Link Love: 8.27.15

Nubby Twiglet | Twin Mag

• Why are so many millennials ending up worse-off than their parents?

• What happens when you give a tree an email address? A lot, actually.

• If you’re asked tone down your magic, say no thanks.

• One man got brave enough to give up the work he absolutely hated, even though he could make a few thousand dollars in an afternoon.

• Here’s the ultimate guide to Pinterest, thanks to Erika!

• Here are 3 ways good design makes you happy.

• 25 women share their opinions on being boss.

• 28 steal-worthy tips from the most productive people on the planet!

• This guy explains how to book a round the world plane ticket. Pretty cool!

• Why is it so hard to get a great bagel in California? The New York Times investigates.

• 9 podcasts for a fuller life.

• Steal these daily habits from successful people.

• 10 reasons to use Facebook groups for business.

• You’ve dreamed of opening your own store and now here’s the reality of what it takes.

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