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Link Love: 8.20.15


• This is the last thing you’ll ever need to read about setting goals.

10 ways for freelancers to impress clients.

• Seriously….is your dream dead yet?

• Not a morning person? You should work on becoming one!

• 15 inspiring career books.

• Amazon has some pretty crazy standards its employees must adhere to. Just…WOW.

• Mindy Kaling wrote a guide to killer confidence.

• This lady followed her mom around Costco and here’s what she learned.

• Rosé lemonade? Yes, please.

• An adult’s guide Snapchat. Ha!

• It’s okay to change up your path and take a break from freelance.

• When engaging online, always choose kindness.

Image: Stephanie Dimiskovski.
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Project Spotlight: Miracle Worker

We Are Branch | Miracle Worker

Miracle Worker is an online course designed to help you find your next meaningful career opportunity and earlier this year, Branch had the honors of designing the branding, workbooks and social media assets.

I have a major obsession with gradients and I know it’s one of those love / hate things in the design world but I can’t get enough! The gradient solution worked especially well here because there are two distinct personalities behind Miracle Worker: Gala, the queen of fuchsia and Ellen, the queen of orange. Blending their two key brand colors made sure both of their personalities were represented.

We Are Branch | Miracle Worker

To learn more about Miracle Worker (and what that icon means!) please click through to the full post on Branch.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my design work — I always love hearing your feedback!