Link Love: 10.22.15

Nubby Twiglet | Link Love: Electromagnetico

• The world’s best design studios offer up 11 tips to make your budget work.

• Editions of 100 sells beautifully designed art prints.

• 10 great audiobooks to check out!

• Hillary Kerr shares 23 things she wishes she’d known at 23. So good!

• The Village Voice just announced their 2015 best of NYC list.

• 11 philosophies of influential leaders.

• Shaq just deejayed an EDM festival! So awesome.

• This path isn’t an easy one! 10 ways to survive as a creative.

• Focus means saying no. Steve Jobs knew what was up.

• What’s it like to die alone in New York? This was such a fascinating (and sad) read.

• Here’s what contact lenses looked like in 1948. Ouch.

• The 50 best non-fiction podcasts of 2015. This should keep you entertained for awhile!

• A closer look at what it means to be privileged.

• If you can avoid driving, please do.

Image: Electromagnetico.
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