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Link Love: 07.09.15

Nubby Twiglet | Essingtonbee Designs

• 200 essential resources for entrepreneurs building a business! Damn, son!

• Bre just shared a really insightful post on the importance of brand strategy.

• Austin Kleon has gathered a multitude of ways you can graciously say no to anyone.

• If your oldest friend has stopped evolving, should you move on?

• How can you take the shame out of self promotion?

• RuPaul is a master at building brand loyalty. What can you learn?

• Expensive wine is for suckers.

• Alex shares how to get back on track with a goal when you’re backsliding.

• Would you ever consider revamping your Instagram profile and making it more themed?

• Ariana Grande wants to remind you that she does not belong to anyone. Preach!

• My cosmetics brand of choice MAC is opening its first makeup studio!

• 25 powerful commencement speeches by women.

• A great reminder: 15 golden principles of visual hierarchy.

• Why is America obsessed with perfect teeth?

Image: Essingtonbee Designs.
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