too. The body conditioners are just luxury in a black pot and the hair care range is amazing too. Try the seasalt shampoo; Jersey Bounce to make your dark locks shiny and volumous :-)

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