Link Love: 8.6.15

Nubby Twiglet | Link Love: Rika Magazine

• Could you go one full year without social media?

• 5 reasons why no one is reading your blog (and how to fix them).

• These morning habits will help you seize the day.

• Here’s how to spend time alone in New York City.

• 8 things all entrepreneurs need to get started with their businesses.

• Are you managing your social media….or is it managing you?

• Google now tells you when places are busiest. Awesome!

• Heather Armstrong of Dooce chats about scaling her blog back after making a full time living from it over the last decade.

• The art of self-promotion: 6 tips for getting your work discovered.

• Here’s how Tim Ferriss prepares for public speaking.

• These 10 CEOs prove that liberal arts degrees aren’t worthless.

• Need a new duvet cover? Society 6 has some entertaining options.

• Creative mornings shares the tools they use for collaborating.

• How do you know that your partner is the one?

Image: Rika.
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