Link Love: 8.13.15

Nubby Twiglet | Link Love: Marie Charlotte Perrault

• Got travel plans coming up? Use All The Rooms to cross-check Air bnb, couch surfing and hotels all at once.

• It’s time to master working for yourself without crushing your soul.

• Are you ready to chat with your future self?

• 20 ways to relax when you’ve only got 20 minutes.

• Own your weirdness! It’s a good thing!

• Temporary tattoos are totally cool for grownups, too.

• Tory Burch just gets it when it comes to knowing what her customers want but success didn’t happen overnight — instead, she spent three years concepting her business from her kitchen.

• Learn how to Share your vision.

• Need help choosing a font? Use

• Having trouble letting go of work long enough to take a real vacation? Follow these 17 habits.

• Spend smarter with these 4 great budgeting apps.

• Just because you’re starting a freelance career, that doesn’t mean you have to work for free.

• 15 things you can say to assure people that you’re a professional.

Image: Marie-Charlotte Perrault.
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