Link Love: 10.29.15

Nubby Twiglet | Link Love: Raphael Vicenzi

• What if your job didn’t exist? What would you do with the rest of your life?

• Need help with styling your shelves? Emily Henderson comes to the rescue with 3 easy steps!

• Oh yes, it’s true: a GIF maker exists. Let the fun begin!

• The feeling of constantly being “on call” thanks to technology is really starting to wear us down.

• This is how to craft awesome client experiences.

• I love the 100 day project. It’s amazing what a shift in your mindset can do.

• Artisanal passwords are now a thing.

• Are you ready to become an entrepreneur?

• Struggling artist? Mad Men writer Matthew Weiner has some advice.

• Ask Wonder makes it possible to get detailed answers and resources delivered to your inbox. Now you can have a network of researchers do all the heavy lifting!

• We know that refined sugar is bad for our health but it can also have terrible effects on our memories. Scary stuff!

• What time should you go to bed?

• Is clutter in your life holding you back from being creative?

• If you’re trying to save money, focus on a quick win.

• Post Script documents the decline of the number of post offices in America.

Image: Raphael Vicenzi.
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