Link Love: 8.20.15


• This is the last thing you’ll ever need to read about setting goals.

10 ways for freelancers to impress clients.

• Seriously….is your dream dead yet?

• Not a morning person? You should work on becoming one!

• 15 inspiring career books.

• Amazon has some pretty crazy standards its employees must adhere to. Just…WOW.

• Mindy Kaling wrote a guide to killer confidence.

• This lady followed her mom around Costco and here’s what she learned.

• Rosé lemonade? Yes, please.

• An adult’s guide Snapchat. Ha!

• It’s okay to change up your path and take a break from freelance.

• When engaging online, always choose kindness.

Image: Stephanie Dimiskovski.
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2 Responses to Link Love: 8.20.15

  1. Misaki Shimizu says:

    Ah, the morning person article 😀

    I have a friend who needed to do a sh*t load of stuff for her university exam and she wanted to do it the morning-person way. So she got up early and went to bed early. For weeks she struggled to get actually productive and fell farther behind her schedule. I said to her to let go of that and use her own rhythm, which was sleeping a bit longer but staying up later. And she was on a roll! She became more relaxed and achieved everything on time.

    Some people are not morning people and I don’t feel like everyone “should become” to be one.

    (I get more done after lunch or at night and some friends of mine do so as well XD)

    But I see the good points of the morning person as well, so neither is good or bad as long as you personally feel good with it? Whatever floats you boat, eh?

    Sorry for the rant XD

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