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Out & About #11: Darling Distraction


It’s official: my new favorite store in Portland is Darling Distraction. It’s a palm leaf wallpapered mecca of cool girl trinkets and I’m warning you now, it’s impossible to walk out empty-handed. I’d been stalking this shop for a few months on Instagram (thanks to a tip-off from my friend Kat!) and it was love at first sight.

Nubby Twiglet | Out & About #11: Darling Distraction



Nubby Twiglet | Out & About #11: Darling Distraction

Whether you’re in need of brightly patterned gift wrap, a card with just the right amount of kitsch or a vintage flamingo figurine (because everyone needs one of those, right?), this is your place. The shop owner, Katrina has a knack for picking out the most enticing goodies and hey, I love anyone who welcomes Rocky with open arms!

If your mouth is watering and your debit card is burning a hole in your pocket but you don’t live in Portland, the good news is that Darling Distraction has a tightly curated online shop as well. Here are some of my picks:

Nubby Twiglet | Out & About #11: Darling Distraction

Sources: 1. rorshach notebooks, 2. vintage deer, 3. love matchbox, 4. flamingo, 5. bad girls throughout history postcards, 6. Bahama iPhone case, 7. xoxo card, 8. mini garland pompom and 9. birch floral card.

It’s cool to see so many new independent retailers popping up in Portland and I’m so glad that Darling Distraction has brought a big dose of fun to town!

Featured: Darling Distraction.
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