Project Spotlight: Rock n Roll Bride Magazine

Nubby Twiglet | Rock n Roll Bride Magazine

When I first discovered graphic design, my big dream was to eventually work for a glossy fashion magazine in New York. As time went on, I put that dream on hold to work at ad agencies. While I loved every minute of it and the experience later led to me founding my own design studio, the passion for print and editorial design never faded.

In 2010, a fateful email landed in my inbox from a British wedding blogger named Kat. She’d started a blog for alternative brides called Rock n Roll Bride and needed branding. That project quickly morphed into many more and within two years, we were producing a print publication.

Nubby Twiglet | Rock n Roll Bride Magazine

As the magazine grew, a corporate publisher took over design and production but in time, we felt that the magazine should align with its core base of small businesses and alternative brides. Kat started her own publishing company and Branch has just accepted creative direction and design duties. Our first issue will hit newsstands throughout the U.K. in September 2015 and is also available via subscription, including those of you in the U.S. If you’re interested, you can subscribe here.

I’m so excited for Kat and this new era of Rock n Roll Bride Magazine — thanks for reading!

4 Responses to Project Spotlight: Rock n Roll Bride Magazine

  1. Iida-Emilia says:

    I really love reading your blog and Kat’s as well! You’ve done some amazing work with that magazine and really you both are a great example that you really can achieve all your dreams if you just work hard and keep believing in yourself :)

    • Shauna says:

      Thank you! Watching Kat take the future of her magazine into her own hands and mold it into exactly what she wants to be has been really inspiring and reminded me that hard work does pay off….even though those in-between times aren’t always easy.

  2. Abby Rose says:

    This is fabulous news!

    I’ve been following your blog for ages, and was so excited to move to the UK and get my hands on a copy of Rock’n’Roll Bride mag designed by you… Only to get here and discover that Issue 2 was in fact designed by a different agency… While it still looked pretty great, I’m very excited for Issue 3 now!!

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